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Storytelling: Blue Beard Fairytale Assignment Sample

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Introduction : Storytelling: BLUE BEARD FAIRYTALE

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The bluebird fairy tale is a story about a rich man and the story is based on masculine power. It also displayed the dangers implicit in the relationship between males and females. I*t provides a detailed description of knowledge and power. This message was provided during 17 the century that provided an unconscious archetypical and the manifest of feminine and masculine individual and collective psyches. It has a negative side of the story that provides a murder and unwanted behaviour of masculine power. This gives a message of the power and intelligence of humans to survive various circumstances. 


According to Ciesinski et al. (2022), bluebird is a fairytale of a rich man who had a lot of wives and due to his ugly face, her wives used to leave him. The rich man was having a bluebird on his face, which made him ugly due to a reason many of his wives left him. He was a wealthy man with gold and silver utensils and a successful businessperson. He managed to win the heart of a young lady who lived beside his house. They fell in love and got married he kept his wife with proper care and affection. Once the rich man with a bluebird mark told his wife about his business and said that he will be returning from a business trip after some days. He provided every key to each room and said that she can use any of the rooms for comfort. The rich man has also provided the keys to the treasury and said that she can make use of the treasury for personal use and he has forbidden in the opening of one room by saying don't open that room. It was the secret room and he suggested not opening the room by entrusting her and providing the key. This made his wife more curious about the prohibited room and she tried to open the door. As the bluebird man went on a business trip, his wife's first attempt was to open the secret room. On opening the room, she saw a lot of blood floating in the room with several dead bodies. This made her shocked and frightened and she tried to close the door but the blood strains were on the floor, which has a regular flow and cannot be stopped. Then she tried to clean the key but she was not able to clean it. Soon the bluebird came in and said she will be killed for disobeying him (Odajnyk, 2004). She managed to buy some time, called her brother, and planned to kill him and she lived peacefully.


The bluebird fairy tale gives a detailed description of power and intelligence. The power of the masculine and the intelligence of the feminine in terms of scaping and concurring the danger. It shows how to use knowledge and defence someone and survival. In this story, the wife of bluebird has applied perfect intelligence for scaping by buying time to call her brother and execute the murder plan.

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