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Guided Reflection & Personal Framework Assignment Sample

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Introduction:Guided Reflection & Personal Framework

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The communication process is an important parameter in education systems as this reduces gaps between students and teacher and influence the relationship. The purpose of this report is to deliver the importance of KWL and communication in learning. This report provides information regarding three parameters of KWL, inclusive education and communication and the relationship between these two. This report wants to deliver a statement of the importance of the relationship between inclusive education, and communication as these two can deliver systematic learning and diverse approaches to the learning process. 

Part 1: KWL 

Teaching and Learning Resources

The teaching and learning process depends on effective communication so that sharing and capturing of knowledge can deliver equally to learners. This communication can follow various functions such as verbal communication, audio-visual communication through online learning and textbook and learning materials communication. These all follow one motto in learning and that is sharing useful information with a learner to develop knowledge and skills. Total societal communication includes coding systems and this code can vary from legal codes and education processes consider scientific communication systems to deliver knowledge through learning communication and to identify the needs of learning for students in the education process (Billingsley et al. 2018). In addition, open communication provides engagement of parents and students in learning and delivers empowering, trust and relationships in the learning process (Qvortrup and Qvortrup, 2018). Therefore, an effective communication process can play a crucial role in the learning process to engage the community and share learning materials to develop cognitive knowledge and skills. 

Step 2: 'K' and 'W'

KWL learning process considers three strategies such as "know", "want to know" and "learned". This learning process considers reading as one of the key skills and includes developing a student's ability. According to Ardiyan et al. (2022), reading comprehension consider effective support for a student to understand learning concepts. The dynamic process of grabbing words delivers information to the students. The teacher also plays an important role in this strategy to deliver effective comprehension of texts. According to Crossley & McNamara, (2008), reading strategies can deliver effective support to mitigate students' issues and can grow up their reading and learning skills. The initial steps of KWL consider the analysis of resources in the students which means this discusses the level of education a learner captured already and identifies the learning capability of students. This process also considers the teacher's ability to guide and share knowledge with students in the learning process. I analyse that primary knowledge requires learning stepping up upcoming steps in education systems and communication between teachers, students and parents can provide effective support in it.

The "W" factor includes the need for learning in the education process and this can vary from student to student. According to Sebbah (2021), collaborative learning can provide effective support in the education process. According to Vygotsky (1978), collaboration activities provide a boost in the learning process to carry proximal development and this development includes clarification of relationship, autonomy and interdependence activities in the learning process. This process enables students to complete their learning activities and collect achievement through learning more knowledge from others. Therefore, the learning requirements can be identified through the KWL learning process and students, teachers and parents can follow effective learning materials by considering well-developed technology, communication and relationship in education systems.

Investigation into Communication in School

According to Seewangkum (2021), this research included information regarding the usefulness of AR applications and KWL learning strategy by considering motivation, behaviour, attitude and learning performance. AR technology provides a way of communication through delivering effective information and virtualising digital process in learning. AR application provides changes in the learning process and the AR learning process through Smartphone consider the utility of KWL in the learning process to provide optimisation factual knowledge. KWL in AR application deliver advantages to students to prepare the students to construct their knowledge through questioning themselves about know and want to know and according to this learning framework can construct in the education process. Learning skills can develop through considering effective communication in school or the classroom. I analyse effective learning can complete through having a proper diversity approach to follow a barrier-less communication process in the education systems. The relationship between teachers and students provides quality learning and the doubts and student’s need can clarify through this learning strategy. 

Complete 'L'

According to Ardiyan et al. (2022), the T-test calculation shows the impact of the KWL strategy on reading comprehension. The T-test score shows 11.28 and the degree of freedom shows 34. The T-test score provides a higher value in the t-table and therefore, the alternative hypothesis got acceptance in this research. The above process of KWL shows that the learning process can get great outcomes by following KWL strategies. I analyse that the learning process can extend into a limitless approach to collecting information though considering the identification of known parameters and wanting parameters in learning. I also gathered information that effective communication and technology such as AR technology can develop learning levels in a school or a classroom. Communication can reduce gaps in learning and can continue a diverse approach in education systems and every student can find equal opportunities through this approach. Advanced technology such as AR technology delivers support in reducing communication gaps and identifying the learning needs of students. Therefore, the identified outcomes can deliver information regarding the requirement of learning materials in the learning process.

Personal Framework

Inclusive education

The effectiveness of inclusive education has a very positive impact on the learning environment worldwide (Stubbs, 2008). Inclusive education can be considered the fundamental right of every human Being on the earth's surface to have access to education. Inclusive learning is majorly beneficial for children in order to get a fair chance to receive an education that includes going to school, and developing and learning the required skills to thrive (, 2022). It majorly means that the students are all in the same classroom as well as in the same school. It basically demonstrates that "real learning opportunities for groups who have traditionally been excluded – not only children with disabilities but speakers of minority languages too". The inclusive education system provides a wide range of values to the potential contribution of students that belong to several backgrounds. The major focus of the inclusive learning system is to create an appropriate learning environment for all the students in the classroom that will enable them "opportunity to reach their potential" (, 2022). A student that belongs to various backgrounds helps to bring and allow diverse classrooms and groups in order to enhance from the side by side, along with providing advantages to all. 

There are some requirements for changes in the several stages of society, of the inclusive learning system (, 2022). The required changes may include several training sessions for enhancing the skills and techniques of the school teachers, along with refurbishment is required of the buildings. Additionally, another requirement is that the accessibility of several learning materials for the students is required to be enhanced. However, UNICEF is actively working on inclusive education system promotion, in order to work on reducing the underlying educational gaps for "children with disabilities". UNICEF also provides beneficial help to the legislative body to monitor and foster inclusive learning systems (, 2022). The major focus of UNICEF is Advocacy, Awareness-raising, implementation of several support systems and capability building. 


Communication is a key factor that helps to enhance the effectiveness and potential in any learning environment (, 2022). Communication can be considered the key to successful teaching and learning procedures in the classroom. As per the studies it can be considered that communication plays a vital role in succession for an effective learning system, knowledge plays a major role equal to communication in a classroom. Communication is the procedure of sharing and understanding information that is provided in the inclusive classroom. The four major communication modes to enhance teaching and learning effectiveness in a learning environment includes reading, writing, listening and speaking (, 2022). The proper utilisation of the four modes will have a very positive impact on the school environment. It is also important to know the proper utilisation of proficiency to have positive outcomes. Reading through textbooks is also part of visual communication, the student needs to put their effort into this form of education, as there is no utilisation of any verbal communication, therefore, there may be some issues regarding proper understanding. 

However, the communication skills of a teacher are also a vital part of an education system. An effective communication session between the teachers with the students helps to comprehend several educational information, and effective interaction helps the student better understand (, 2022). Majorly three forms of communication process take place in an education environment system that includes: written, verbal and nonverbal. Written communication indicates receiving or sending information in the form of writing. For example, a teacher can organise an assignment in a written form for the students to teach them or to test their knowledge of that subject matter. Verbal communication is based on receiving or sending messages by the utilisation of language, it basically determines that the teacher is unable to address the whole class or a particular student with the help of verbal interaction. For example, the teacher can use verbal forms to teach and make the student understand any subject matter or can maintain the classroom environment by verbally interacting with them. Non-verbal communication in a classroom is based on the communication procedure that is been done with the utilisation of language or any verbal form. 

There is various "Learning and teaching material" in a classroom that enhances education by the utilisation of several communication forms. The verbal guidance of the teacher plays a vital role to maintain the environment; textbooks are a form of visual communication that have a wide range of contributions to gaining knowledge (, 2022). Several other learning materials include digital and multimedia resources, supplementary materials and many more.

Relationships between communication and inclusive education

Inclusive communication in the education environment helps to deliver the information in a much more developed way that will be easy to understand for the students present in the classroom (, 2022). Inclusive communication helps to communicate with the students in an encouraged and different manner through the utilisation of several skills and techniques (, 2022). Communication plays a vital role in the inclusive education system that majorly helps to reduce several underlying gaps that raises several educational barriers in the system. Effective communication in the classroom helps to enhance the efficiency of the teaching and learning procedure classroom. Effective communication between the student and teacher in a classroom is vital for enhancing the gradual development of the students; it also helps to maintain the efficiency of the learning environment. Communication helps to enhance the outcomes of the classroom learning procedures that include reading, writing, speaking and listening. Communication n also helps to nurture the student's independent thinking which will help them to enhance their creative thinking. Communication between the students and teacher plays a vital role to menace the effectiveness of the inclusive classroom. Communication also helps the students to enhance their vocabulary skills. The provided education in an inclusive classroom are been enhanced by effective communication practices. 

Several forms of communication are been utilised in the inclusive classroom that includes body language: Body language helps to provide support in regard to the spoken language. The utilisation of speech in the classroom that is clear helps to enhance the student understanding which results positively in the learning session. Signing is also a form of communication that is also done at the same time as the interaction of the student and the teacher. Another form of visual communication is symbols, photos, graphics and pictures that help in both the form of communication that includes written and spoken. Several interactive activities are also a part of communication in the inclusive classroom. 

Usage of communication for inclusive practice

An inclusive classroom is a place where students from all backgrounds are present, several students have various understanding levels based on their understanding level the teacher needs to have effective communication sessions to interact with the students in a much-developed manner. Incorporative communication sessions by the teacher can have a negative impact on the outcomes of the students. It is important for the teacher who is present in the classroom to enhance their effective communication skills and to treat the students equally and also in a kind manner. Reflective skills of listening will help to summarise what the other individual is trying to convey in an accurate manner. The teacher needs to deal with the student in a patient and kind manner to communicate with the students which will also help to reduce the gap in the classroom. reading out learning materials that are presented in a visual manner will enhance understanding (, 2022). Flexible communication practices in the classroom will help the students to enhance their potential which will result to be beneficial for their learning outcomes. Communication helps to covey detailed information that is beneficial in modifying attitudes, encouraging efforts as well as stimulating thinking. an active listener and active speaker in the classroom will help to enhance the communication practice that will have a positive impact on an inclusive learning environment.

Mediawiki provides a web-based tool in the learning process to complete group activity in a school or a project (, 2022). This can deliver support in maintaining communication and sharing information regarding ongoing learning activities. Peer assessment considers participation, leadership, cooperation, listening, time management and feedback process to develop communication processes in the education systems. These all processes can deliver effective support in maintaining a diversity approach and students can get benefit from collecting effective information from teachers, parents and friends. Therefore, relationships also develop through this process and can deliver development in the overall learning process.


KWL is a learning strategy that helps to determine what the student knows, and what is required to be known and the last portion is based on the entire procedure that has been learned. KWL helps to enhance Diversity and communication in the classroom. An inclusive classroom is a worldwide concept that has a wide range of contributions to the education system in a global manner. It helps to encourage them to obtain an education; it also helps to bring together students of various backgrounds in the same classroom in the schools. Several learning and teaching material help to enhance the effective outcomes of an inclusive classroom. Communication plays a vital role in inclusive classrooms to enhance the outcomes and to enhance the potential of the students. There is a positive connection between communication and an inclusive educational environment.



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