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Physical and Psychological Consequences of Excessive Work on Employees Working in Retail Business Assignment Sample

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Introduction: Physical and Psychological Consequences of Excessive Work on Employees Working in Retail Business

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Research Problem 

What are the issues?

At the time working in business organisations, a wider range of issues has been faced by the respective retail industry related to "Woolworth Group" that have located in Australia (, 2022). The excessive ranges of workload will be also increased the rates of difficulties and enhanced the rates of anxiety and depression chances of the development of workload pressures (Dennerlein et al. 2020). As a result, the chances in production activities, as well as the rates of ultimate ranges net income statement modules will be effectively diminished, that can be created a negative effect on the mental health of the workers. 

Why are the issues

The above-depicted problems will be considered as issues as they can be increased the wider range of diseases related to "Metabolic syndrome, Diabetes and Hypertension" that have created a link with the ischemic diseases of the heart. The chances of morality, as well as stroke cases, will be also created due to the continuously increasing chances of hypertension (Gisler et al. 2018). For instance, "Brain Fog" has been also considered as the main issue that will be enhanced due to the overloaded stress around the working places and chances of instability can be overviewed. 

Why it is an issue now 

The issues will be created a negative effect of enhanced rates of difficulties regarding mental health, the workers can be experienced poorer sleep, and chances of stroke can be increased. However, the "Poor circulation, sleep, nervousness conditions, higher cholesterol levels, and depression" have been also enhanced due to the overloaded pressures and affected physical health (Nemteanu and Dabija, 2021). 

Research Objective

  • To determine the physical and psychological impacts of burnout and excessive stress
  • To evaluate the effects on the mental and physical health of excessive work in the Woolworth Group
  • To analyse the physiological factors that can be making affect the mental health 

Business objectives

Adaptations of effective ranges of strategies related to segmentation of time management among the workers allowed the workers to enhancements of performance the chances of efficiency will also be developed (Ariza-Montes et al.2019). In this context, the chances of improvements and rate of standardisation activities have also increased the rates of stability in the working schedules and provided the workers with opportunities by solving the issues the ultimate ranges of determinations will also be fulfilled (Ekpanyaskul and Padungtod, 2021). Therefore, the respective retail organisations have also been getting successful to increase the rates of capacity, performance management and infrastructure modules by continuously developing the cultures of production abilities. Keeping the organisations staffed and reasonable the rate of managers' acquisitions will also be improving the cultures of personal needs and taking foster steps to improve the cultures of relationship modules. 


Independent Variables: Psychological and Physical Consequences of Excessive Work Hours

Dependent Variables: Employees' Performance

Research Question 

  1. What are the impacts of a heavy workload on workers?
  2. How does overwork impact mental and physical health?
  3. What are the consequences of immoderate working hours? 

Literature Review 


H0: There has not been any relationship between the psychological and physical consequences of employee performance and excessive work hours

H1: Psychological and Physical consequences of excessive work hours have a negative effect on workers' performance

Managing worker's stress in Woolworth Groups

According to Tuzovic and Kabadayi (2020), with the improvements in communication modes and offering benefits for physical and mental health the chances of meditation rates have been sustainably developed. In this context, by creating a wider range of developments in the working schedules process and providing the necessary things among the workers related to wages, salaries, and incentives the chances of development activities have also been sustainably improved. The rates of development activities have been also effectively improved by considering the flexibilities and improved the cultures of working schedules the rates of team building ability have been and chances of building strong personality can get easier. However, Johnson et al. (2020) have argued that with the improvements in support, resources the chances in mental health perspectives have been sustainably developed, and the rates of adaptability have been easily affected by maintaining normal routines. In this regard, the ultimate range of continuous developments has been also easily being accessed by mitigating the issues regarding anxiety and depression (Beck and Hensher, 2020). 


Research Design

Taking the help of the "Primary analysis" the discussions have been effectively held on and based on the research topic the questionnaires will also be interpreted that can be improved the cultures of transparency and collection of feedback. As opined by Berry et al. (2020), "Descriptive Research Design" has been used at the time of conducting the research and collection of reliable information. It will be used to describe the events, conditions, people and subjects without manipulation of ultimate results. Thus, the above-depicted research designs will be also diminished the ultimate ranges of cost structures and created comprehensive values by improving the cultures of flexibility and improved the rates of quality of the research. 


Manager 1

Manager 2

Manager 3

What are the impacts of excessive working pressures on employees?

Mood disorders have created the negative effects of an excessive workload.

Debilitating stress has increased the rates of disruptions at the working placed.

The chances of a reduction in productivity and turnover rates have also been considered as another effect.

How can overwork affect the mental and physical health of 24*7 shifting duties?

Workers will be experienced poor ranges of sleep and increased chances of stroke.

Mental health can be increased the chances of anxiety, suicide and anxiety rates.

Emotional exhaustion has been treated because of overworking in retail sectors.

What are the effects in physiological and physical in job stress?

"Nausea pain diarrhea, vomiting tendency" can be increased the chances of body pain.

Chest pain and trouble sleeping can also be enhanced the difficulties.

Muscle tension and headaches can also be created at the time of working under excessive pressure.

What are the effective strategies for the development of workers' well-being?

I think, "Tracking an individual's progress" can be developed the worker's performance.

"Establishment of SMART Objectives" can be reached the worker's objectives.

"Fostered positive working criteria" can also be improved the cultures of workers' performances.

Is Woolworth Group provided incentives for satisfying workers?

Yes, it has been based on the performance and capacity of workers.

Obviously, the additional compensation for workers can also be achieved results by the maintenance of professionalism.

The Woolworths Group has also provided “Bonuses and raises “,” Referral programs, and Health and wellness.

What kinds of issues the workers have faced?

Lack of motivation among the workers has been e enhanced.

"Schedule inflexibility" have been increased the chances of challenges.

"Lack of Communication" can also be enhanced the rates of difficulties.

What are the physiological symptoms that have included occupational stress?

"Heart Palpitations" can be treated as a symptom that has enhanced the stress.

"Sleeping difficulties, related to insomnia" can be increased occupational depression.

"Gastrointestinal upsets related to diarrhea" can also be increased the chances of hypertension.

What are the physical symptoms that have improved the body's stress?

"Breathing quickens" will be considered a physical symptom of body stress.

"Increased rate of heart" can be treated as another symptom.

"Blood pressure rises" will be also increased the ultimate range of difficulties.

What are the effective methods that have improved the cultures of workers' satisfaction?

"Ability to leverage feature strengths" can affect job satisfaction.

"Tendency for Job Crafting" will be making negative effects on job satisfaction.

"Job security and Carrer Development" can be provided with support and increased rates of workers' well-being.

What are the effective ways that have helped to determine job satisfaction?

"Offered competitive benefits and compensation" the chances of transparency can be developed.

"Amp Up workers Recognition Efforts" the chances of development activities can also be sustainably improved.

"Fostered workplace relationships" the chances of satisfaction rates can be effectively improved.

Table 1: Questionnaires

(Source: Self-developed)


The above-depicted analysis has been considered that the entire discussion has created a precise concept regarding the excessive working environments in the retail sectors related to Woolworth Groups that have located in Australia. In this regard, the effects of psychological and physical consequences will also be created a negative effect on the development of working in the organisational sectors. The issues can also be addressed in an effective manner and the accurate range of strategies can be discussed for removing the issues and developing the cultures of workforce’s abilities in a sustainable manner. Thus, the accurate ranges of strategies as well as the development of effective tools can also be effectively identified for enhancing the rates of economic stability based on the research topic. Following the quantitative analysis, the questionnaires can also be easily interpreted by setting up the research topic and the chances of data authenticity will be sustainably developed. Therefore, it will be also creating a beneficial side for provided the necessaries information is that can be beneficial approaches for conducted the further research.



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Websites (2022). Woolsworth. Available from: Accessed on 26/12/2022

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