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People Management Assignment Sample

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People Management Assignment

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In today's business world, different companies are using various methods and approaches which help them to retain their employees and manage workforce in a better manner. Even different culture and structure of business also impact the people and human resource in several manner and thus this effect the organisation to earn higher profit as well (Knies and Leisink, 2014). Although the working environment of business should be flexible so that they workforce can work in effective manner and can increase their working and such thing make them to attain their goal and objective in better manner. The report is based on ROLEX which is a Wrist Watch Company and founded by HANS WIDORF and ALFRED DAVIS in the year around 1905. Assignment will include structure and culture of organisation, various leadership styles and strategies to manage people, impact of leadership styles and methods used to develop workforce in right way.


1.) Organisations

a.) Organisational structure and culture

Hierarchy of business should be in right contrast so that workforce of company would not face any issues and problems while working in a correct format. Moreover, the organisation changes their structure and working scenario in the way they want to serve millions of people. ROLEX is a multinational company and therefore, firms cannot set their company’s structure in an easy manner. Although may be ROLEX chooses full length structure as this is something which provide the powers to top executive from top to down so that they can have a better working criteria as well.

b.) Leadership styles used

  • Trait theory - This is such theory which helps to gather detailed information about leadership. Although such thing can be used by various kind of people in companies at every step.
  • Behavioural approach - The every combination and also include the external and implicit as well and thus it is also being used to make a perceived by subordinates and it is being called as leadership styles as well.
  • Contingency approach - Contingency approach is such with the technology and somewhere the size as well and it also being used to determine the various factors of environment and it is also affecting them to have a potential of different and several organisation forms.

c.) Working environment

ROLEX working condition and environment is being wonderful for employees from last so may years the labour turnover of company is reduced this make them to perform in better manner and have a better working condition in company. This is something a result of the great work which create a trust in between the employer and employee as well. Even if productivity of firm is higher as well in practising.

d.) CSR agenda

Ethics are such which is a aspect of organisation is very much valuable and it makes to have a relationship with different supplier and it is such which make them to have a technique and distribution is such that increases satisfaction level of stakeholders and many others as well

2.) Impact on people

The various factors do have their impact on staff and teams in different manner and thus this thing become hurdle in between the working of company. Although this is that which make company to organise a training and development program so that they can increase their performance and productivity as well which make them to work with motivation level as well. The culture and structure, leadership styles are those which has various impact on people and it takes time to overcome from such impacts and work even in better manner too.

3.) The workforce

a.) Strategies for manage people

The company chooses various strategies so that they can make their working in smoother manner and such thing help organisation to manage their people in better manner too. Strategies are such which are being made after having research of market and use such information in right context to make a great work as well. Through strategies the behaviour and situations can be managed in proper manner too.

b.) Impact of leadership style

Leadership style is such which is having a great impact on the motivation and the creativity as well. Somewhere the behavioural approach is that which increases credibility and trust as well and also bring supervisor trust with also bring motive employees as well.

c.) Workforce are developed

Normally, guidance is such which also provide solution to there particular task is required to be perfect and skills set workers which is needed to create a great deal with changing situation. Both mentoring and coaching help in bringing effectiveness in performance level of business and such thing make them increase their working and make company to attain their goal and objective as well.


a) Structure of organisation and how it impact on people of organisation

Every large company like ROLEX uses a well profound structure of firm and thus, this makes them have an effective working in their organisation. The hierarchical way is an important business with intensiveness and their structure on various people (Pinto, 2015). Whatever the structure of organisation is there whether full-length or flat, it will impact on workforce and their ability to perform in a better manner as well.

Therefore, structure of company should be effective as this makes them have an efficient working and thus, top managers also make such policy and procedure that has to be followed by the workforce so a better working can be seen and such thing allow to attain goal and objective in right context as well.

All such thing is that which also impact on people and thus it is something that has a great cognition on people and their working as well. In an organisation, if employees are organized and deal in a right manner, then their influence can be noticeable with employees in company. If somewhere the organisation is having a great leadership style and thus such thing make people to get motivated. This is that which leads to have a betterment of ROLEX and it also promote various propel to work for such organisation. If a people is satisfied with the job and working in positive attitude then it has been seen that company and firms are likely to get more benefits from such thing (Wilkinson, Wood and Demirbag, 2014).

b) Culture of organisation and its impact on people

Company’s culture is like in which manner they are performing their working scenario and this it makes them to have an effective working as well. Employees is such which is being driven by manipulation and it could have impact on workforce health. Moreover, the company is having their values which always direct human resource day to day operation in right way as well. Organisation values are like which make them to have an act in integrity, also with the transparency and it is like to demonstrate respect which people help them to act in better manner as well.

Firms are such which has different assumptions and beliefs as well which help to strengthen the employee’s morality in right manner as well. Although it has been seen that operating and various ethical with responsibility is something which is a key thing to their success as well (Michie and et. al., 2016). Generally, code of conduct of ROLEX is that which also spirit working of company. Culture and different sense of responsibility on individual make them to have a proper working as well.

Impact of culture on people is being there in effective manner and thus company culture is that which support the individuals and workforce to speak up and provide more and upper level power to them with ease manner as well. Although the culture of company is also being defined with the power of various individuals and to their teams as well. Therefore, creativity in working is a result of having a better and effective culture in ROLEX organisation and such thing always encourages to have an innovation as well.

c) Leadership styles and their effect on individual and team

There are various leadership styles which help leaders to motivate their employees in a better manner and thus, such thing makes them to have an effective working as well. Leadership style is such which also solves the problem of various situations and make their employees to face different challenges and working in right direction as well. Various leadership styles are as follows:

  • Trait theory - This is that which make company to collect the needed information which is required for better performance. Thus concept is such which help to create the executive awake and somewhere their pros and cons are also of knowing of how they have to create an authority in features as well.
  • Behavioural approach - Various combination are there in organisation which include explicit and implicit with factors and it is conceived by subordinates so that proper working can be done. This is something which can be used with attributes, skills and attitude (Armstrong. and Taylor, 2014). The effect of behavioural approach is there in organisation in great manner and behavioural pattern of something which can be superior and it also affects the others too.
  • Contingency approach - This is that in which the leaders watch and see which king of situation is and after analysing they take corrective actions. Although various thing like surroundings, centralization and standardization are such which also help in increasing performance and reliability as well.
  • Impact on people - Moreover, well structured thing leadership style is such which is also committed to have a better communication with is workforce this has to be done in proper manner so that company can accomplish success.

d.) Working environment and practises with flexible working as well.

In organisation it is required to have a better working environment for staff the employees of whole business(Bennett and Dearden, 2014). ROLEX is such company which is having a great working condition work in right contrast as well and thus this make them to provide effective criteria of working as well.

Moreover there are various benefits of flexible working to organisation thus they have a great high level of autonomy and to employees as well which is being, generally having a process of authorization within various organisation as well. This is something a result of the great work which create a trust in between the employer and employee as well. Even if productivity of firm is higher as well in practising. Moreover various benefits are like:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Reduced stress
  • Better paid work etc.

Although with this company is also having various benefits for organisation and they are also having flexible working environment as well. This is something which also increases participation and creativity, with all such everything is being higher level performs and thus this make them to have a better environment (Alagaraja, Cumberland and Choi, 2015). The benefit for organisation are as follows:

  • Decreased absences of employees
  • Can retain their staff
  • other benefits etc.

The working environment of company also impact performance of people in organisation. In company where all factors of working exist in better manner and provide various flexibility as well and in such situation and environment, human resource and workforce feel better to work in great manner too. Therefore, intrinsic factors are such which is being related with the satisfaction level of job in working environment and such theory is that which also states that satisfier and factors are those which is being a people performance.

There are some theories of motivation which help to manipulate employee to work hard in proper manner and thus it also make them to increase their performance as well.

Maslow Need Hierarchy

According to such theory, people are generally motivated to attain some certain needs in right context. Although when a desire is fulfilled workers do go further to achieve another one as well. Generally, human is having a five needs which is arranged in correct format to attain them in better manner as well and those are as:

  • Physiological needs
  • Safety needs
  • Social needs
  • Esteem needs
  • Self- actualization

These steps motivation of people to achieve such level one by one and work hard, even though such concept is applicable in organisation as well which also motivate people to increase their performance as with these they also get appraisals in correct way and with such they also attain their personal goals as well.

e.) Ethical practises and CSR agendas in organisation and its impact on motivation level of staff

Organisational ethical practises are such which is being a needed motivator influence which make them to manipulate them for performance of employees in better manner (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). Application of ethics and other things are such and such thing is important scenario and it bring success as well. This all makes them to have what is right and also having application of it is in selling increases sales volume which also goes with creating good impression of sales force. If motivation level of employees is required to get increase then ethics in staff is also being developed is a obvious criteria. A proper thing of promotion, incentives and different benefits helps in benefiting staff and increasing the level of employee as well.

When a company is such which is being involved in CSR activities and such thing is that which support community as well. Moreover, ROLEX also plays their CSR roles by having diversity in their workforce as well. Mentoring and the coaching to various people and and thus it is quite related with industry and having a people in another way which lead to implement CSR as well (Li, Jiang and Lin, 2014). Different company CSR as like supporting to the career progression, proving enough as well with various opportunity and this make them to motivate them in further scenario. Although the supporting in the various environmental policy and it is regarded as profound involvement in the different CSR activities. Normally, big companies are now getting involved in environmental programs and activities as well.

f.) Difference in between people and how it impact on behaviour

In various organisation the difference among the employees can be seen easily. The competence, knowledge and skills are such which differ people from people. Although few people has their quality in solving problem in better manner and few other people don't have which is a sign of difference in person (Wehrmeyer, 2017). A people's attitude also make difference in various person and thus it also bring them to have a in behaviours as well.

Religion and beliefs of people create difference in between them, in ROLEX firm, there are various people with different religion working under one roof. Their working styles and behaviour world be different, although personality of individuals are such which also make organisation which also affects the behaviour of individuals as well. A perception of something will always differ from people to people just because of their psychological facts and such thing impact people in organisation and such thing bring difference in working as well. Moreover, a different people is also aggressive in their working, lead to have a modern life as well, which keep in high confidence level as well and may it lead to generate life and working is such which create differences in behaviourist as well.

g.) Management style need to deal with difference in behaviours as well

Theory of X and Y is such which states that an organisation, which is being handled in two ways as well. There are first is something which can be negative and comes under the X and under the Y conspiracy positive criteria is being included. Although the X factor is such which include the “power to use obedience” and “right to control” as well. If comparison is being done with the Y part then it will include the “Participative” criteria and such thing help in attaining their own objectives and it can be used as better initiatives towards various achievement of organisation (Bainbridge, 2015).

Company like ROLEX is having a theory which remind to have work with code of conduct and this is something which is a corrective actions which is being immediately and such thing is being occupied in fluctuation (theory X), and somewhere it also make to speak up and it also show their creativity in their working as well. Management is such which also used to boost up their productivity of workforce and somewhere it also control behaviour of people and it also increases confidence level of unity and among workers and employees too.

The Hawthorne effect is such which has a psychological trend and it is used to enhance the performance of human, various concept is also used in organisation and this is something which also result into the improved attention from the superior, customer or having co-workers as well. This is such also impact and bring a improvement in result as well by setting up the common and interactive objective as well (Uhlig and et. al., 2014).

h.) Motivation theory and different uses of coaching and mentoring in company

The people in organisation has to be satisfied with their working as because this is such which make them to have an effective working and also increase their performance in company and such thing also build to gain competitive advantage in organisation as well. There are various methods of motivation in firm and those are as follows:

  • Self actualization: Maslow is such which is as biggest and highest need of structure as well. This is something which is being used to generate one capable of becoming, it contains various development as well and it also accomplishing someone's prospective and also include the self fulfilment in better manner as well. This is there which is used to prospective and it also used to achieve something in right contrast too (Head and Alford, 2015). Moreover, standpoint is such of inspiration and the concept for such which also say that never being needs are satisfied and also substantially nothing is more inspires to work. Although if it is required to motivate anyone and it also include the various stages and having structures like to have individual working and also make concentrate on fulfilling these needs in better manner.
  • Empowerment: Empowerment of something is such which also has strategy viewpoint as well that helps to make different choices about risks as well. Workers is having different powers on their own as well which is liability of results as well. In such method the workers and it also serve customers at the various levels in company and it also interface the prevails as well.
  • Uses of coaching and mentoring: Coaching is such which is more effective and having a great reaction among and to increase the task as well. Projects and abilities are those which is being considered to resolve training and possibilities as well (Kramar, 2014). Mentoring is the form of offering support such thing also consider people with data and innovation as well are being printed with the smaller experienced people with people who has great experience for meeting and improving the better and men-tees growth as well.

I.) Benefits of training and development to individuals and organisation

There are various benefits to the individual and organisation which help them to improve the working criteria of company, training and development is being used to have a proper working by employees in firm and this make workers to increase their performance as well (Hamari, Sjöklint and Ukkonen, 2016). Several benefits of training and development program are as follows:

  • Employees are always being helped to focus in working and priority is being placed in strengthening workers in better manner.
  • Productivity is such which is improved, favour impact of the various main point here.
  • Moreover, employees and workers are kept in with new information related to job and also looking forward to have a better customer support working as well.
  • Employees are also modified and worked with new and improved abilities as well, with having a aim of company and firms goals and objectives in better manner.
  • Job satisfaction, workers inspiration and comfort is also being improved which also reduce the worker revenues.
  • Organisation is such which also has a great fresh or the impartial professional which has same opinion or having a discovery with assessment as well.

Training does provided to employees in firm, although company do require of training and development in organisation and this is being done after identifying the need of development theory in firm and help employees to work hard and make entity to work in better condition and somewhere in proper manner as well.

The training and development session is such which also help in increase in performance and productivity of employees and thus with training session the employees and human resource do learn new skills, knowledge and ability to perform everything in better manner as well. Training does help them to know how to face risk in organisation and make them competent to cope up with environment as well, which directly help firm to attain their goals and objectives with earning higher profits too.

j.) People management strategies and impact of such on people

Managing is such which is having a successful and in expansion programs and this is something which needs to have expertise and this make them to have a continuous and various growth and planning as well. Moreover the position of people is also result into social interaction which comes to have a access details (Shields and et. al., 2015). Information is such which also allows administrator and also look to develop the technique and make choices and also become apply actions as well. Moreover, procedure and function is such which is having a number of related activities and this also bring a bigger actions as well. Some of the objective are as follows:

  • Creating official and the casual organisation components which meant to have a assigning power and also went on discussing the responsibilities as well.
  • Keeping effective and efficient communication criteria within team, group and even in large community as well.
  • Although selecting, motivating, training and also looking forward for analysing the staff as well.

K.) Recommendations

Recommendations are such which help company to improve their working condition in organisation although this also help in making a better place for working. This is something which help firm to produce a better plan and decision for entity and through this they also make a better strategy for organisation to fight in market as well. Some of the recommendations are as follows:

  • Proper people management cab be implemented by having a better policy and procedure for employees in organisation.
  • A effective working environment in company make workforce to work in right direction.
  • A proper facilities to employees at their work place motivate them to work hard in organisation.
  • A proper performance appraisal format can bring a better people management in ROLEX.
  • A better working structure can help workforce to work in proper manner as well.


From the above report it is being concluded that, people management is very crucial and important aspect in company which make organisation to take care of their employees in better manner and thus making them to work in different environment. Various leadership styles and strategies of management make ROLEX to have a great working. Therefore, various CSR activities are also being worked by company and this make them to attain their goal and objective in better manner as well.


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