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Imtroduction - Leading Organization

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Making the organisation lead in the market is the vision of most companies who are growing. They want to increase their market share and gain competitive advantages among their competitors. There is the link between strategic leadership, organisational direction, change management and skills while applying knowledge in the company. These are very important to be the leading organisation (Cummings and Worley, 2014). By this the business will be able to achieve all its set, desired and targeted objectives. Changes in the management styles are needed to be made in accordance with the situations if not then the firm will have to face some negative impacts in their working. Marks and Spencer who is the company which has the vision of being the leading organisation in the retail industry. They are in the need of change because of facing the very strong competition from its competitors. Their aim is to give the best quality to their customers and make them satisfied. They spent too much amount of money in their advertising process for the better marketing (Bourda, 2013). They need to give information about the company's objectives and goals to the employees. It will help them to give better performance. The cited company is not working in the direction of following the fashion trends which has affected them by decreasing their market share. It has also made their customers dissatisfied.

By satisfying the customers the cited company will be able to increase their revenue and which will eventually lead to increase in their market share. For gaining these advantages the company will have to bring some changes in their management styles. They can adopt some models and theories to bring the changes (Anderson, 2016). Strategies of the M&S will also change if some change management is adopted in the organisation. Strategies are linked with the change. The business not changing its strategy with the situation will make them face the conditions which will be not good for them. They will have the whole planned process in the change management to achieve all the targeted objectives and goals. By this the cited company will be able to follow all achieve their vision of becoming the leading organisation in the retail industry.

M&S will also need some leadership styles to be followed in the organisation. There are many loop holes in their working styles which stops them to lead the market. A leadership strategic and development plan is needed to be made to achieve firm's strategic goals.

Assessing Change Management and Leadership Styles in Organizational Strategy

Change management is the process which is brought within the business to manage change according to the different situations. It is necessary to bring development which makes the company to lead in the market (Burke, 2017). These changes are to managed very carefully because if not handled and monitored carefully then they can bring some negative impact on the company instead of positive. On the other hand leadership styles are the methods or measures which are adopted by the leaders of the organisation to handle and lead the activities in better way. Both the change management process and applying leadership styles are linked with each other to achieve the strategic objectives of M&S. These styles of both the process are very important to be adopted within the different situations of the firm for bringing some development.

Different situations within the company

  • Technical situations- These are the situations of the technical issues which are faced by the company. Technical situations needs change management and leadership styles to be adopted in the organisation (Doppelt, 2017). M&S facing these issues will have to adopt the styles by which they will be able to achieve their objectives and goals. In this overall system will be changed and it will need effective and efficient change management and leadership styles. These styles should be the best suitable for the organisation. It will help the firm to solve all the technical issues in effective way.
  • Situation of allocating resources- Allocating resources in the better way is the most important situation or activity for the production process of the organisation. The cited company wants to use their resources in better way (Kuipers and, 2014). For not wasting any resources the organisation needs to adopt change management and leadership styles. This help them to increase their productivity. These styles will make and lead each and every member of the business in not wasting the resources.
  • Conflict situations- These are the situations of some issues or problem between the individuals, groups or teams, different departments. To handle these situations M&S will need to use change management and leadership styles in their business activities. These types of conditions can create many problems for the company in their mission to lead the market (Benn, Dunphy and Griffiths, 2014). Different type of styles used in the firm will help them to solve all the conflicts which arise. Change management and leadership styles will effectively lead the organisation towards the coping with all the adverse situations.
  • Situation of resisting from change- It is situation when members of the organisation show their discomfort to the change process. This is because they feel insecure of their job security within the company. This is the situation which will need best suitable change management and leadership styles. This is to make the people of M&S understand about the need of change and how this will give benefits and advantages to them.
  • Situation of changing objectives- In this situation the cited company works in the direction of making changes in their objectives and missions. It also requires changes in the whole planning process (Nahavandi, 2016). The company adopts change management and leadership styles in this situation to manage and lead the work to be done in effective and efficient way. These styles are very important to be adopted within the company at this situation because it will change the whole process of working.

These are some situations within the organisation which needs change management and leadership styles to be adopted. This will help the cited firm in their mission of becoming the leader of retail industry in the market.

Impact of styles on organisation's strategic decision making.

Decisions which are made for the term which is long and only made by the senior authority managers are known as the strategic decisions. These decisions can change the whole systems of the company. Strategic decisions are the lifeblood for an organisation to develop more in the market (Antonakis and Day, eds., 2017). That's why they are to be very carefully made only after doing the proper research. There are various impacts which the change management and leadership styles will have upon the strategic decision making. Those impacts are as follows:

  • Fast changes- Styles of change management and leadership used in the M&S will bring fast changes in their working style (Hayes, 2014). Strategic decisions will be applied fast in accordance with the use of these styles in the working activities. Mission of making the decisions will also be achieved fast and effectively. It will help the company to set new goals and objectives for them to lead in the market.
  • Co-ordination of teams- Leadership styles adopted in the cited organisation will make effective co-ordination between the teams. It will make the leaders to involve the employees or team members in the decision making process. By this company will get many suggestions to perform their strategic decision making process. It will help the business to achieve all their strategic objectives.
  • Efficient skills- Better change management and leadership styles will make the higher authority person to reach their employees and workers. It will involve them in the process of strategic decision making. Employees at the lower level are directly in the contact with customers. They effectively understand what are needs and demand of people. Involving workers in the process makes the management understand about the taste and pReferences of customers (Bourda, 2013). In accordance to it they can take better and efficient strategic decision.
  • Delegation- Adopting change management and leadership styles in the M&S will make the higher authority members to delegate the responsibilities between the employees in better way. For achieving the objective of strategic decision the cited business needs the better performance given by all the members. Adopting these styles will effectively give the responsibilities to those who can perform the task in better way. Efficient working of the employees will make the management to keep their full focus on the strategic decision making.
  • Loop holes- It will make the management to understand all the loop holes in their working styles. By using change management and leadership styles they will find all the systems and processes which are not working well for them (Kuipers and, 2014). By this they can take better strategic decision which will be suitable for them and will give them some results.

These are some impacts of the change management and leadership styles which they have upon the strategic decision making. This will help the cited organisation to be the leader in retail industry which is their mission.

Creating a change management strategy and their link with the extensive changes to be introduced.

Strategy for the change management is the plan which is made for bringing some change in the company for their further development (Shirey, 2013). Effectively implementing this strategy will achieve all the objectives which are targeted with the process of change.

Change management strategy

This strategy can be made by using some theories and methods of change management and leadership.

Lewin's change management model

This model give the three process which are to be followed in M&S to manage the change to be adopted in better way. Those three stages are as follows:

  • Unfreeze- This is the first stage where the company needs to stop all the process and systems they are using in their working style. It will help them to know and understand that what are the issues which they are facing in their current strategy. By this the cited organisation will be able to analyse all the departments which needs some changes. They can think that what will be the methods to implement the change in effective way. This will make the management of organisation understand that will be the risks and issues in the change which want to make (Antonakis and Day, eds., 2017). Firm will also find the methods to used for overcoming these risks and issues. In this stage of the model the business should inform their employees about the change and make them understand about its needs advantages which will give to them.
  • Make changes- It is the second stage of the model which says make changes. Now it's the time of implementing the new things or which are made. By preparing all the members and convincing them about the change the M&S can apply it in their working style. The new process or system which is applied should made understood by all the employees to use it in efficient way and acquire the needed results (Arnold and, 2015). Now the cited organisation should monitor the effects which are brought because of the change. It is process of getting feedback. It is done to know the problems which are faced by the firm due to the new process.
  • Refreeze- It is the third and last stage of this model. In this the cited company have to refreeze the change. Not doing this will not give any results to the organisation. That's why they need to fix all the changes that are being implemented in their current working style. The management of the firm should regularly check that every thing is followed accurately or not. On this stage the business can give some rewards to those persons who are consistently to make the new change work. It will also work as a motivation for other employees to work hard. Getting feedback in the second stage will make this process easier (DuBrin, 2015). Employees should be kept in mind because they are the persons who are directly related to the effect of change.

Lewin's leadership styles

In this model three types of leadership styles are discussed. These styles are beneficial in making and implementing change management strategy. Those styles are as follows:

  • Autocratic style- In this style the leaders do not consider taking suggestions from their employees while making the decision. They contain all the power. This is very helpful in taking the most important decisions while making the change management strategy. This style has some side effects too. It can demotivating for workers to not getting any involvement in the decision making process.
  • Democratic style- This style includes taking decision by the leaders only but they engage their employees in this process by taking their suggestions. They even consider the advice and if they are good they apply it in their final decisions. This is very helpful in the process of change management strategy of M&S. Employees are the person who are in direct contact with the customers (Northouse, 2017). It makes them give that advice which will make the consumers satisfied. The leaders can effectively take decisions in accordance with the needs of their customers.
  • Laissez faire- In this style of leadership the leaders give full freedom to their employees for making decisions regarding the task given. Workers use their own skills to perform the work. They can take some advice from the leaders. By this effective change management strategy will be made which will fulfil the vision of the cited company to become the leading organisation.

Link of the theories with the extensive changes to be introduced.

The theories which are discussed above are linked with the changes which M&S want to bring. Those extensive changes are as follows:

  • Innovation in the products- M&S is in the dire need of bringing some change in their products which are of clothing industry. They need to follow the current fashion trends in their clothes range. This change will be effectively achieved if the organisation will use the change management model which is the best suitable for them. The theory will help them to make proper research and then apply the change (Lussier and Achua, 2015). Leadership styles will help in making the decisions to delegating the work between employees.
  • Training to employees- The cited firm wants to give training to their employees. By applying the change model and leadership styles they will be able to understand the skill of their workers. It will make them to give training to those who have the need for it. By this the organisation will be saved from the increasing their cost by giving training to all the members.
  • Retaining the employees- Many skilled workers had left the job from M&S. The company wants change in their retention of employees. Change management model and leadership styles will make the employees understand about the reason behind bringing the change (Cummings and Worley, 2014). It will also make them know about the various benefits and advantages which they will get after the implementation of change process.

These are some extensive changes which are to be made within the cited business. It will be effectively implemented by the usage of suitable change management theory and leadership styles.

Planning on how to develop leadership skills to deal with potential situations or challenges.

The leadership skills can be developed by using various methods which are as follows:

  • Setting vision- It is the most important part of improving or developing the leadership skills. It will help the leaders to know in which direction they have to work (List of Leadership Skills, 2015). This will help them to face the situation of making or setting goals and objectives of the company. This will make them contribute towards the vision of M&S to become the leading organisation. This will be effectively achieved if the leaders have full focus on their working.
  • Utilising strengths- Leaders are blessed with some skills which are to be utilised within the business. This is very helpful in making those skills developed. These skills help them to cope with conflict situations in the organisation. It is very necessary to make the cited organisation to grow more in the market. Not only the conflict situation but utilising strengths will give them power to handle all the conditions.
  • Making quick decisions- It will develop the skill of leader to enhance the quickness of making decisions (Anderson, 2016). By this they will be able to handle all the situations as fast as possible. Quick decisions will solve all the problems which arise on time and working will not be effected by it.
  • Better communication process- By making the process of communication better leadership skills will get developed. It will help the leaders to handle the situation of conflicts between the individuals or groups. These situations can occur between the different departments of the M&S too. Developed skills by the good interaction and communication process will help the company leaders to solve the issues or problems.
  • Taking responsibilities- It will make the leaders to take the responsibilities of different task within the company. It will make their skills enhanced and developed. This is very beneficial for allocating the resources which are required in the task (Shirey, 2013). Resource allocation is the very important situation which help in increasing the productivity. It is very useful for achieving the objectives and goals of the company in the efficient and effective manner.
  • Involving employees- It is the activity of engaging the employees in the business activities. Suggestions of the workers can be taken for making some decision for in gaining their involvement. It also develops the leadership skills (Burke, 2017). This development helps the company to cope with the situation of making the employees satisfied. It is also very useful in the situation of resistance to change. Getting the employees involved will make them feel safe and secure.

These are some factors which will work in the direction of making the leadership skills developed. These skills are very useful to cope with all the situations which occurs in the cited organisation at the time of change.

Usefulness of development methods.

There are many benefits of the methods which are used to develop the leadership skills. Those advantages are given below:

  • Resolving the conflicts- By implementing the methods of developing skills it helps the company to resolve all the conflicts which occurs in the different situation. It eventually helps in the giving the sustainable business performance (Doppelt, 2017). There are many conditions in the organisation which results in bringing the conflict between the employees or other members. These conflicts can be only solved by the leadership skills which are developed by using various methods.
  • Bringing innovation- Innovation can be effectively brought by the developing methods of the leadership skills. It will make them to follow the proper procedure or process which will be needed to make some innovation. It is the very critical change which will need effective leadership skills to make it work. M&S has many skills which are in their leaders to bring the innovation in their working styles and business activities.
  • Change management- It is process which needs many skills to used. Methods which are used to make the leadership skills developed makes the change management effective. It needs many activities which are to performed in this management (Benn, Dunphy and Griffiths, 2014). Effective leadership will make the organisation to perform all the activities in the efficient manner.
  • Become inspiring- Developing methods which are used in the M&S to develop the leadership skills makes their leaders inspiring for others. Employees of the company gets motivated by the effective skills of the leadership which their leader shows while leading the organisation. The workers will work more hard after getting inspired.

These are some benefits of using developing methods in the leadership skills. These advantages received by the company will make them eventually lead in the market.

Finding relevance of change management and leadership theories.

Change management theories makes the process of change easier. There are many activities which are done in this management. That's why the theories are needed to be used. This models tell the exact procedure which is to be followed in the change management. The model which is used by the M&S is very effective (Nahavandi, 2016). It will definitely bring positive changes in their working styles. The three stages of the model will make the company to gain and meet all the set and targeted objectives through the change.

Leadership styles which are being used in the company will give various advantages to them. Each leadership style have the characteristic of handling the different situations in the company. These styles are to be used very carefully because it also as some negative effects. Some can work as demotivate for the employees. It is to be selected in accordance with the different conditions which occurs in the cited organisation. Leadership styles makes the firm to use all the methods which will be suitable for handling the situation (Hayes, 2014). Proper usage of all the styles will make the company to grow in the market and become the leader in retail industry.

These are some findings which shows that theories and models are very important to applied when company is planning to bring some changes in their working style.


  • This report states about how to make the leading organisation.
  • The company can be the leading by following various measures.
  • Training can be given to all the employees to work efficiently and achieve all the set and desired objectives.
  • Proper monitoring is necessary on the activities of change to manage it well and efficiently.
  • Leadership skills can be developed by using proper methods and understanding what is suitable for the person.


This report concludes about the changes which are to made within the organisation. There are many theories and models which can be adopted in the various situations. Those theories are of change management and leadership styles. These modules state the exact procedure to be followed while implementing the change. These styles affect the strategic decision making process of the cited company. They do many activities which are important to be analysed while making the strategic decisions. Change management strategy is necessarily to be made while implementing some change. It will be obviously needed for making the organisation lead in the market. That's why the made strategies are linked with the extensive changes which are to be introduced within the firm. There are some leadership skills which needs to be developed in the company by using various methods. These measures are very effective because gains many advantages for the business. These benefits eventually leads the organisation to be the market leader. This will increase their market share. This states that change management, leadership styles, strategic decisions and objectives of the firm are interlinked with each other. They ensure the success of M&S in the future.


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