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MN3040QA Orientation for Success in Higher Education Assignment Sample

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Assignment 3: Reflective Commentary 

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Introduction - Orientation for Success in Higher Education Assignment

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 Reflective analysis is one of the core aspects for the personality development of an individual and is integral in shaping the minds for a professional context. It is important to have skills and continuous learning to make the individual fit for better performance. Sometimes a person do not understand the set of skills such as time management, reading, teamwork, presentation and other such skills to be enhanced. In order to excel in life, a person must be well-groomed and try to be skilled to further be financially independent and make use of qualities to fetch a job and start a career. Moreover, it aids in shaping the career by enhancing the overall personality and give a benchmark to attain.

 The assignment is based on understanding few improvement areas such as team work, managing stress and presentation skills to be analysed at the individual and organizational level. These areas appear simple but when in actual implementation requires practice and patience as well. It will also include a brief section on my general behaviour and attitude to know the learning that I might have learned from this module. The focus areas are team work, stress management and presentation skills.

Analysis of Knowledge

1. Presentation Skills

It is defined as the assessment type that includes a visual representation of any subject or area of interest. The structure for presentation consists of introduction, (getting attention), body (persuasion/ explanation) and conclusion (summary and feedback review). For e.g. Masterchef Australia that clearly depicts 3 hosts who are well renowned chefs and there are contestants who cook for winning the title. During pandemic time, many lecturers have taken classes online and make use of presentations to make the students understand about different topics, titles etc. It could be ether entertainment based presentation or educational based presentation. However, there are three elements that must be always taken into account of and involves design, delivery and confidence. It gives a purpose, its impact and the software to be included. Also, when delivering, the speech must be clear having audible volume, with visible font size and easy use of words, decent background for pleasantness since it is not a written report with well dressed appearance. Lastly, the levels of confidence must be high and no sign of nervousness as it might lead to inefficiency. The Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle is a four stages cyclic procedure to impart effective learning. Naturally the people tend to pick a learning style and started learning about different educational experiences (WIDIASTUTI and BUDIYANTO, 2018). Nevertheless, it has also highlighted the need to have a good eye contact and can be achieved by the triangle method, the lighthouse effect. Moreover, the confidence levels is amongst the major factor and can be implemented to improve the behaviour, physical emotions so that better control can be shown.

2. Team Work

It refers to the social skills development program that helps an individual to provide assistance while working in a group. When any group assignments are given, a person is able to cope up with own inabilities, gets engaged in understanding the work and through coordination can attain it. The interpersonal skills must be developed to cope up with the ongoing activities without any challenges or creating any obstacles in completion of tasks. Many individuals feel shy or are under confident while expressing their thoughts; such students can improve by practicing and taking help from them. It further helps the students to explore their strengths and also learn about their own weaknesses such as losing temper, or having arguments. It later helps in knowing the difference between right and wrong. The Belbin’s Team theory has three categories such as action oriented roles, thought oriented roles and people oriented roles. The people oriented roles have three different team roles such as team worker, resource investigator and coordinator that help in coordination plus task completion. Next is the action oriented roles that includes shaper, completer finisher and implementer to complete tasks without any challenges

The thought oriented roles have - plant, specialist, and monitor-evaluator, which have special skill set at workplace (Meslec & Cur?eu, 2015). For being a good team worker, an individual must have self belief and then only can give some support back. Alongside, it could also be open, agreeable, celebrating successes, agreements to disagreements and communication channels are always open. There is a readiness in a person’s attitude who could adjust to the environment given at the educational institutions. Thus, development self belief is crucial in luck, especially the high luck and second mother too has higher voice.

3. Stress Management

Managing stress is a mental or emotional state of mind that has a negative influence on the person. It is a way of telling some stories by the body that is mostly due to low morale or body is under attack by the releasing mix of chemicals and hormones. It is referred as a procedure in which the reactions are captured due to internal or external issues. There are symptoms that could describe its onset and includes headache, anxiety fatigue etc. It has a negative health impact including low self esteem, poor results, language problems, peer pressure, health conditions and many more (Allen-Blevins and, 2017). Before handling stress, it is divided into two arts namely distress and eustress. Additionally, the triggering points can be studied namely avoid any illegal usage or substance abuse, following healthy lifestyle and managing time to plan the activities for keeping a track. For e.g. the foresight projects purpose is to give guidance out well being for learning an giving through noting the activities. With emotional Quotient (EQ), an individual must pass on through first stage called self awareness, next are self regulation, motivation, empathy and lastly social skills. Handing can be done by self discipline, and self awareness. However, changing the attitude, learning to relax and becoming more physical have its perks. It can be easily achievable by meditation and deep breathing that allows the muscles, organs etc. to develop mindfulness.

Analysis of Performance

I learnt that I am a great team worker and can provide my assistance to each person without their asking. I have a zeal to complete the tasks and not insecure about the credit part as well. My focus is to give the best efforts and make the best possible assignment to earn extra credits and more learning. I am friendly and empathetic to others and thus, when working in a team, my focus is to be effective and be useful to have better understanding of the works or subjects covering. It can be considered as one of my biggest strengths.

One of the challenges that I have been facing is stress management. Under any critical situation or challenging condition, I lose my confidence and feel very anxious. It is mainly I over think and start analysing the situation in negative manner. Before any presentations, or doing any difficult assignments, I feel pressurized and has a lot of stress. It has not only affects my physical health but also impact the mental well-being. I somehow feel anxious and due to stress, I fumble, feel little sluggish and cannot speak fluently that make me more nervous while facing the class or any crowded place.

Overall, I learned that an individual must try to improve the challenges part and keep practicing the strengths. It will give an individual the boost to put the best efforts and overcome the challenging qualities in a systematic manner. On a professional level, it further helps in marking a good impression and leaves a better presentation that would help in the career development. Team work is indeed tricky part because sometimes all the members do not get along well and the atmosphere becomes stressful but at such situation, I will make sincere efforts in making everyone comfortable through interactive sessions.


It can be summarised that all the three areas are very crucial for a student life. It helps in building the character for being more acceptable to the professional lives, which is the next step after completing studies. Teamwork is significant in character building and is a road map to understand different people coming from different backgrounds. Next is Stress management is significant in making the mid more calm during the critical situations. Lastly, Presentation skills are about resenting the material with confidence so that the visual representation can become more polished. Thus, it must be understandable to apply it on daily basis in order to be more professional and ethical while working in ether private or public sector. Furthermore the theories that are mentioned are useful in understanding each element without compromising the relevancy or its real meaning. It is clearly defined that the three topics that are covered has faced criticisms as well and sometimes, it has also included strategies and a few key calculated inputs. Thus, a reflective commentary is the most beneficial when taken seriously and is conducted for the welfare of the person involved on the whole.

Word count: __1500_________


Allen-Blevins, C.R., You, X., Hinde, K. and Sela, D.A., 2017. Handling stress may confound murine gut microbiota studies. PeerJ5, p.e2876.

Meslec, N., & Cur?eu, P. L., 2015. Are balanced groups better? Belbin roles in collaborative learning groups. Learning and Individual Differences, 39, 81-88.).

WIDIASTUTI, I. and BUDIYANTO, C.W., 2018. Applying an experiential learning cycle with the aid of finite element analysis in engineering education. Journal of Turkish science education15(Special), pp.97-103.

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