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Management and Organisations in a Global Environment Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Management and Organisations in a Global Environment Assignment

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While, working as the manager within the leading hospitality organization I have gained experience that management engage in all the aspects and facets that assists in managing the daily operational activities. Along with this, I have also assessed that hospitality organization focuses on both democratic as well as autocratic style of management accordant with the situation arises in the hospitality organization. Through working as manager I have also found that in democratic management style I engage the staff and employees within the activities of hotel so that they may easily render the quality services to customers and guests. On the other hand, with the autocratic management style I take strict steps towards the staff so that they may render proper services to guests. In order to succeed in the global environment organization must comply with collaborative organizational culture and proper management approaches and styles that support them in rendering adequate services to their guests and visitors (Waters and Rinsler, 2014).

Decision Making

In order to manage the organization in the global environment it is essential to focus on the decision making process. With the effective decision making hospitality organization takes proper decision related with sustaining in the global environment (Ronit and Schneider, 2013). It is consider as the cognitive procedure that assists in determining the different choices and then analysing the choices so that they make selection of the effective choice so that it may support in attaining corporate decision making. While, working as manager in the Hilton hotel I have gained the experienced that hotel focuses on the structured decision making process that support them in taking proper decision for their existing department and other hotels that are operating in the global market.

In regards with this, I have also experienced that there are different factors as well as elements that influences the decision making of the global hospitality organization it mainly include political influences, different requirement of guests etc. the key factor that impact the decision making of Hilton is political influences. In order to ensure proper working of the hospitality organization I have experienced that it is essential to measure and acknowledge the political aspects within the industry that support me in formulating the policies and strategies accordant with the political norms and regulation. Along with this, to sustain in the global environment this factor is also been taken into the consideration as to enter into the region the company must change or modify their practices as well as decisions so that they should meet the requirement of new region (Doh and Quigley, 2014).

Along with this, I have also gained learning regarding the other factor that influences the decision making process within the Hlton hotel is changing requirement of the customers and visitors. With the change in the leisure and luxurious requirement I must engage in those activities that would accomplishes their needs. As, through this I must renders the quality services that results in satisfying them and meeting their requirement. On the other hand, Hilton is the leading hospitality organization in the global marketplace therefore, the decisions of the hospitality organization must varies from the region to region (Pettigrew, 2014).

Whereas, I have also gained experience that within the hospitality organization staff and employees are encouraged to put forward their views and thoughts so that they may engage in taking proper decision making. With the help of this, staff feels committed and motivated towards the organization and thus, results in delivering the quality services to guests and visitors (Yu, 2013).


From the above research paper it has been sum up that to be successful in the global environment organization must engage in proper activities related with management. The organizational culture plays significant role within the establishment that support in creating effective environment so that employees may render proper services for accomplishing the stated goals. Along with this, another topic that is covered in the report include measuring the decision making activities within the organization that support in sustaining them in the global environment.


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