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BIS3003 Capstone Industry Project - Requirement Analysis

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Project Overview.

Online book store system has been developing the modern education system (Gupta et al. 2018). Bookstores are a most important part for the community to improve their personality and being educated in the present days. This project gives many advices, give many types of directions, act as the tour guide and host any events and for local communication for the book, so a book is very much important in a person's life. In the present situation all people are very busy with their work because there is so much time to go to the library and read the book and borrow the book from the local book store. So here a web page is trying to implement where a person can easily get any book at a reasonable price by only using their Smartphone or any other device like desktop, laptop etc. the system is very important for the present generation. In this system a customer can get a book as a softcopy format so this is an advantage to don’t carrying the book which the customer actually likes and there is not so much space needed to store the books in any place. It is very important to educate everyone using a modern style of IoT technology (Gupta et al. 2018). If a person can borrow the hardcopy of any book, there is a chance to easily get this book in softcopy format or hardcopy in a smaller amount. In online book stores the price of the book is not as high as a hardcopy book because making a hardcopy of a book is expensive and in the online platform there is no cost of making a charge. Easily make softcopy format of the book in doc file and make a book softcopy file and sell it in the market. But this site also takes a proper responsibility to deliver the hardcopy of books by the customers demand.. Following some procedures an online book store is open and some procedures will be followed to buy any book from this online store (Gupta et al. 2018). Consumer can easily buy any kind of book from this web page or software by login and open an account on this web page. After log in to the web site by payment online the customer can easily get the book. Here also an option is included which is a hardcopy of the book also delivered by the customer demand. If any customer wants the book's hard copy format then the company delivers this book to the customer address which was provided by the customers and the payment will clear after the parcel is reached to the customer address. This type of software or the web p[age can easily help the people to get any kind of books for their necessary purpose. This system is divided into three subsystems which are the most attached with the main part of the system.

  • Virtual bookstore
  • Courier service
  • Customers

Functional and Nonfunctional requirements of the system.

In this system there are three subsystems which are virtual bookstore, delivery service or the customers (McNeil et al. 2018). Here a sub system is built which is based on the virtual bookstore as per the topic of this project.

Functional requirements

Here in this part of the project is told about the general characteristics of the system and how the system works , and what the boundaries of this system are. Some functional requirements are discussed in this part of the project (McNeil et al. 2018).

  1. In this virtual bookstore system. The online book store uploads all kinds of books on their online web page or any specific software which was made by this online book store.
  2. There was a proper systematic way to login to enter the online shop site and easily find the books which the customers actually wanted and also mark the book for letter perches ar add this book in there cart to borrow the book after some time (McNeil et al. 2018).
  3. The store always gives the users an update of their stock. Which books are available, which are not, or what are the upcoming stocks, about the offers, everything is shown in the webpage, which is updated by the online book store day by day. For that a customer gets a proper knowledge about the stocks of the bookstore and also learns about the upcoming books which are getting in the bookstore and also the price of the book (McNeil et al. 2018).
  4. This virtual bookstore site also develops their delivery updates. When a customer orders a book in the online book store then, if the customer wants to know about his parcel delivery date or time, the web page of the book store can show the proper delivery location and how much time it will take to deliver to the customer (S?niu?? et al. 2018), everything is shown by the customer.
  5. Virtual bookstores make an online payment page where a user can easily pay the amount through the online process and get a fast delivery of the person’s book (S?niu?? et al. 2018).
  6. In this system there was an extra facility called the coupon system. There are so many lucky coupons there if the customer uses these coupons, the person can get an offer over his product up to 50% and also get a free delivery service, which is an attraction on this web page of an online book store.

Non- functional requirements

It refers to the quality of the system which includes the performance of the system, reliability of the system and the scalability and many other fetchers of the system. Some non functional quality is discuss here

  1. The system is used by a user by opening a web page. If a person has any type of Smartphone or any other device like computer device or laptop the customers easily order any kind of books, but while the customers are running this page a proper network connection is needed in this case (S?niu?? et al. 2018).
  2. The user must have operating system software, such as Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X, with a minimum of 512 MB RAM and a 2 GB Hard Drive in order to access the system.
  3. Sometimes the web site of the online book store fails due to the over demand and the system crashes due to the malware attack. In this time the customers cannot get the service to purchase the book in there necessary purpose, so this type of system failed is Oscars in the online book store (S?niu?? et al. 2018).

Use Case Description.

In the use case of the system virtual bookstore is discussed below.

  1. Create an online bookstore web page or software.
  2. Create a login page or a payment page for the customers who borrow the books from the online site.
  3. Online bookstores can update their stocks of their books and offers on perches and display that on their web page.
  4. Online bookstores deliver the books to the customers by using the courier service as soon as possible.

The graphical representation of all the interactions between the system's components is known as a use case diagram. The main actors in this report are virtual bookstores and customers.

Use case

Brief description

Updates the stocks of the book and upcoming new books

The system of the online bookstore web page is update their book stocks to the customers, for that the customers are get the proper knowledge about the books stocks is the store and also learn about the upcoming new books stocks and the price of those books, for that a customer easily get a idea about the book store collects and about the price of the books (S?niu?? et al. 2018).

Online payment option and coupon options

The webpage should have an online payment option where the customers can easily complete their payment and get the attractive offers by using the coupons which are available in the payment page. Customers also complete their payment by using their credit or debit card while they purchase the book (Lamb et al. 2018).

Fast delivery service

When the customers ordered the books after completing the order the book store packed the books and dispatched the books for the customers to the customers location. The currier survives and tries their best to trash the book to the customer as soon as they can (Lamb et al. 2018). The service system is identify the customers exact address and send the book to the customers adders by their courier boy very firstly and the customers get there order after few days from order.

Sequence diagram

Sequence diagrams help the system to design the system step by step in a systematic way. This diagram gives an idea how the whole process is running in the operation time and what is the position .

Domain Class Diagram

Domain diagram systems represent the data in tables or columns which are described in the online book store system. This type of diagram helps to define the relation between the online book store and customers in this system (Lamb et al. 2018).

In this system describe the subsystem structure, operations and the relationship among them.

  1. Virtual bookstore

It has access to operate the store system and display the sticks and many other options. Its qualities are: user_id, user_login password, user_name, user_email address, user_ph number, user_address.

  1. Delivery service

It manages the older and delivers the order to the customers to their address. Its quality are: delivery_address, delivery_location, delivery_time, delivery_payment, delivery_service ph number

  1. Customers

The last part of this system is customer approaches. This part the customers who get their delivery are satisfied with the order. Its qualities are: customer_id, customer_name, customer_address, customer_ph no, customer_email id, customer_feedback.


It helps with resources and operations and updates the resources system. Its quality are: title, name, resource_location, resource_access

Activity Diagram

Activity diagram wants to describe the graphical illustration of the activities and the system of workflow. It helps the user to identify the functional method of the entire system (Chavan et al. 2018). It also identifies the error which has occurred in the system. It easily analyzes the default in the system.



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