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Problem Event & Analysis Assignment Sample

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Problem Event & Analysis

Module 1

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Event 1: Formation of new team

In the organization where I am working, I was provided with a new team by the HR management, which consisted of both existing and newcomers. The problem that I faced by using the path-goal leadership style is I was not able to coordinate properly with the employees as they were new to me.

Element 1

The team was new; therefore, from the first day, I was facing issues with them as I was not able to coordinate properly due to a lack of proper introduction. Although, as a leader, I tried my best to make the working environment comfortable, which turned into a negative factor as they were not ready to coordinate among themselves? On the very first day before starting the job, I performed an introduction session for a short period. In the individual session, I asked all the existing as well as the newcomers to introduce themselves shortly such that they become well accustomed to each other. However, irrespective of taking such a gesture, I failed by using path-goal leadership as I was not able to compensate for their shortcomings, such as feeling uncomfortable coordinating with their colleagues.

Element 2

Primarily as I was informed about becoming a leader for a new team that would be formed as well as containing both new and old employees, I was excited. I thought that the new team would be beneficial for me as well as the organization based on their performances. As stated by Saleem et al. (2021), as a team containing old employees, it is expected that since they have experience in their tasks, therefore, they would be able to perform their tasks accurately and appropriately, unlike the new ones. On the other hand, as I got to know about the new team allocated to me, the scenario was completely different from my expectation. The experienced persons were not capable of performing their duties as per the requirement. I had to spend most of my time making the experienced persons understand their tasks which challenged my prior feelings.

Path-goal Theory

Figure 1: Path-goal Theory

(Source: Saleem et al. 2021)

Element 3

One of the issues that I have faced as a path-goal leader is the inability to tackle my team appropriate due to a lack of good leadership qualities. As a leader, I should have made the experience employees understand their importance in tasks as well as their responsibilities. Primarily as soon as I got to know from them that they were not able to perform the tasks, I helped them after that. Instead of this, I should have allowed them to rethink, try hard and spend more time researching their tasks to complete them all by themselves.

Element 4

I would be taking the learning objectives that consist of information related to different types of leadership quality to tackle a team effectively. According to Rana et al. (2019), the transformational leadership approach would provide the opportunity of bringing positive change to the team of the leader. Therefore, in future, I would prefer to use the transformational leadership style over path-goal leadership as it would prove a better opportunity to handle the situation accurately.

Event 2: Coordination with different remote working team

One of the challenges faced by me in managing more than one team who is working remotely is coordination issues. As the employees are working from home and are present in different geographical situations hence the only mode of communication is either telephonic or through the internet.

Element 1

The team that I have been provided with are from different geographical locations; therefore. As a result, there is the obvious presence of cultural diversity, which is counted to be an issue for me. Moreover, as per the view of Hamlin and Patel (2020), the connectivity issue related to the internet is known as one of the common and primary issues. Due to which it is, all the tasks get delayed, yet miscommunication was established between other team members and me as well.

Element 2

The remote working concept that I had was a positive aspect for me, as I did not have to spend extra time travelling and could complete my task within office hours. However, the reverse situation occurred, due to the issues of remote working, as the working hours increased, which allowed me to work for more additional hours as internet connectivity issues were faced almost on a frequent basis. I thought that as the other members of the team were working remotely, they would be more enthusiastic about their duties. Rather they are de-motivated and disturbed by the inappropriate working environment in remote places.

Element 3

The situation could have been different if different action would have been taken by me for tackling the issues of remote working appropriately. For example, I should have told my team member as team leaders to perform their official activities in such as palaces that would eliminate the connectivity issue. Apart from that, there should not be the presence of any kind of other interruptions such as house tasks during the official time in remote working. The respective decisions could have been beneficial aspects for me as it would have allowed me to complete the tasks within the deadline by avoiding additional working hours for task completion.

Element 4

I would prefer to take the learning objective that is related to leadership behavior as it would have provided me with the knowledge of tackling such situations with good innovative ideas. As stated by Vogel and Kroll (2019), in addition to this, it is necessary to make identification of unique competencies and skills of a leader by the leader themselves, along with the application of taxonomy of leadership theory. In future, the action plan that I would be taking is to make the employees understand the importance of time management in their tasks such that they can complete them appropriately. As my readership knowledge would increase and would be able to improve my leadership quality and would be able to gain knowledge from my past experiences. It would have been responsible for teaching me the facts such as the necessity of time management in remote work that I should have considered in my previous leadership experience.

Module 2

Event 1: Exchange of team members and leaders

I have faced an event in my workplace that is related to exchange of team members and leaders. My team consisted of three skilled employees and two new members and I was used to helping both skilled and less experienced employees at a time. However, the situation changed when higher authorities decided to alter my team with five new members.

Element 1

I have experienced a sudden change in my team structure as the higher authority alters my team with new members. I used to help new members in my previous team and take views and ideas from skilled and experienced members of the team. The team also provided me with authentic information, creativity, and productivity in our projects. However, as the new team members are new they fail to provide me with creativity as well as experienced ideas (Wiewiora and Kowalkiewicz, 2019). The new team requires my decisions in each aspect of work and I felt issues in case making critical decisions as there are no skilled employees to assist me in decision-making procedures.

Element 2

The current situation in my workplace shows that I need expert suggestions in my decision-making procedures. I have observed that my entire team depends on my decisions and when I take wrong decisions the whole team suffers. The situation has questioned my experience as I need expert suggestions in my decision-making. On the other hand, team members faced issues to streamline their responsibilities with their regular performance. Additionally, I observed that new members lack motivation as there are no skilled members in my team. The situation also has challenged my belief that new members are motivated enough to deal with regular work as they are trained to complete their regular tasks. 

Element 3

I know a team leader in the organisation that has faced a similar event in this workplace. He reported to a higher authority and requested an immediate change in his team members. The higher authority took responsibility and in one week his team was changed with one skilled member. I personally think that it is not a good idea for me as the organisation is facing issues such as lack of motivation in employees, leadership issues in team leaders and managers, and others. I have decided to motivate my team members with both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators to eradicate the issue. Additionally, in case of decision-making process, I need to improve my skills and abilities by taking help from my experiences.

Element 4

The situation depicts certain learning outcomes that I have obtained from the event such as understanding issues faced by leaders when the structures of their team change. My future action plan regarding the situation is based on my experiences to improve my capability for making critical decisions. As stated by Cho et al. (2019), transactional theory can help to implement a philosophy that includes motivators for team members. Additionally, critical theory enables one to think purposefully and critically. As the situation made me question my critical thinking abilities and problem-solving skills I need to implement the critical theory and transactional theory for providing motivation.

Event 2: Processing negative feedback

The situation is based on providing negative feedback to my team members under critical circumstances. My organization pressurizes its team leaders from different departments to motivate employees by providing both negative and positive feedback according to their working performances. I have provided negative feedback to them and thought this could help them to be motivated and provide good performance in workplace. 

Element 1

Team leaders were asked to provide regular feedback to their team members according to their current performance. According to Tourish (2020), the organization faces several internal issues such as workplace conflicts and lack of motivation in employees. I have felt pressure as an authentic leader to provide both negative and positive feedback to my team members and I thought that negative feedback could help them to try to give better performance. However, the situation put me in the wrong position as my team members were new in their position and lacked experience.

Element 2

The situation made me think about the event and observe the included scenarios and factors in it. I have experienced certain pressure in my position and decided to provide negative feedback without considering the situation of my team members. My observation depicted that I have made a wrong decision that in turn affect performance of my team members. Additionally, I also faced issues due to their substandard performance on regular basis. My personal reflection suggests that think could have been better when I got time to think critically about their conditions. As per the study of Wiewiora and Kowalkiewicz (2019), new employees faced certain issues in providing their best performance in a new working environment that affect overall performance of teams. I failed to consider their situations and they failed to cooperate with me on scheduled projects and tasks.

Element 3

The situation suggested that I had to work with new employees in the workplace and issues were generated due to a lack of motivation in employees. New employees need proper motivation to provide good performance at work and it is important to provide both extrinsic and intrinsic motivators to them. Employees in my team failed to provide creativity and show job responsibility in their regular performance. The situation demanded work motivation for them as well as authentic leadership needs to be implemented to solve the issue. The situation can be solved by providing proper motivation to them and influencing them as authentic team leaders.

Element 4

The situation includes several outcomes that help me make a good and influential leader to the team members. Additionally, I need to implement both authentic leadership and transactional leadership in the workplace to minimize the issue. On the other hand, I have to rectify my mistakes regarding authentic leadership issues such as those driven by organizational needs and others (Alilyyani et al. 2018). Authentic leadership theory with a transactional theory of leadership can help me to provide a positive impact on my team members.


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