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Reflective Essay Self-Reflection Personal Brand Strategy and Brand Statement Assignment Sample

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Introduction: Reflective Essay Self-Reflection Personal Brand Strategy and Brand Statement

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The essay is made on the reflection on the individual brand. My company name is ETHEREAL; it is a fast-fashion clothing company. The report includes three parts which are a self-reflection of my company, my company's brand strategy, and the brand statement I adopted for my ETHEREAL Company. The Essay will discuss the vision and mission statement of my company. It also includes an STP analysis of the ETHEREAL Company to explain the brand strategy of the company. The essay is made to give a brief understanding of self-concept, self-efficacy, and identity.

Brand Logo

Figure 1 Brand Logo

1. Self-Reflection

For the reflection of what makes brand unique and what defines the brand, it very important to know the thoughts behind making it, the motivations, attitudes, behaviors and desires (Huang 2021). It includes the following details:

Vision of Ethereal

"The vision is manufacturing the most trending cloth by leading change and enhancing sustainable cloth manufacturing by using innovative ideas in the apparel industry". The company's vision statement includes the following key points:

Leading the change: The Company’s vision statement indicates that a revolution is in the workings as the style works to develop into more environment friendly. Ethereal look forward to being the powerful compel at the back of this movement for sustainability, locate the target for further fashion businesses to make comparable enhancements to its production designs and encourage steady modernism.

Sustainable: Ethereal mission statement also includes another element which is suitability in its operations. The fashion and clothing industry is criticized for its harm to the environment; our company will use environmentally friendly raw materials and products to achieve our sustainability goals (Lundblad and Davies, 2016). Our company will also include feasible cycling policies and innovative ways to protect the environment.

Equal and fair: ETHEREAL COMPANY is a sturdy advocate for assortment and fairness. The company uses fair practices in every aspect of the business, including employment and product design.

To build its vision statement actuality, ETHEREAL COMPANY will launch a change-making plan that will focus on company various projects and its hard work for sustainability. This inclusive plan lengths the whole corporation with detailed objectives, strategies, and principles to direct every employee of the ETHEREAL COMPANY people, which contains business associates, style experts, staff, and clients

The mission statement of Ethereal

Our mission statement is “to make sustainable fashion which is enjoyable and accessible for all.” Three main targets of our company are:

Accessible: By making use of innovation in the fast style strategy, ethereal will offer better-quality apparel at a comparatively affordable value, and creation will be available to a wider audience including women, men, kids, etc.

Enjoyable: our mission is to offer comfort and elegance in the cloth. Ethereal Company produces goods that make the consumer look good as well as feel good by wearing them. Our target is to make consumers happy vibes by providing clothes according to their demands.

Wide range: our brand will launch its store in many cities which have separate sections for its three target audiences that is women, men, and kinds. Our fashion brand is well known for embracing diversity, which will be shown by the variety of goods we will provide to our customers. Our strategy is to launch first women's apparel, and after that, we will create brand awareness and launch our men's and kids' sections as well.

2. Personal Brand Strategy:

Proposed brand strategy for ETHEREAL COMPANY

Fast clothing Model: The accessibility of stylish garments in the provision stores instantly and advertising the products at a value that the average income class can manage to pay for products is the notion of speedy trend that the ETHEREAL Company conveys to the desk. In summary, it attempts to carry the most recent approach in the marketplace the instant doable at a practical fee.

Outsourcing: The Company will not produce all goods by themselves. As an alternative, the company will outsource them. They will hire independent providers who offer affordable products, arranged superiority in the prearranged time as demanded by the supplier of the ETHEREAL COMPANY.

Segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP) analysis of Ethereal Company

 STP is a brand-improving model that redefines whom a company markets its products to, and the way for the same. It composed the company's marketing connections more attention-paying, relevant, as well as personalized for its consumers.

Segmentation: The categories of segmentation that Ethereal will use are Psychographic and segmentation based on demographics. Demographic segmentation is a division of the target market according to age, sex, region, social class, earnings, etc. normally, the company suggests designer garments at practical fees, largely focal point on middle-class community as well as young university students who are in the era range of 15 years to 30 years.

Psychographic segmentation: refers to a segmentation of the marketplace on the basis of purchaser interests, behavior, lifestyle, community position, etc.

Targeting: The target audience of ETHEREAL COMPANY includes various category of public who are thrilled regarding a fresh styling fashions plus desire to purchase these stylish garments and accessories which are reasonably priced. To be additionally accurate, the target audience are:

University-going students: the students is a probable aim crowd because these people want to possess up-to-the-minute fashion garments and accessories at a minimum price, and ETHEREAL COMPANY offers the same things (Todeschini 2017).

Women: women are a key target audience since the company also trades in children’s and men’s wear, and it’s normally purchased by women for them.

Positioning: It’s about meaningful how a specific company positioned itself in a marketplace. ETHEREAL COMPANY is chiefly positioned as a company which provides best garments at most affordable cost price.

Networks and social media platforms will be used by ETHEREAL COMPANY

Promotion and advertisement on social media platforms are an important part of the marketing strategy of fashion industry companies.

The company will use Social media content theory: The foundation of social media for business is content. Strong content is essential for achieving many social media marketing objectives and for utilizing those crucial algorithms (Miyazaki, 2020). Our company will also use various networks and social media platforms to create brand awareness among the target audience. ETHEREAL COMPANY will use Instagram, facebook, and TikTok to promote its products (Chu and Seock, 2020). The company will also create its own YouTube channel to create fashion videos. There are various networks will consider in the promotion of the company, figure 1 shows them:

the network will be used by ETHEREAL COMPANY

Figure 2: the network will be used by ETHEREAL COMPANY

3. Personal Brand Statement:

Who we are?

Our company is values-based, client-centered, creative, and moral fashion company. Fashion, amusement, and achievement are vital to us. The "brand statement "—our culture, beliefs, and rules—defines us since they capture the essence of the company.

What we DO?

We offer everyone our business model's fashion with superiority at the most excellent price in a sustainable manner today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Our Values – the ETHEREAL COMPANY spirit

Our values are at the very core of our brand statement. These values direct our dealings in our everyday work besides our guiding principle and strategy. The company's values are named “the ETHEREAL COMPANY spirit”.

  • We are a united front
  • Continually strives for development.
  • Uncomplicated and open-minded
  • Simplicity
  • Cost-consciousness
  • Creativity


The essay concludes that, the success of a new brand depends on how well it knows its basics, self reflection is very important to start a new brand or redefine a pre-existing brand. The mission of my business is to produce the most in-demand fashion while promoting sustainable fashion wear production and utilizing cutting-edge garment industry concepts. Additionally, our business will make use of numerous social media and network platforms to raise brand awareness within the intended market. Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok will all be used by ETHEREAL COMPANY to advertise its clothing.


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