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System Documentation Report Assignment Sample

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Introduction - System Documentation Report 

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Local council of Paramatma is trying to change their network configuration to a new building and trying to do several changes according to the client's needs. Here several actions are made like installing DHCP, adding DSRM password, creating four units in PCCServer, policy linking and addition of website. Human usability and configurations are explained in the next section.

Human usability factor

Providing a DSRM password provides a backdoor to the administrator. If anything wrong happens, this backdoor can be used. As there is in this new network, the whole system is divided into four areas. So finding data will be easier by using this system [1]. From here, data can be easily accessed by anyone. This repository stare also provides security to the system.


  • The DHCP is a server protocol that automatically gives IP addresses relative configuration information like default gateway.
  • Server configuration is mainly done for the data repository of a system. This is mainly done to save the database corruption free. This database can also be accessed from other applications.
  • Active directory configuration is made in a system for proper data management, permission of network resources and data access [2]. This can be in any form like shared folders, applications, users and files.
  • Creating an organizational unit is mainly done for accessing data from the database as per requirements of the user.

Handling and troubleshooting issues

Network documentation process is one of the important factors in network configuration. This contains several specifications and issues that can happen in the system while configuring [3]. There can be several issues like data connectivity, physical connection based issues, duplication for IP addresses, IP address exhaustion and many more. A proper documentation can decrease the time of a time-consuming research and also help to fix the recurring issues. When all the systems work synchronously then it already reduces the error possibility in the system. The key benefits for this documentation process are visualization, troubleshooting, “standard operating procedure”, and forecasting, budgeting and cost effectiveness [4]. In the case of IP address allocation, it can manage several ghosted, old IP addresses and also can find a way to recover such IP addresses.


In this section the main task is to make a documentation report for the system. Several installed technologies are mentioned here and the importance of this report in troubleshooting several issues are explained.

Reference list


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