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Australia has different vulnerable groups which require different types of facilities from the government. Aboriginals and Torres Islanders are the two vulnerable groups in the least of ACWA which require proper attention from the local government in Perth. This particular essay will contain various details about the services provided by the government by working with the non-government organization to address the requirements of these groups.

Main body

The Australian government is highly committed to building an environment that enables the people of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders with a disability to achieve improved life results and overall economic, cultural, emotional and social well-being. The development of an Australian government plan for the dedicated category has been done to improve the outcomes of the people in the two vulnerable groups with disabilities. It has been done to enable them to seek various facilities and disability services. The plan has the aim of supporting workers and different carers to continue with their efforts in the communities of the two vulnerable groups (Swan & Swan, 2023). The plan has been done by the government through collaborating with different non-government organizations in order to focus particularly on different regions in a city. The plan has highlighted the main areas that are viewed by the stakeholders as a priority for the future. People of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander categories having a disability need to gain accessibility towards shelters which are appropriately designed. These people the vulnerable groups having disabilities should have the right to be free from any kind of discrimination or racism.

The rights of these people need to be promoted properly. Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander people having a disability should have the opportunities for gaining proper economic security. These vulnerable groups having a disability and living in the city of Perth need to have proper access towards disability services and all other Healthcare facilities. Due to the backdated nature of this vulnerable group, they are not provided with the opportunities for getting proper Healthcare facilities. It can also be noted that these vulnerable groups also lack awareness about the proper health facilities for survival. These people generally focus towards using different types of plant-based medicine and other natural cures for any Healthcare complexities. Due to their low-income source and ignorance of society, they are not aware of the needed Health Care equipment to become free from any kind of complex disease (Harrison et al., 2019). However, the Aboriginals and the Torres Islanders need to have the proper facilities for the people having disabilities. Therefore the government has tried to collaborate with different non-government organizations in various regions of the city to provide proper mental and physical help to these vulnerable groups.

Different mental Healthcare organizations need to be contracted by the Australian local government in various regions of the city. This can enhance the health care facilities for the vulnerable groups in the city of Perth. However, it is important to introduce various programs for mental health care and physical healthcare for vulnerable groups. The mental health care programs need to include all kinds of equipment that will be required to provide knowledge to various people associated with mental disabilities. The equipment can be in the form of providing various medicines such as antidepressants and providing a proper diet in order to be free from any type of lack of nutrition (Ring, I., & Griffiths, 2021). Therefore it can be said that in order to make these people physically fit the government needs to conduct various programs of physical fitness with different experts of sports authorities.

On the other hand, physical problems are also associated with different types of health problems such as high BP, blood sugar, heart problems and others. It is important to conduct a program which will make people know about the screening of their diabetes and blood pressure periodically to get rid of any type of life-threatening problems such as heart failure (Chynoweth et al., 2020). However, there is the importance of getting hold of their issues and tensions. This can be done by assigning different types of expert counsellors to the program of Mental Health. They can solve the problem of these vulnerable groups having mental disabilities or problems without giving any type of hard medicine. On the other hand, understanding their issues and problems will make the Australian government contract the appropriate non-government organization for providing suitable services for these people. Analysis of the issues faced by these people will make way for estimating the budget of this kind of program. It is important to make a proper list of the requirements for these vulnerable groups in order to provide the necessary facilities for them at an appropriate time.

On the other hand, this kind of person requires affection and support. However, income source or level is highly associated with affordable Healthcare facilities. Therefore, the Australian government should also take some measures for announcing the employability skills of the people living in these vulnerable groups. Through this, the people will get a detailed idea about the type of skills that need to be achieved for getting a suitable job with a high salary. This can make the people of these groups get Healthcare facilities on a higher scale. It can be said that a proper budget breakdown needs to be done in order to use the remaining money for other projects associated with these people. It is due to the fact that it is improper to waste a high level of cost on a single project when there is a diverse variety of people staying in this vulnerable group with different disabilities (Azzopardi et al., 2020). The proper budget breakdown will give the exact cost required for each of the programs. The local Australian government in Perth needs to collaborate with non-government organizations in order to focus more on the specific region of the city.

The ways by which local Australian government can access the problems of these vulnerable groups are undertaking high-scale projects of health campaigns that will contain facilities for testing and diagnosis without any cost (Temple et al., 2020). It is because the vulnerable groups will not spend their money on Healthcare facilities of the enhanced category as they are accustomed towards the indigenous natural cures for health. However, the Australian government should have the overall view of getting the response of the Aboriginals and the Torres Islanders.

The local government in the city of Perth has made it mandatory for the different non-government organizations in the mental and physical health sector to conduct different surveys for the indigenous groups of people (D'Aprano et al., 2023). This particular initiative taken from the Australian local government in Perth can work wonders for making vulnerable groups an important part of Australian society. The indigenous people of Australia have various knowledge about different techniques for solving a normal health problem without having hard medicine. This kind of knowledge is quite useful for the people of modern days. It is because having medicine for any type of normal health problem which can be solved by maintaining a proper diet or other things can lead to serious side effects.


It can be concluded that Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders need to be provided with proper rights of getting Healthcare facilities. On the other hand, the Australian local government in the city of Perth needs to look at different regions of the city for the two vulnerable groups. They need to be provided with the basic rights which are required for survival such as affordable Healthcare facilities proper nutrition and education. However, this can only be possible if surveys are conducted by non-government organisations under the local government for understanding the issues of these two vulnerable groups. It can also be concluded that ACWA has worked effectively for these kinds of vulnerable groups and made them an important part of society. They have also tried to make them properly capable of getting high paid jobs in the future.


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