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Organization Culture Analysis

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Introduction - Organization Culture Analysis

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  • Centurion is a reputed hospitality organization in Australia and is famous for its luxurious resort and hotel.
  • The function of Centurion is differentiated in multiple regions of the nation that serves both international and domestic guests (, 2023).
  • Centurion has developed superior service quality that automatically achieved guest satisfaction and a competitive advantage in the hospitality industry.

Centurion provides exceptional and top-notch experiences to its guests that help to promote its brand with strong customer handling. This company operates its business in several localities of the country and this has made the organization a preferable choice for a luxurious stay.

Edgar Schein's Model of Organizational Culture

  • “Edgar Schein's Model of Organizational Culture” secures a comprehensive understanding of workplace culture.
  • This model involves three layers such as “artifacts and behaviors, espoused values, and underlying assumptions” (Wen et al. 2019).
  • These layers evaluate the “workplace culture” of Centurion while assessing in-depth strategies.

The first level “artifacts and behaviors” is tangible and visible perspectives of organizational culture considering “physical environment, dress codes, rituals, and communication styles”. The “elegant design of the properties” of Centurion welcomes the attraction of its guests. The second level involves “beliefs, principles, and philosophies” and Centurion follows its commitment towards “unforgettable experiences, and a dedication to teamwork”. As per the third level, Centurion has involved competitive customer-oriented service.

Centurion's Workplace Culture: Artifacts and Behaviors 

  • Artifacts and Behaviors of Centurion have been reflected in its organizational culture.
  • The Artifacts and Behaviors of this company have been portrayed through its “physical environment, employee dress code, and communication practices” (TULSI and JI, 2020).
  • These Artifacts are responsible for the development of the overall culture of Centurion.

The cultural concern of this organization has been portrayed through its prominent design and elegance with aesthetic ambiance. Guest experience depends on these aspects and has been aligned with the dress code of the employees. The formal attire of the employees clarifies professionalism and detailed attention for the guests. The Centurion’s communication channel provides a “supportive work environment”.

Centurion's Workplace Culture: Espoused Values 

  • The espoused values associated with this organization decide the workplace culture of Centurion.
  • Espoused values involve “exceptional customer service, teamwork, and continuous improvement” (Shukla et al. 2022).
  • Centurion's employees perform appropriate attitudes and values for shaping these espoused values.

Centurion's Principles and beliefs help to meet customers’ experience and exceed it while delivering “personalized and outstanding service at every touchpoint”. Centurion's teamwork fosters “team-building activities, cross-departmental cooperation, and a supportive work environment that values and encourages collaboration”. The basic espoused value of Centurion is to reach constant improvement with the promotion of its development.

Centurion's Workplace Culture: Underlying Assumptions 

  • The key assumptions are “relentless pursuit of excellence, a customer-centric mindset, and a passion for hospitality”.
  • These assumptions are essential for managing better client satisfaction with significant employee behavior (Kang et al. 2021).
  • The employees are consistent towards perfection and this associates innovative actions to engage and exceed the expectations of guests.

The “customer-centric mindset” of Centurion prioritizes the preferences of guests and employees and shape the concern with attention and communication (Giousmpasoglou et al. 2021). The “enthusiasm and dedication” of the workers help to create better underlying assumptions. This inspires the workers of Centurion for delivering more effort to meet “outstanding service and guest satisfaction”.

Centurion's Workplace Culture: External Environment Uncertainty 

  • Changing consumer preferences: Centurion includes “new food options and sustainability practices” for performing customized experiences for the guests.
  • Technological advancements: Centurion performs “new technologies for efficient operations and guest interactions” to integrate promotional activities through digital platforms (Buhalis et al. 2022).
  • Economic fluctuations: The fluctuating economic condition has been handled by Centurion with cost management, and emphasizes innovation, expansion, and business growth.

The operational strategies of Centurion adapt to rapid changes to grow its business. It increases its performance by analyzing “external environment uncertainties”. Besides this, inclining toward industrial trends has been involved in managing the elite experience of its guests.

Centurion's Workplace Culture: Organizational Artifacts

  1. Uniforms and dress code:
  • The employee of Centurion maintains “a specific dress code and uniforms”.
  • The maintenance of a uniform resembles “professionalism, consistency, and a sense of belonging” (Ali and Anwar, 2021).
  • It creates a united image of their activities with high standards.
  1. Physical environment:
  • The “warm colors, comfortable seating arrangements, and appealing decor” symbolizes a hospitable atmosphere.
  • This environment possesses the potential to influence employees towards customer-oriented service.
  1. Rituals and ceremonies:
  • The rituals celebrated in Centurion help to promote the business and atmosphere.
  • It includes “annual awards ceremonies” that are established with “team-building activities”.
  • The appreciation received through the arrangements recognizes its continuous growth and teamwork.

The service of Centurion clarifies “visual and experiential representation of the desired workplace culture”.

Centurion's Workplace Culture: Leadership Influence

  • Centurion's leadership approach has enhanced its reputation.
  • Centurion's leaders help to maintain a positive culture while exhibiting “key leadership practices”.
  • Some of these are:
  • Leading by example:
    • Demonstrates flexible “behaviors and values”.
    • Maintains professionalism in meeting customers’ expectations.
  • Effective communication:
    • Maintains transparent communication while sharing information.
    • Includes active listening and trust for collaboration.
  • Empowering and developing employees:
    • Delegates autonomy through responsibilities, mentorship, and training programs for the employees.
    • Motivates employees with valuable comments and economic support.
  • Recognition and rewards:
    • Provides reward to deserving employees and celebrate successes to acknowledge extraordinary performance.
    • Appreciates employees while reinforcing a positive culture.

The management of workplace culture depends on leadership which has been managed by the leaders of Centurion through effective communication and valuing of the employees. It reflects the reputation, growth, and value of the organization.


  • Centurion's organizational culture involves a significant operation that aligns with three levels of “Schein's Model of Organizational Culture”.
  • Centurion's “visible artifacts, underlying assumptions, and shared values that shape the culture” have been described.
  • An extraordinary “relentless pursuit of excellence, a customer-centric mindset, and a passion for hospitality” have been noticed that inclines toward “External environment factors”.

The cultural dimension has been established by Centurion through managing “Organizational artifacts, leadership practices, and effective communication play”. Besides, “professionalism, collaboration, and a focus on guest satisfaction” are the key potentials of pioneering expertise in the hospitality sector for superior guest experiences.



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