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Changing Parental Norms in the UAE Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Changing Parental Norms in the UAE Assignment

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Within UAE it has been monitored that whether it is clinic or supermarket or mall the children are carried by nannies and the parent walk distance away. With the increasing hiring of nannies it might impact the lives of children. Therefore, in this situation if children got hurt then they would promptly run to nannies as they are more comfortable with them than their own parents. Along with this, it also stated that another social challenges within UAE include increasing aspect of social media that impact the parenting activities within the region (Parental Involvement in the Education of Their Children in Dubai, 2012). In the modern context the parents face distraction due to increasing use of social media as well as increasing gathering of the friends it might impact the parenting form that ultimately impact the behavioural aspect of children towards their parents. Thus, it ultimately results in spending lesser time in the home and with their children. For instance it has been assessed that in Dubai caregiver such as maids and nannies plays significant role in upbringing and development of the children so that all the requirement and needs related with social as emotional gets accomplished.


From the above report it is concluded that with the changing scenario it might results in changing the parental norms and regulation within the UAE. Along with this certain social norms has been addressed that influences the child rearing within the region so that it may positively impact the style of parenting that ultimately results in upbringing and development of the children.


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