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Developmental Psychology Portfolio Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Developmental Psychology Portfolio Assignment

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Part 1: 600-700 words approx.

Describe your project in detail. Please complete the table below.

Project title

Does domestic abuse in family affect children’s cognitive development? Does age have anything to do with it?

Project aims / hypotheses

  • The aim of the present study is to find out if living in a family where domestic abuse is common how it affects children’s cognitive development and if age had any link with it.
  • The plan of the study is to find the difference in the cognitive score of the children who are having family problems and the one who are having both happy parents.

Project rationale:

Givea brief overview of the literature which supports your aims/hypotheses

At least two recent, peer-reviewed research studies (from 2010 onwards) need to be referenced.

Devaney (2015) had conducted the study for analysing the impact of domestic violence on the children and their development and the study founds thatdomestic violence is having an emotional, social and mental damage to the children and this affect their developmental growth and affect the overall cognitive development of the child. In this research report the researcher would focus on analysing that how the domestic abuse if affecting the cognitive development and does the age is playing any role in it or not.

The study of Alam, et. al. (2020) had mentioned that the domestic abuse is having an significant impact on the mental health and development of the children. In this report it is being found that the effect of the domestic violence is different belonging to the different age groups.

Participant details

Number of participants


Age of participants

Year 2 and year 6

Gender of participants

Both male and female

Other details (ethnicity, socio-economic status, etc.)

mixed ethnicity

Research Design: Proposed method (research tool(s)) and procedure

Explain what you would do and how you would do it. For example, you could clarify the type of study you would conduct, and what type of research tools you would employ.

Research Design

Research design is one of the essential part of the research study as it is being defined as the techniques and methods which are been selected by the researcher for conducting the research study. There are two types of research designs which are qualitative and quantitative research design. In this study the researcher would focus on conducting qualitative research study in which the researcher would focus on collecting the qualitative data. This method is selected as it would help the researcher in understanding the research topic in detail and explain the relation between the cognitive development and domestic violence in detail.

Data Collection Method

While conducting the research study the methods which are used by the researcher for collecting the data are referred as the data collection method. The data collection methods are broadly classified into two different types which are primary data collection and secondary data collection(Prada-Ramallal, et. al. 2017). In primary data collection method the researcher focuses on collecting the data by their own and on the other hand in the secondary data collection method the researcher focuses on using the data which is already being published in the literature.

In the present study the researcher would focus on using the primary data collection method for collecting the data as it would help the researcher in collecting more authentic and accurate data for the research study. This method is being selected as it would help the researcher in achieving the aim of the study in an effective manner. For this study the researcher would conduct the questionnaire survey with the children for collecting the data for the research study and will also conduct an maths test for the research participants for finding the correlation between their cognitive development and domestic abuse.


Sampling is referred as the process of selecting the appropriate candidates for the research study. Different type of sampling methods are available which can be used by the researcher for selecting the best participants for the research study. In this study the researcher would focus on using the stratified sampling in this sampling the researcher focuses on classifying or dividing the participants into the groups on the basis of their characteristics (Sharma, 2017). In this study the researcher will select 60 children belonging to the age of 2 years to 6 years which will include both male and female participants. The researcher would divide the research participants belonging to 2 years of age and facing domestic abuse at one side and the others who are not facing domestic abuse in the another side and this same will occur with the children belonging to 6 years of age.

Research tool evaluation:

Evaluate and discuss the limitations of using your chosen research tool(s), within this age group. Please cite back-up references to support your evaluation about the research tool(s).

One of the limitations of the study is that in this study the researcher is using the primary method of data collection which is time consuming and requires more capital. One of the disadvantages of using the stratified sampling is that it increased the risk of data manipulation.

Part 2: 300-400 words approx.

Please explain any ethical issues you have identified in your project, and describe how you will address them.

Ethical Issues

How will you address this issue?


Plagiarism is one of the important ethical issues which need to be addressed in an effective manner (Artal & Rubenfeld, 2017). For addressing this the researcher will be avoiding to copy the content from someone else’s work and will also focus on using proper referencing and doing proper citation if the researcher would use the information from the work of any other author. The researcher would focus on doing proper referencing by using the referencing style which is recommended to use in the research study.

Data protection

For solving the issue of data protection the researcher would focus on keeping the data safe and secure.

Safety and security of the research participants

For addressing this issue the researcher would focus on taking a written consent from the parents of all the research participants and will also focus on conducting the maths test and questionnaire survey in an safe place.


The researcher would focus on solving this issue by keeping all the information related to all the stakeholder confidential in the research study. All the information related to the research participants will also be kept safe and secure as this would help the researcher in maintaining the confidentiality of the research participants.


The researcher would focus on conducting the research study with full honesty and will ensure that the researcher would not manipulate any of the data or information related to the research study. The researcher would right the accurate information which would be received from the primary data collection.


This is an important ethical issue and for addressing this issue the researcher would focus on giving proper respect to all the research participants and other stakeholders also.

Privacy and dignity

For addressing this issue the researcher would focus on the privacy and dignity of all the research participants in an effective manner

Part 3: Please list all the references cited in this assignment using APA 7th.

References do not count towards your total word count, in this assignment.


Alam, M. A., Richard, S. A., Fahim, S. M., Mahfuz, M., Nahar, B., Das, S., ... &Ahmed, T. (2020). Impact of early-onset persistent stunting on cognitive developmentat 5 years of age: Results from a multi-country cohort study. PloS one, 15(1),e0227839.

Artal, R., &Rubenfeld, S. (2017). Ethical issues in research. Best Practice & Research Clinical Obstetrics & Gynaecology43, 107-114.

Devaney, J. (2015). Research Review: The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children. Irish probation journal12.

Prada-Ramallal, G., Takkouche, B., &Figueiras, A. (2017). Diverging conclusions from the same meta-analysis in drug safety: source of data (primary versus secondary) takes a toll. Drug safety40(4), 351-358.

Sharma, G. (2017). Pros and cons of different sampling techniques. International journal of applied research3(7), 749-752.

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