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Welf3006 Family Violence: Policy And Practice Assignment 1: Book Review Assignment Sample

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Defining Violence and Exploring Family Abuse Through Academic Literature

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Violence can be defined as the conscious use of "physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, that either result in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm". In A Mother's Story, Rosie Batty experiences family plus domestic violence over two decades, culminating in one horrifying event that forever alters their life. Rosie will bravely and powerfully take the chance presented by her traumatic experience to effect change (Patet, 2018). She hopes that through raising awareness of this widespread problem and the systemic shortcomings mostly in the Australian judicial system, appropriate modifications will be made to ensure that some women don't encounter the same difficulties she has. An examination of Rosie's story has been provided in this book review, starting with her terrible encounter with domestic violence. After that, we discuss her goals in sharing their tragedy with the entire globe, identify the key themes surrounding familial violence, as well as then ask whether the justice system failed Rosie. The justice system as well as the public typically ignore family plus domestic abuse. Because abuse can take many different forms, it can go unnoticed even among the victims.

Main Body

In her amazing memoir "A Mother's Story" from 2015, Rosie Batty exposes her heartbreaking perspective regarding family life including domestic abuse. The unintended pregnancy of their first as well as only child, Luke, is caused by a casual connection she was having with Greg Anderson throughout the decades (Francia et al. 2019). Batty says she's positive Greg wanted her to get pregnant, as well as if that's genuine, this was a foreshadowing of worse events to come. These readers will see how, as Greg's mental state deteriorates across the narrative, his desire for dominance and control with Rosie grows. "A Mother's Story", Rosie Batty's amazing memoir from 2015, provides her heartbreaking perspective on the realities of the family as well as domestic violence. Greg can not accept the notion that Rosie must have grown numb to his physical as well as psychological assault. She has a casual connection with Greg Anderson, with whom she has had irregular relationships throughout the years, which results in the unintended pregnancy of Luke, their first as well as an only child. According to Batty, assuming this is even somewhat true, Greg arranged that she becomes pregnant, but if so, it represented a portent of worse future events (Harman et al. 2018). The reader would see Greg's demand for dominance including control around Rosie grow throughout the narrative as his state of mind deteriorates. Greg struggled to accept the thought that Rosie has lost the ability to govern as well as influence her life because of her desensitisation to such physical including psychological violence. Around the time of his adolescence, Luke was old enough to understand his father's unpredictable and violent behaviour, along with, as a result, he started to distance himself from Greg as well. Greg had been a real dictator who had successfully abused Rosie for years, but he was beginning to lose control. Greg commits the most inconceivable crime against Luke as a result of this realisation. In a climax both control as well as retaliation, he killed my son. For him to triumph and for me to endure for the entirety of my life, they killed Luke.

The author of "A Mother's Story" is a mother who cannot allow her son's death to go unpunished, and this is clear in the book's intention. To tackle the problem of family violence, which is often frequently ignored or misinterpreted, Rosie mustered all their courage and fortitude. She believed that by drawing attention to this widespread problem, the "social and legal" systems would undergo the necessary transformation, preventing another mother from suffering the same tragedy. Rosie proved successful in getting the attention of such Victorian Government, which heard her as well as changing the way it prevents and responds to domestic violence(Langton et al. 2020). The author of “A Mother's Story” is a mother who cannot allow her son's death to go unpunished, and this is clear in the book's intention. To tackle the problem of domestic violence, which is all too frequently ignored or misinterpreted, Rosie mustered her courage as well as fortitude. She believed that by drawing attention to this widespread problem, our "social and legal" systems would undergo the necessary transformation, preventing another mother from suffering the same tragedy. Rosie was successful in getting her message across because the "Victorian Government" took her words to heart and changed the way it addresses and prevents family violence.

Themes such as power, control, including various kinds of abuse were prevalent across "A Mother's Story." Greg's inability to comply with its access visit regulations makes it clear that he's using Luke like a pawn to manipulate Rosie. Realizing that it would interfere with Rosie's schedule, Greg frequently showed up early or failed to pick up Luke when scheduled. This is regarded as a kind of domestic violence because it places unfavourable limitations on a victim. Greg once made a change regarding the accessibility visit location, which caused Rosie to have a panic attack(Clément, 2020). She briefed Greg that he might have sole custody of Luke and relinquished her privileges to him. For Greg, it was the power play. He had emotional power over Rosie, which relates to the next major theme (O'Brien, 2016).Explains how the act of enforcing rules by the abuser constitutes abusive behaviour. The viewer also notices Greg verbally abusing Rosie in this unsettling manner "I could make it disappear, whereas I'd like to murder you. I'll amputate your foot ". Its readers are not startled by this warning at this point in the narrative because Greg's volatility was already established.

Family violence is reportedly the most prevalent kind of "violence against women" in Australia, despite estimates indicating that more than one-third of women there have suffered domestic abuse in some capacity. Given these figures, the "reader is left" asking why the legal system failed to hold Greg accountable for numerous of his violence as well as frightening actions, as well as why harsher punishments were not meted out to him. Greg once grabbed Rosie by its throat as well as pushed her against the wall. Because of a shortage of proof, the police later removed Greg after taking him to prison (Ayton et al. 2021). Another time, Greg yelled at Luke first before hurling himself at Rosie, whom he chased as well as pushed to the pavement by their hair. There's the day he threatened Luke with such a knife as well as admitted he was ready to end his life and planned to bring Luke alongside him. The reader thinks that because of poor training in "domestic and family violence, the Australian judicial system failed Rosie". It is another Domestic, that further emphasises the disrespect for the seriousness of this pervasive issue, using A Mother's Story as a perfect example of such neglect. The simple household conflict went badly It's a personal and familial issue.


It can be concluded that she summoned the courage to speak out and expose Australia's pervasive problem of the family as well as domestic violence at a moment when most people would collapse. Luke's father will no longer abuse her, and she wouldn't let Luke's memories disappear. She bravely opened up about the most private and traumatic aspects of her life, touching everyone's hearts throughout Australia. More important, its Victorian Government listened to Rosie, as well as the long-overdue changes to such legal and social systems were made


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