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Change Management Assignment Sample

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Introduction: Change Management

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Five authentic articles have been selected to evaluate change management in the context of influencing the performance of an entity. The change management has been critically analyzed in the literature review and finding a section of the research.

Literature review

In this management performance, the organizations process in an informal way formally through dialogues. The transparent leadership of communication and openness of employees and the role and trust of meditating bridge transformation leadership.

The primary focus of the research is to evaluate the requirement of change management in motivating employees to work to their full potential (Yue, Men, & Ferguson, 2019).

Changes in the business environment due to revolutionize and create human strategic resource management implicating the practice of management and its aims and issues (Weiskopf et al. 2020).

In this article the challenges of management of talented new things in Industry, we are discussing the theory and practices of promoting the exploration of human management. This implies the revolution to create the revolution of industrial both environmental and business changes in transformational which will discuss the issue and aim (Whysall, Owtram & Brittain, 2019).

The impact of management and business education while exploring the impact on knowledge (Bratianu, Stanescu & Mocanu, 2021). Determination in organization and success of management in the review of literature study (Errida & Lotfi, 2021).

Questions and aims


The aim of this case study d “Change in Management Assessment” is to adjust the operation of the company and the promotion of the employees as a merger in major operations.


Q1) What are the impacts of change management on resource utilization in an entity?

Organizations that are fully reliable in investment and commit to changing the management encounter with the discussion of investment in time and budget

Q2) What are the necessities of change management in improving the performance of a business?

The board changes there are an organization in action to make changes to the significant component of the organization, the culture, and the infrastructure of critical aspects.

Research Methodology

The research has conducted by using a “secondary qualitative method" and selected “5 scholarly articles” to analyze the impact of “change management” in an entity.


The technological changes that brought changes in the industry and the gap between the capability of employees which evolving rapidly and the requirements of the consideration with new and more effective approaches in talent development().

The study identifies various factors that change the management's success and relevance in constructing a company.

It brought the changes in technologies of the industry and current capability of the industry rapidly which requires prompting and consideration as new and more effective development talent, the role is very essential and the context is changes is their essential management changes, hiring the talent management practices. This equates to fighting a war of talent that actually does not exist.

The capabilities of the employees that rapidly evolve the roles in requirement prompting the development in the need to consider more and new effective ways of talent development that recognize the critical challenges that overlooke4d the essential role in the change of management.


The entire conclusion can be drawn as the assessment changes in the management where we can find out about these changes and rapid consideration of approach in the development of the technological changes in the management.


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