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HAT203 Hospitality and Tourism Management Assignment Sample

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The report highlights the three strategic recommendations which help in addressing the management issues which are analyzed by management models and plans. The report provides a brief about each strategic recommendation and an overview of the reason for selecting particular strategic methods. The Australian Walking company is considered for the case study of the report the company works on enhancing the environment and culture of Australia. The company is working at the national level by providing a walking experience as well as accommodations at the tourist spots to show integrity and kindness to the locals as well as guests from other countries. The company was founded in the year 2015 and worked on its passion for giving the experience of the natural space through the adventurous walking activity to travelers. In recent times, the Australian Walking company set out the walking experience for tourists at Kangaroo Island. Kangaroo Island is one of the biggest tourist attractions places with 140000 visitors every year. The kangaroo island landscape Board is always in search of funding support for the community to commence landscape management activities on the island (Goldsworthy et. al. 2016).

Theories to solve problems relating to hospitality and Tourism management

SWOT analyses

Strength - The main strength of tourism and hospitality is they have lots of opportunities that help them in earning huge profits. The Australian Walking Company have a highly expert workforce that is provided training and workshop facilities that help them to enhance their skills (Son et. al. 2021).

Weakness -The major drawbacks for Australian Walking Company is that there is a lack of management in the workforce, managers of the company are not able to handle the workforce and there is high mismanagement in companies.

Opportunities -Tourism and hospitality are types of industries that always have several opportunities which help them to grow. Building a b relationship with customers will provide the benefit of loyalty to the company (Baixinho et. al. 2020).

Threats - ends are an opportunity as well as a threat for the Australian Walking Company of as it is not necessary that every company can match steps with the trends(Nasehiet. al. 2017). Another big threat for companies is the increasing competition like the establishment of SMEs which are funded by the government.

Steep framework 

The steep framework theory of the tourism and hospitality industry provides a brief description of social-demographical, technological, economical, environmental, and political influences. The detailed description is as follows:

Socio-demographic influence -This includes the major factors like types of tourists, which age groups visit the most, and their interests.

Technological influence -This involves the factors which are affected by the change in technology like product and service, an operational process of the company, and technological impacts on transportation.

Economic influence -Economic factors that have a great influence on Australian Walking Company are developed by several government help being provided to the company like monetary policy, investment to rebuild and reimage the walking experience for tourists.

Environmental influences - Environment factors like waste disposal, pollution, and lack of resource influence the company.

Political influence - Political factors like rules and regulation of government, economic policy, international policy, and political risk that influence the business of Australian Walking Company.

Identification of strategies and recommendation through SWOT analysis

The issues and suitable recommendations for finding the best solutions are as follows

Highly expert Workforce -to maintain the workforce and to improve the skills Australian Walking Company is required to set a vision and plan, and share these with the workforce which will set a clear vision to tourists about their target. It is recommended that companies should apply motivational strategies which will encourage employees and provide them feedback which helps to improve the workforce’s potential.

Strong supply chain- implementing the right strategies provide access to the growth of the supply chain. The major factors recommended are, first to optimize companies inventory by checking on the number of resources and keeping the required inventory only.

Adaptation to government regulations and policies- The government's regulations and policies are planned for providing investment opportunities and various benefits to tourism and hospitality companies. It is recommended that Australian Walking company should focus on the various beneficial policies that government provides like investment, loans, reduction in taxes, etc.

Improving customer relationship -In this competitive market maintaining good relationships with customers is a very tough task; it is recommended that companies should focus on applying good customer relationship management strategies. By using information and communication technology, Australian Walking Company can try to get closer to the tourists from different countries so that they can create long-term customer relationships(Camilleri, 2018)..

Risks of extreme weather-The interface between climate and tourism is multifaceted and very complex. Weather represents a vital resource to be exploited and a factor that poses a risk that is tough to manage by a tourism company. It is recommended that for facing risks of extreme weather conditions Australian walking Company should focus more on analyzing weather forecasts and planning according to them.

Overview of Strategic recommendations

The best three strategies recommended to face all the issues are as follows:

Motivational strategies-In the case of the tourism and hospitality industry, it is very important that the company understand that several factors motivate human behavior and all these factors can influence the decision-making process and potential of the individual. These motivation strategies will encourage the workforce to work hard and with their full potential (Anguelov, 2019). The reason for selecting this strategy is to enhance the skills of the workforce which will help in attaining better results. This will helps in overcoming the issues of lack of skill and expert workforce in the company.

Marketing strategies-Marketing is very important in the sector of tourism and hospitality because to attract customers companies need very high marketing strategies. Australian Walking Company is recommended to adopt different models depending on the target market and customers. Company can use STEEP frameworks Socio-demographic influence -theory to understand the needs and priorities of tourists (Kasemsap, 2015). reason for choosing these strategies is that they will help in finding distinct needs of the customer on basis ofphysiological, safety, area preference, and self-actualization.

Differentiation strategies

Differentiation strategy will help the company to take an innovative and creative approach to improve their service and attract customers. This strategy is important to gain a competitive advantage in the market, by the help of this strategy company can give tough competition to other companies by offering quality services and benefits (Walsh and Dodds, 2017). This strategy is also helpful for tourists as they can choose which place they want to stay according to their budget. The reason behind recommending this strategy is to help companies to gain a competitive advantage in the market.


The report concludes with the strategies that help face the issues faced by the tourism and hospitality sector considering the Australian Walking company. The report develops a deep understanding of the key issues which are maintaining the workforce, climatic conditions, customer relationships, and government policy. The report highlights the strategic recommendations which help in addressing the management issues which are analyzed by SWOT analysis. At last the report concludes strategy recommendations which are motivational, marketing, and differentiation strategy, and the reason for choosing particular strategic methods for solving the key issues of the tourism and hospitality sectors.


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