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Key issues in health and social care Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Contemporary Issues in Health and Social Care: Samples and References

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Health and Social Care (HSC) is an important aspect that is to be focussed by healthcare authorities of the country (Dimond, 2016). Obesity has become a worldwide epidemic and is prevailing to a great extent in UK. The report discusses regarding various media that can be used to convey the importance of healthy living. Moreover, the report also discusses regarding changing perspectives of people and how their behaviour can be moulded in the manner that ultimately leads to decreased obesity in the country.

Task 1 (Brochure)

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Task 2 (Memorandum)

2.1 Ways in which media can be utilised for influencing attitudes and behaviour of people with respect to Health and Social Care




Date: 18thFebruary 2018

Subject: Information reaches of health and social care

There are various ways, based on which media can be used to influence the attitude and behaviour of people. Common method of performing this function are TV channels, newspaper, magazines, advertisements, short films, radio talk shows, social networking websites and health care websites (Atherton and, 2015).All these sources are effective enough to provide information in relation with adult or child obesity. These sources help in modifying the behaviour and strongly influence them to develop understanding towards their health related issue like obesity. Media plays an important role in shaping public opinion. It can help in altering the lifestyle practices being taken up by them.With time there are many changes that have taken place. With this respect, one of change that has taken place is in relation with increase in consumption of fast food that has increased the rate of obesity. This also helps in controlling the condition of any disease that may be prevailing in people at a high-risk rate. Moreover, an important role is played by media for changing perception of people.

On the other hand, media can also negatively impact the attitude and behaviour of people which ultimately create negative opinion in their minds (Funk, 2016). It can cause panic situation in them as well. The types of perception that are carried out by individuals are different and so some of the people may develop fear for health problem like obesity. The major impact over people cannot be defined unless and until people have not directly interacted with people. Moreover, the changes can be brought in the practice of media according to their reactions. Hence, it becomes important to use appropriate techniques that can make the information reliable and valid to be shared with the citizens of the country (Manzi, Nichols and Richardson, 2014).

2.2 To analyse the methods for accessing reliable and valid media information about Health and Social Care

There are various sources of information that can be used by the team of decision makers. Some relevant sources that can be suggested are newspapers, magazines, websites and television (Both public and commercial format)with the help of which information for obesity can be conveyed. Maximum times, these media may not carry adequate amount of information that can be informative to the people (Fitzgerald and, 2015). It may also not be educative enough that can increase awareness level regarding any stated topic. Hence, it becomes important for the publisher to make it and reflect it valid and reliable to a great extent. The information must be responsible, trustworthy and dependable and make the data factually correct.This way, it becomes helpful for the people to develop strategies that can enable to reduce the negative impact of obesity.It is considered to be more valid and logical (Boulware and, 2016).

Health and social care reports published by the government may be effective and reliable enough and the probability of people relying on it is quite higher. In addition to this, political context can be defined in stating the information. Various religious agendas stated by different religions can also change in the information making it less reliable and valid. Hence, there are various types of pressure that lies on the media aspect, such as, ideology and political perspectives can affect the content that is ultimately affect the information being displayed in public (Foster and Macleod Clark, 2015).Media need to be focused ondelivering adequate information about obesity so that all individuals are able to understand it and proper steps are taken by them to reduce the negative impact. Further, a high dependence can also be found on perception and point of view through which an individual watch the news or gather the information through it. Hence, it is important to effectively judge the overall scenario from media to media and then reach to the ultimate conclusion.



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4.1 Reflection of local attitudes based upon findings on national level

The main responsibility lies in the local issues that whether they will ultimately have converted to become a national or international issue or not. The perspectives of local people define the issues regarding HSC. Hence, a positive correlation can be derived in people with national attitude and local attitude. There are various factors that influence behaviour of people, such as, social, cultural etc (Drummond and, 2015). The survey conducted by National Health Services (NHS) indicated that can persuade both negative and positive of people towards HSC services. There are several regions in the country where quality services are not provided to the people. It leads to prepare it towards a national issue. Hence, the attitude of people towards an issue also varies region to region (Popescu, 2015).

HSC is considered to be a sensitive sector as it has direct relation to the life of people. Various plans and strategies are prepared by local government to tackle this issue. Health promotion programs and campaigns are prepared by the government so that the issue of obesity and overweight issue can be sort out. To ascertain the level of obesity in a particular region, surveys are conducted in order to increase the awareness regarding obesity issue. When any disease increases to another level, there are chances that it can ultimately affect the overall productivity of the nation.

4.2 Evaluating validity of public attitudes and behaviour with respect to HSC

There are high chances of people overacting on HSC issues. Hence, in that case, it becomes difficult to come up with the right kind of survey data in the end. There are various types of issues that are present in the environment but high chances are present of occurrence of obesity as a worldwide epidemic due to current lifestyle being followed by the people. In order to reduce its impact to the minimum various programs and campaign are run by the government so that sits incidence can be reduced to the minimum (White, Currie and Lockett, 2014). People are advised to change their lifestyle and dietary aspects. Hence, campaign is prepared to increase physical activity of people and bring them towards appropriate BMI level.

Various surveys have stated regarding services being provided by the government regarding one or the order motive of health anted that appropriate strategies and plan for the same can help in social care perspectives (Williams and, 2014). It also stated that appropriate strategies for one or other issue can help in reducing the probability of people going through the issue. Another campaign that is introduced by the government of UK is anti-smoking campaign where, people are made aware regarding negative impact of smoking on their health. In case of obesity, campaigns have been introduced to address the issue by making people aware regarding issues in their later life they can face due to increased body weight and decreased physical activity.

4.3 Ascertaining the possible consequences of contemporary thinking for the provisions and services of HSC

Education plays an important role in dealing with the issue with respect to HSC. There are various consequences that can be altered if appropriate changes can be brought in the overall thinking of people towards a particular act being performed by them in their daily life. Hence, to reflect on this issue and increase the awareness level of people towards a particular state or disease, media has played an essential role till now. Standards of health care services being prepared by the government help in altering the attitude and behaviour of people towards a particular disease. Media also helps in reflecting on health equalities in different regions by presenting the information from influential people. For instance, people residing in rural area may not be able to get adequate health related benefits and care in comparison to the one who belongs to urban regions (Substance, Mental and Office of the Surgeon General US, 2016).

Low education level is another important aspect that is the main result of contemporary thinking in the country. People now tend to give more time to jobs and other coarse of their life rather than focussing on their health and lifestyle. In this case, health care professionals and government play an important role in developing standards that can bring knowledge and awareness to people regarding the subject matter. These activities help in inculcating better behaviour and adoption of better lifestyle in people.


From the above report, it can be concluded that better policies and strategies are required to reduce the prevalence of obesity in UK. There are various media that are commonly used such as radio, TV, health care websites, social media websites etc. The changes are brought as per the target audience being chosen for the campaign. Another aspect that has been discussed in the report is regarding the change of different perspectives for reliable sources related to HSC. It helps in bringing changes in the current strategy in such a manner that better output can be availed from the same. Assignment Help provided by New Assignment Help


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