Plagiarism is the most common problem that students of every academic level face nowadays. There are so many different ways for the students to get information about any topic but that availability also means there are so many that one could be similar to your work. And then that might be recognised as plagiarism by the teachers and professors. Maybe you didn't know but plagiarism is a serious offence that could result in severe punishments even failing the class in some cases.

Now many different platforms provide the students a plagiarism checker. But most of these platforms are full of harmful and malicious ads and popups. Then there is also the fact that most of these platforms don't even offer precise results. Hence we have released our own Plagiarism checker for the students to check their academic writing data. Not only is our tool completely free, but it also doesn't have any usage limitations. This has resulted in it quickly becoming the most used plagiarism tool by Australian students.