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MARKET ANALYSIS Berry Co. New Zealand Assignment Sample

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MARKET ANALYSIS Berry Co. New Zealand

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Demographic environment

As a marketing manager of a New Zealand business which is exporting berries to Japan. Marketing analysis will be needed to ensure the effectiveness of business. Marketing strategy will need to be identified based on the area and products. Based on the available information, the demand of Berries has increased in Japan (Chung et al. 2018). Thus, exporting this product to Japan will be considered as a profitable business for the organization. Berry Co. New Zealand has been contemplated as the organization which is exporting products to Japan. Ranging from low-income level to high income level all types of customers are available in that market. 80% of the customers belong to medium and high-income levels. Thus, product processes will need to be contemplated in such a way that could satisfy the requirements of target customers. Otherwise, the customers will not be satisfied with the product. Online marketing strategies have been implemented by the organizational Management to ensure the promotion of business (Kokeyama et al. 2021).

Total number of populations of Japan is 124750000 and it will be identified in 2021. As per the population Japan has been contemplated as the 11th rank. The growth rate of population is the only reason for which the product will need to be developed in such a way that will be enough to meet the requirement of inter population. As the number of populations is very high thus the requirement of each type of customer will need to be identified by organization. Average life expectancy of Japan is 85 years and it also needs to be considered at the time of developing the marketing strategies (Gima, 2019). Customers of all ages will be contemplated as the customer of this organization and the product will be exported to Japan with a promotional strategy that is interesting to all types of customers.

In any case if a proper marketing plan is not developed then it will not achieve success in the business. Based on the available information the company will export Berries to Japan and the product will be developed for all customers. Demographic analysis will help in determining the requirements of customers.

Physical environment

The demand of Berries of New Zealand is very high in Japan and natural production has been contemplated as the main reason for this requirement. This demand is expected to be high in future and it will be helpful to the people also. Berries have been contemplated as the healthy fruit for all ages. This is the only reason for which the demand for this fruit has increased in Japan. The information authority of Japan has decided to enhance their life expectancy and securing their health has been contemplated as the major part for ensuring better life expectancy (Abe et al. 2020). Berries are healthy products which provide nutrition to the body and it is very helpful for children and old age customers. It means that the customers from every group will be considered as the target for this organization. Respective of the income level the product will be developed as the pricing of product will be resoluble to all types of customers. The quality of product will be developed in such a way that both the low-income level and high-income level customers will purchase.

After producing berries, the form of New Zealanders is storing that in such a way that will ensure the quality of the product. Storing processes are not reducing the advantages and nutrition of this product. This is the main reason for which the berries of New Zealand are highly demanded in Japan and its price will be higher. On the available information the physical environment of this country is representing the requirement of this product from New Zealand and that enhances the chances of export. The government charges will be high in this process as the taxes are required to be paid for export (Abe et al. 2020). This extra cost will be included in the price of the product and organizational Management will determine the price based on that. Financial condition of the organization will be improved by exporting the products to Japan. This product will be exported to Japan for all types of customers and it is expected to achieve success.


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