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Design Implementation For Web Designing Assignment Sample

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Creating a Website for a Favorite Car Using HTML and CSS in Visual Studio Code

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The report has to be prepared on the concept of design and implementation of web designing using HTML and CSS in the Visual Studio Code software. In this report, it has been seen that a website of Favourite Car has been created using HTML and CSS. The concept of uniqueness is associated with this notion of a glaring and irrevocable breach from a trite history in visual arts and web design in particular. Both philosophically and technically, the pessimistic view of existing and the desire to analyse and reconsider have grown to be significant components of popular art. The study concludes with a discussion of the learning skills, including how to create colour combinations, levels, and possible effects for pictures, buttons, and directions.

Purpose of Project

The objective of this assignment is to create a website for a favourite car. The research report summarises the development's characteristics, the tools employed, and the hard work throughout the construction process along with the Overall design as well as influenced by the various are some of the restrictions.


The explanation of the design aesthetic is the primary design limitation. For instance, HTML has numerous distinctive attributes that make it challenging for web pages to comprehend. In addition, inordinate spelling and punctuation are yet another obvious issue (Azahari and Ali, 2022). Designers as well as web designers can visual methods differently thanks to a variety of file types. Additionally, there is none of the database languages is available, making it challenging for programmers to choose the best technology. Whereas other technologies have distinctive characteristics that distinguish them apart, internet languages like HTML and CSS allow for better compatibility and b functionality. It takes creativity, programme and tool expertise, and perseverance to complete the challenging process of visual website design. Restrictions in site design and upkeep are among the difficulties posed. when there is a major issue with maintenance management. In technical, the entire website is created using HTML and CSS. HTML is used for creating web pages using various attributes of Hyper Text Mark up Language. In this research, the main component or attributes of HTML which is used is known as the DIV attribute, Table attribute, field set attribute, header and footer attribute and many more attributes used for designing the web pages of favourite car website (Feng et al. 2022). CSS is used for designing the web pages created by the HTML in the visual studio code. In this research, various components or attributes of CSS are also used to design the website which is known as “background image, colour, bg-color, height, width, border, font weight, font family and many more attributes are used for designing the web pages.

Result and Analysis

This section of the report indicates the results of the website which has been derived using HTML and CSS in the visual studio code software. Based on this research, it has been seen that on the website various pages have been created which define the various services provided by the favourite car company “EL-DORADO”.

(Source: Illustrated by the learner from Visual Studio Code)

The following figure can be considered as the first page or the home page of the website which is created over the favourite car using HTML and CSS in Visual Studio. Based on the naive image, it has been seen that the home page contains the entire introduction to the web pages which is created over the favourite cars (Feng et al. 2021). From the following image, it has been seen that a navigation bar is created for navigating various pages of the website. In addition, it has been seen that the name of the website is given as “EL-DORADO”.

(Source: Acquired by the author using the visual studio code)

The following image can be classified as the second part of the home page which describes the goals and services provided by the favourite car website which is named “EL-DORADO” (Prasetyo et al. 2019). Based on the following image, it has been seen that there are various goals and services available which are provided by the company.

(Source: Demonstrated by the author from visual studio code)

The demonstrated figure can be classified as the page of vehicle types where various types of cars are displayed for the user. The above image is created by using various attributes of HTML and CSS (Sadiq et al. 2021). Based on the following image it has been seen that there are a total of three types of vehicles available which are known as “Small Vehicle, Medium Vehicle, and Large Vehicle”. It has been that each car describes various functionality of the various cars.

(Source: Illustrated by the author using Visual Studio Code)

The illustrated image describes the rate chart of various cars which are available in the EL-DORADO company. The above image is created using the various components of HTML and CSS. Based on the following image, it has been seen that there are two types of cars available in three varieties. The two types are considered as “Automatic Car” and “Manual Car”.

(Source: Acquired by the author)

The acquired image can be classified as the booking page of the website where the user can their favourite car by filling in their personal details and preferred vehicle types on the existing page (Vijayalakshmi et al. 2020). There are various types of details has to fill up which means the first and last name, email address, contact number, address, country, age and various details.

(Source: Created by the Learner)

The following image shows the about us page of the website which shows the entire overview of the company and the entire address of the company by accessing Google Maps. The above image represents the company is available in Australia country.


The entire reserach has executed the design and implementation of the webpage using HTML and CSS on the favourite car website. Based on the above report, it has been seen that various pages have been created that contains information related to various cars and company named "EL-DORADO".


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