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Processed Meats May Increase The Risk Of Bowel Cancer Assignment Sample

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Classifying Processed Meats and Their Health Effects

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Processed meat is classified as the one of the specified food product that includes fortified, canned, frozen and package food items. According to a report of WHO, processed meat has applied certain level of preservatives or chemical agents to increase shelf life is one of the deadly carcinogen around the world, which can result in bowl cancer. The essay sheds light on the health-related problems in Australia by highlighting the prevalence and risk of increased bowl cancer by the consumption of processed meat.

Critical evaluation of the health claim

Bowel cancer is a major problem that arises in Australia due to the consumption of processed meat. Bowel cancer generally begins in the large intestine further referred to as colon cancer or rectal cancer. As the "World Health Organization" has claimed that processed meats are one of the main reasons for to increase in the rate of cancer patients. As per the suggestion of Feletto et al. (2019), consuming processed meats daily increases the chance of bowel cancer by 18%. Many public organizations and govt organizations in Australia are starting the awareness program to enhance the knowledge about the risk of consuming processed meats such as "The Cancer Council", "Bowel Cancer Australia.

In Australia, processed meats are the easiest way to manage cooking and working life as well. Increasing the consumption of processed meats is the most severe reason to increase the risks of bowel cancer. "Cancer Council" of Australia is introducing a new program to reduce the risk of bowel cancer with the help of the "Red meat, processed meat and cancer prevention" awareness program. In this prevention program, the cancer council recommends eating lean meats 3 to 4 days a week. In addition, avoid the red meats possible, red meats include bacon, ham, etc, which was extremely harmful to people's health. As per the views of Cheng et al. (2021), eating red me4at daily is harmful to the health and as well it increases the risk of bowel cancer. Australian people are starting to increase awareness about the problem of red meats and processed meats. Processed meats include the preservation of fresh meat for a long time. Health care management in Australia refers to eating fresh meats.

As per the health expertise of Australia, it has recorded consumption of processed slices of meat such as bacon, ham, or packed food like hot dogs, canned meat, which affects the public health. As per the opinion of Cameron et al. (2021), processed meats or red meats is the reason behind the pain in the stomach, extreme tiredness, unusual weight loss, changes in the bowel habits, blood in the stool, etc. due to the extreme tiredness people are facing complete their daily routine, its effect directly in their workplace or work. In addition, processed meats are also the reason for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, heart attack etcetera. Process meats usually contain table salts, which are directly affected by the consumer body. In the current situation, Australian people are aware of the risk of consuming processed meats.

The previous research about the impact of processed meats on bowel cancer gives a brief idea about its mechanism of action in developing bowl cancer. As a result of the breakdown of the processed meat particles inside gut, a harmful chemical N-nitroso has been developed, which can damage the cell lining in large intestine. As per the data of "Australian intrusion of health and welfare" (2021), cancer is the major problem behind death in Australia. In the previous years of 2021, almost 151000 Australian people are suffering from cancer, around 413 people are diagnosed with cancer per day. The majority of the cancer patients are suffering from bowel cancer, due to consuming processed meats and red meats. Australian citizens pay huge money for the treatment of bowel cancer. In the case of bowel cancer patients are admitted to the hospital, take many expensive medicines and go under the expensive treatment procedure.


In Australia, bowel cancer is one of the crucial problems which experts have to solve. Due to the increased risk of cancer, it is affected people's lives. As per the previous research, it can be analyzed that in Australia the average risk in the 85 years old person who is affected with bowel cancer is 8.2 %. With the help of the public organization and government healthcare sectors, the problem of increasing the risk of bowel cancer can be dissolved by promoting healthy eating habits. Processed meat consumption at a high rate in day-to-day can resulted in exposure to the deadly carcinogen inside the human body. It can be recommended that limiting the consumption of processed or canned food such as processed meat can reduce the exposure of bowl cancer.


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