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Event Bid Proposal The One Box Assignment Sample

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Event Objective

  • To raise financial support that will help to continue the charitable programs of “The One Box” in Melbourne at the “Alto Event Space” on 14th August towards the local people and restaurant owners.
  • To encourage the manner of donating food waste among local people
  • To introduce the “Healthy lunch box week” and this will create awareness among the audience regarding the value of waste food among the poor.

Event overview

This Face-to-face event will be organised to support “The One Box’s” program which will educate the society regarding importance of donating food instead of wasting it. Additionally, this one-day event will promote how the poor and homeless persons in Australia struggle for daily food and food insecurity among them (Pollard et al. 2018). This event will be associated to manage connections with several organisations that will participate in this event to support the charitable program. This event is going to be held at the “Alto Event Space” on 14th August, 2022. It will be four hours program that will be started at noon.

Justification of all aspects of the proposed event

The event is going to be named “Healthy Lunchbox Week” which has its significance while showing how the poor and homeless people of Australia are not getting enough nutritious elements in their daily food (, 2022). The event date is selected on 14th August, and as it's a Sunday, it is expected that participation is going to be enough. The selected location is quite popular among the residents and it has car parking and other facilities. The selected theme will encourage the target audience to donate food and money to the poor and homeless people in Australia (Filimonau and Delysia, 2019).

Target market

Residents and restaurant owners are the target audience for this event. Naturally, every household has a fixed amount of food waste daily. Moreover, restaurants probably have more amount of food waste daily at a higher amount and it's not good for the environment (Dagili?t? and Musteikyt?, 2019). These people can contact “The One Box” and donate the food which is going to be wasted from the next date to save some lives in Melbourne city.

Triple Bottom line and Ethical Awareness

This event will help the charity members in collecting some funds and it will populate their name in the market which may bring more investors in the future. Profit is one of the required aspects for the organisation to continue their work with the expenses.

This event will provide transparency and trustworthiness among the target audience to make them participate and donate (Garza et al. 2019). The idea of charity will inspire many of them to contribute based on their wish for the development of society.


This event will be held to bring the target audience to a place to let them be informed about how the poor and homeless are struggling to collect food. Hence, all the restaurant owners in Melbourne city are going to be invited and they are expected to attend this event as a part of the target audience.



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Websites, 2022, About The One Box. Available at: [Accessed on 8th August, 2022]

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