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FY026 Preparing for Success at University: Knowledge and Creativity Assignment Sample

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Introduction: FY026 Preparing for Success at University: Knowledge and Creativity

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Personal reflection

Topics for developing knowledge and creativity

Communication skills:

One of the most important key factors that help to improve the knowledge as well as creativity of the students of the university is to improve various types of communication skills. The students of the universities face various types of issues or problems if they have less developed communication skills. As a university student, I also realised that there is a need to develop communication skills to grow knowledge as well as creativity in the jobs that have done by me. Success in academic life varies on strong communication skills (Hasanah, and Malik, 2020). There remain various types of communication skills like oral communication skills, written communication skills and non-verbal communication skills. The relationships between the students and the teachers of the university become too good for the help of better communication skills.

The language of oral communication should remain pragmatic as well as social that helps to improve the daily interactions between the students and the teachers of the university (Moult et al. 2021). This factor also helped me to improve the quality of my study. Good oral communication includes what to say, how to say and various types of non-verbal communication like eye contact, body language and facial expressions. The whole world as well as various types of relationships is easily controlled through proper oral communication skills. I have felt too positive after developing my communication skills better.

Figure 1: Communication skills

(Source: Maarof, 2018)

Oral communication helps me to advocate and immensely able me to articulate depending on the needs. I have realised that better oral communication helps to get a proper answers from the teachers and as a result, the growth of my knowledge touches its peak (Maarof, 2018). The students who remain silent and have less oral communication cannot improve easily.

Communication skills of written also helped me to improve my knowledge as well as brought creativity to my writing. There always needs proper writing at the time of writing on various types of projects in the universities. The students of the universities need to know the proper way of writing arguments, summaries and many more (Poul, and Durga, 2019). This type of skill helps me to synthesize various types of complex ideas as well as concepts. I have been able to express various types of thoughts as well as ideas properly with the help of better-written communication skills. I have become a good writer through the help of this type of communication skill.

Time management

Time management is one of the most important factors that help to improve knowledge as well as creativity among students. There always needs a proper time management schedule to complete the work on time (Oreopoulos et al. 2022). I always have made a proper time management schedule to complete the taken goals. This helps me to be most organised as well as more confident as a student at the university. The stress of the daily routine is immensely decreased with the help of a proper time management schedule.

Figure 2: Time management

(Source: Valle Arias et al. 2019)

At first, I create a proper schedule of work depending on the functions of my daily life. This helps to prioritise the projects as well as to provide a proper structure to complete the jobs of daily life. After that, there needs to be the elimination of various types of distractions that wastages time. I also set various types of goals to measure the level of progress. Goals help to complete the work on time and bring motivation into the mind at the time of completing functions or projects in my daily life (Valle Arias et al. 2019). The habits of daily life on managing time need to be developed to achieve goals on time. Like, when I need to complete a project in a week then I divided the project depending on the quantity of the project and for this reason; I can easily complete the project on time.

A proper project plan helps me to overcome last-minute panic. I divide the bigger projects into smaller ones and fix a proper time schedule for completing the projects on time. Attention is one of the most important factors that help to complete projects on time (Oreopoulos et al. 2022). This helps me immensely to improve the quality of the projects and manage time. The schedule of time management needs to make in realistic way. There always needs a time a break for the refreshment of the mind. A refreshed mind helps to complete the projects of the universities on time with the proper quality.

Taking and making notes

Taking notes and making them are one of the most important methods of study that helps a student of the university to improve their knowledge and to bring creativity to their functions. I use note taking process at the time of studying that helps to note down the important information. This is a very vital practice that makes a student wise as well as well-learned. I note down the lectures or important notes by the teachers or the lecturers of the university (Lichty, E., 2022). It immensely helps me to gain proper knowledge about any type of subject. There are various types of ways of taking notes like outlining, guiding notes and many more. Note-making is a type of process that helps to synthesize and review ideas about the projects or jobs of the universities. This type of process is used by me to remember the key information about the subjects of the universities.

Defending future challenges

Various types of challenges can occur in future at the time of achieving the goals and completing various types of functions of the university. I can easily defend those types of challenges or issues through the development of my knowledge and creativity. Oral communication skills and written communication skills help to communicate with the teachers and the lecturers of the university. Learning of Managing time helps me to complete any type of project on time and with good quality. Taking notes as well as making notes also help me to grow my knowledge about various types of subjects.


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