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SIT50416 Diploma Of Hospitality Management Assignment Sample

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One of the main purposes behind conducting this study is to provide focus on the concept of Business Relationship Management model. The study will particularly focus on the tourism sector’s stakeholder as well as will also provide a viable BRM to them. In order to further do the research the entire study will be based on the selected organization named as Celtic Travel Services. Celtic Travel works in custom-production team occasions along with tour guides for close gatherings, clubs, along with affiliations. As a DMC for the UK in addition to Europe, Celtic Travel likewise organizes a team travel for approaching abroad gatherings as well as official in addition to motivator travel (Ltd,Celtic Travel Services, 2022).

The concept: Business Relationship Management

The concept of business relationship management (BRM) is a way of thinking, ability, and discipline, along with a job to develop values, develop associations, drive esteem, and fulfil business objectives. Business relationship management is distinct from company association administration and client relationship administration despite the fact that it is connected. It is of a bigger degree as compared to a contact who adjusts financial matters with IT expectations. The idea of business relationship management usually develops on outlining the difficult transforming upsides of business connections over the long haul as opposed to basic conditional worth. The objectives of BRM need that its ideas and standards be recognizable along with quantifiable. Provided the model, an individual ought to have the option to recognize the business connections that they are participating in and measure them in contexts like amount or length. Similar holds for any part of BRM, like sort, job, or rule (Holmlund, 2008).

Commercial context for business relationships in travel and tourism industry

It is impossible for any business to stay in the competition devoid of the generosity that is created by means of laying out commonly gainful connections between the associations, clients along with the dealers. Working in the travel and tourism industry, hospitality along with events sectors is unimaginable, devoid of having the capacity to successfully lay out a broad assortment of business connections in different settings, comprising the contemporary social ambience. The travel and tourism organizations both are interconnected with each other to give client satisfaction. In this situation, Celtic Travel Services should think about every one of the organizations associated with the buy and conveyance of your administrations and the significance of fostering a decent business relationship with them.

It is also important to understand for the business manager of Celtic Travel Services that building up of great business associations with different organizations and associations will give numerous positive benefits to their business, that might be in the type of particular commissions or costs, admittance to specific products and administrations and license as a favoured item dealer (Cosic, 2010).

Essential factors: Values, trust, respect, and knowledge sharing

  1. Considering the value as an important factor of BRM Celtic Travel Services needs to identify in what manner they can provide additional worth to its client and stakeholders so that they can get connected with each other for a longer period of time.
  2. Considering the trust as a pivotal aspect of BRM Celtic Travel Services needs to treat all the stakeholders in the same manner so that nobody of them feel neglected.
  3. In order maintain respect with each other Celtic Travel Services will need to provide focal point of developing relational worth and not money relates worth with the stakeholders.
  4. Celtic Travel Services can share knowledge with the help of partnering with other business (Bagdoniene, 2009).

Advantages of BRM and examples of application

The various benefits that Celtic Travel Services will get while using BRM within their functioning are described in detail below:

  1. The company will be able to identify the Superior verbalization of business requirements; having the option to genuinely comprehend what the clients demand that placing the Celtic Travel Services in the most ideal position.
  2. The company will get comparatively smaller amount of copying and revamp particularly between the Help Work area, BRM, and Administration Level Administration.
  3. The company will receive the superior amount of arrangement and execution of administrations
  4. The accomplishment of business results and conveyance targets
  5. The company will receive better noteworthy comprehension among the business and the service offers
  6. The company will enjoy superior client experience and expanded consumer loyalty (ELEPHANT,PINK , 2017).

Some of the example of application of Business relationship Model will include companies like Tesla, Toyota, Tesco, Costco and Coles. Companies like Tesco, Costco and Coles those who are mainly into the retail segment use the concept to BM to uphold the client association for a longer period of time. Using of BRM is their man target to facilitate the companies continues to comprehend the requirements of the both active and new clients and based on that they can provide the products to them. However companies like Tesla and Toyota who is working into vehicle manufacturing sector mainly uses the concept of BRM to both handle as well as check the client complaints (Raharjana, 2018).

A BRM sector model

The BRM industry based model for Celtic Travel Services is described in detail below:

Planning Judgement

Saving Judgements

Mitigation designing Judgement

System requirement by Celtic Travel Services:

· Allocation of operational needs

· Description of non-operational needs

· Detail of proper appropriation foundation/geography

· Plan for adaptability

· Incorporation technique

Innovation benefits and potentially opens doors

· Better approaches for assembling organizations

· New instruments for connecting data frameworks

· New methods of administration exchange, conveyance, and instalment diminished cooperation distance


· Decoupling movements

Facility requirement 

  • Individuality
  • Feasibility

Business issues of alliance

· Heterogeneous monetary disciplines

· Absence of various levelled power

· The job of market controllers


  • Formation paths

Configuration technique

· Dynamic prerequisites designing

· A plan without focal power

· Discussion of points of interaction

Facts organization issues

· Facts as service

· Facility model

Timing issues

· Serious mass of request

· Dependability of supply

Legal and ethical underpinnings challenges

As per the selected company that is Celtic Travel Services which is working in the travel and tourism sector, some of the notifiable ethical and legal underpinning challenges that the company will face while using Business Relationship Management are described in detail below:

  1. Moral issues beginning with the assortment of client information for BRM are connected with secure assortment strategies and to the check of the data. At the time of collecting data, it is additionally basic to confirm the individuality of the client and the precision of the data being submitted.
  2. Provocation and separation are apparently the biggest moral issues that influence travel and tourism companies these days. Should badgering or separation occur in the work environment, the outcome could be horrendous for the association both monetarily and reputational if they do not use of the Business Relationship Management model properly.


So, it can be concluded from the above done analysis that Business Relationship Management plays a very pivotal role in shaping the overall company look. With the help of the concept it has also been identified that the Business Relationship Management additionally helped the Celtic Travel Services in dealing with the clients and focussed on providing the best services to their clients.

Roleplay: Developing Business Relationships

Case 1: Scenario Partnership Opportunity

According to the scenario, on the cool July morning at 8:00, Mr. Lee who is the business manager of TourRus has come to the office of ATDW (Australian Tourism Data Warehouse). Further, there was a conversation with Mr Lee and greet him with good morning and talk with him about the weather in the morning. After some of the minutes of talk, inquiry regarding the main purpose behind the meeting. The purpose of DataRus is to collect and use industry data to make business and intelligence decisions for TouRus, Mr Lee explained. In terms of understanding the data of the past two years, there is an increase in the growth of the database in a subsequent manner which also covers the pReferences of customers and clients along with the trend across SE Asia as well as Australia (Ghaidan, and Alhusban, 2022). Business intelligence information should be connected to customer relationships as much as possible. Their understanding of consumer behavior will allow them to capitalize on each shift demonstrated by consumers at different seasons. A client is necessary for the company to utilize information in its databases for business intelligence purposes ATDW gives the Services of Data distribution from business to business and they do not have the model of business to customer in that case the product and services mainly targeted to some specific market or group of customer. Our proposal typically captures our criteria, including transforming business intelligent reports into viable ones. Our business model still has reservations among the manager, although he was pleased with it (Penkov, and Voloshyna, 2021). The owner of the company, Mr. Lee, promised to contact us once he shares the information with him. However, the wish of TourRus is to make a business partnership with the customer data and client data so that it will be easier to access the clients of ATDW at the same time ATDW data.

Upon discussing the partnership with my manager, I agree that it is a viable business plan under the various protocols and procedures of the government. The team members wanted to understand the process of expectation which is beneficial for ATDW in order to gain data from the clients and customers (Dax, 2022). Collaboration and win-win negotiation strategies allowed me to present DataRus with an offer for an acceptance that was approved by the CEO thanks to collaboration and win-win negotiation strategies. As a final point, I told the branch we would draft a formal contract once we had an oral agreement. The deal should be sealed as soon as possible. Mr. Lee convey the message and subject to the IT design as they wanted to rely on the present charging system where they need to charge some small markup for each and every click for the purpose of database and volume which can be calculated on a monthly basis. My recommendation was to scale down the markup after listening to Mr. Lee’s offer so that the ATDW service would not seem costly once the service picked up. As a result of Mr. Lam's acceptance of my proposal, the merger proposal was typed and sent to his and my managers as well as to legal experts for review and approval to determine whether the proposal complies with regulatory requirements, and any changes that need to be made before the contract is signed (Australia, 2022). Accordingly, I asked Mr. Lee for a preferred mode of communication, which he accepted. After drafting a formal contract and following the appropriate legal procedures, the partnership must be formalized. Following our fruitful negotiation, I thanked him and wished him goodnight. In order to prepare my manager's official memo, I referred to the information in my notebook.

Case 2: Client Development

The marketing manager from DU came to my office at 9:00 a.m. Then I took out my notebook and asked him when we could begin our meeting. I told him how happy and excited I was to finally meet him. In response, he asked him to share the meeting's context with me. As according him, through its new online system, DU provides unique life experiences to its global customers in the travel industry. Aside from housing, food, transportation, registration fees, and taxes, the company offers a full package (Raisi, and, 2020). Because of ATDW's extensive coverage and clientele, DU's marketing manager has learned that ATDW can access its framework.

The hosting should be charged on a monthly basis, as proposed by my manager. His suggestion, however, was to charge them based on the number of clients. There was discussion regarding the span of the agreement, and it was agreed to be two years. A renegotiation of the terms of the offer was outlined (Australia, 2022). The marketing manager was knowledgeable that an official suggestion would be drawn since no other business was available. A quick start to the partnership was my hope after thanking him for the fruitful meeting. A good afternoon to him was my wish, and I asked for a preference communication from him. It was great meeting with him and the discussion was as per the plan which was considered a beneficial part of the meeting.

Roleplay: Developing Business Relationships

Background and Context: The improvement of client care understanding, the attraction of clients, and the encouragement of natural development. It is important to take responsibility for the problems and finish issues to the objectives. Aiming to establish an unmistakable crucial communication network centered on that strategic goal (Paramita, and, 2022). It includes the discussion about all of the different elements which must be covered in the agreement of partnership and analyze the situation for the growth of activities. It is critical that their employees are at ease discussing their own concerns and problems with you. Make it clear to your employees that they can come to you if they have a dilemma or even need assistance at task. The appropriate business relationship make changes in the scenario of the performance and develop certain level of understanding among the partners and it also create self-awareness for the business.

Purpose: As the name implies, operational client support measurements provide information on the productivity and speed of your client support group. Numbers form the basis of these measurements, such as how many messages you receive, how many calls you answer, and how fast you respond. If by their inclination, certain arrangements should endure after this Agreement ends or terminates, they will do so. The main aim is to develop a strong relationship among the partners and create a certain level of performance so that it enhances the development and growth of the study.

Proposed Partnership and Business Model: That's fine, everything endures if the meetings suggest it endures! It is not necessary to state a goal unequivocally in an agreement. It is rather gathered based on particular circumstances. In association, the contract board is responsible for overseeing agreement formation, execution, and examination to improve working and financial execution while decreasing budgetary risks. Cost-cutting and improving performance is growing concerns for associations. The combination of input helps to assess the business model and partners enabling the activities to develop a new form of value that helps to benefit both partners (Conejero, and, 2021).

Key Stakeholders: The major stakeholders in the present study are the employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders investors, and policymakers. They are playing a major role in the development of the partnership and its growth to a better level. Further, quality of interaction is a critical enterprise control tool that can assist you in making better decisions, delivering better products and services, improving operations, and increasing their value through your public but also system. Because it aids in the early resolving of issues, stockholder collaborative effort results in high-quality project deliverables. Collaborative effort with stakeholders generates value for the business. It guarantees that the final outcomes better satisfy the requirements of the client.

ATDW Responsibilities: The Australian Tourism Development Week aims to help the Australian tourism industry recover by enabling leads to tourism businesses. The goal of our digital tourism marketing tool is to provide Tourism Operators with an inclusive, profitable, and centralized tool which helps improve online visibility and convert more competent visitors into paying customers

Partner Responsibilities:

  • Assisting in the development of great client relationships.
  • The process of selecting and training staff
  • Manage the gathering of staff
  • Management and advancement of the work
  • Arrangement of the security issues
  • Obligations related to money
  • Considering the protests as well as questions

Performance Measures: The major Performance indicator for the study is customer satisfaction, client retention rate along with profit margin. It helps to assess the different perspective of the people and create an awareness about the work of people.

Communication and Approval: As a Customer Service Manager for ATDW, the communication and approval mainly include the appropriate authorization, permissions, and the form of authority that must be granted by the customers for the development of services. The group of people is responsible for the enhancement of the objectives and considers the requirement for the different agents for helping the operational services (Penkov, and Voloshyna, 2021).

Changes to the agreement: It is possible for one or both parties to modify a legally-binding contract when one or both of them desires or needs to adjust it. It is possible for one or both parties to modify a legally-binding contract when one or both of them desires or needs to adjust it. Historically, amendments have been modifications to the earliest agreements (Hardy, Vorobjovas-Pinta, and Eccleston, 2018). A contract addendum clarifies and adds information that wasn't originally part of the contract.

Cancellation of the agreement: In the present case scenario of ATDW, the purpose of a cancellation agreement is to end the contractual relationship of the parties by legally ending the contract. A cancellation agreement specifies the parties, the reasons for cancelation, as well as when and how the cancellation will take place. The cancellation agreement must be signed by all parties to the original contract. The agreement can be cancelled at some terms and conditions which are considered as one of the most important aspect for dealing with the partnership terms.


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