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A critical review of the chosen article: “Half of social workers consider leaving the profession for ‘less stress’, survey finds”

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The result of the survey

With the help of the media article, the workers who are doing social jobs have been able to share the information that more than half of the social workers consider leaving their professions because of the stress and also they are also not able to do the work properly because of the cuts in their salaries. The survey has been conveyed from the unison of 1000 social workers. From the survey, the unison is able to see that 95% of the social workers felt that they were not able to do their work properly due to the impact of the cuts (Goldberg et al. (2021). In the survey, the people told the union their thoughts regarding their work. In the survey, 56% of the people said that they were thinking of quitting their jobs or their roles. Whereas almost 95% of the workers said that they were not able to perform their work properly due to the impact of the austerity.

Whereas from the 10 people 8 people answered that the local residents were not able to receive help or support from them when they are required. This means the social workers were not able to provide support or help to them when they are required to do so. Due to this, they are facing the issue of crises related to the families and it's also down the line. The same number of people also said that they are not willing to work because they are not getting the salary for overtime work. Those who are having the job quarter but now are required to work seven hours a week for which they are not getting the proper salary for the overtime which has been done by them.

Reason for doing overtime

The reason behind doing their work overtime is the workload which they are not able to manage properly; they are required to do lots of paperwork and also the absence of the staff due to which all the workers or the staff are required to do the overtime for which they are not getting the payments. They are required to deal with the pressures which occur with the time they are required to deal with the pressure of making the report regarding the safeguarding of the meetings and courts. They are having the big challenge that they are required to deal with the complex needs of the clients and also with their emergencies which arise.

Impact of the stress on the workers

The work of social workers contains lots of pressure and stress. Because they are required to deal with the needs of the clients. They are required to do all the paperwork of their clients and also provide guidance on what steps are required to be taken by them in which situation. They are also required to tolerate the mood swings of their clients and keep their eyes on their surroundings about what is happening so that they are having the proper information. All these works create huge stress for them. Due to the stress, most of the workers are willing to quit their jobs within three months of their work. Whereas many workers are there who are fighting for their funding which they are not getting by doing overtime work.

Some of the workers quit their jobs because they were not able to deal with the story of their clients. Some stories of the people are so painful that they were not able to deal with it. Due to this, they leave their jobs. The main stress which has been created by the social worker is created by their managers. Social workers are required to do their job according to the will of their managers even if they know they are doing wrong. But then also they are required to do that because of which they face the issue of mental stress.

The workload can be managed

In the survey which has been conveyed by the union. It has been seen that few people were there who said that the workload which has been given to them is manageable. From the survey, it has been seen that 68% of the workers said that in the last two years jobs have been cut in their departments. Whereas 92% of the workers said that due to the cuts in the budget the morale of the workers has fallen. Due to improper payment, the workers are not willing to work effectively. Due to this, the issue of the workload is facing.

More than 35% of the workers said that they are considering their profession because in other professions they will be able to get the proper and better pay. 17% of the workers said that the pressure of the work is manageable if they get the proper salaries.

In the survey, those people are also there who said that they feel secure in these jobs. everyone knows how risky their jobs are. But in the survey, 30% of the people said that they feel secure in their jobs.

Scarcity of the social workers

The country is facing the issue of a crisis in the number of social workers. The reason behind the crisis is the cuts in the wages of social workers through the local governments. According to the viewpoint of Prentiss “the ministers are having the responsibility that they are required to make the act before it has been made by the system and also by the peoples for whom they care and also before the damages which they will not be able to repair”.

“Union general secretary Dave Prentiss,” said that “the culture moves through the targets and the financial needs which makes the combination with the workloads which are unmanageable and the main reason which is creating the issue or the problem is the financial cuts. Due to all these issues, the communities can be apart from each other and also creates the risk for the vulnerable children”.

Responses of the workers regarding the topic

According to the social worker, “Paul Wieckowsli” retired from their job as a social worker three years ago and her work is to deal with patients who are suffering from the issue of the “chronically mentally ill population”. Paul had worked forty years in both the facilities “inpatient and outpatient”. In his career, Paul has noticed the increment in loads of cases and decrement in the allocation of the budget regarding the programme which has been organized for mentally ill patients. In the end, it has been recommended by Paul that it can be hoped that in the coming year the changes in the trend can be seen but the doubt that the trend will be changed.

According to the social worker, “Amy Moore” many social workers left their jobs because their managers are not allowing them to do their jobs properly. They are not allowing them to do the right things which creates stress in their jobs. The reason behind the dress is that social workers are required to do their jobs according to the will of their managers even if they know that what they are doing is wrong. Due to this, they end up having blood on their hands.

Alternative methods of data collection

According to this article, the Union has used the method of the surveys but Union can also use the method of alternative methods for collecting the data (Archibald et al. (2019). The union can use the method of online tracking and social media monitoring. These methods help him in collecting a wide range of data easily.


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Goldberg, E.M. and Warburton, R.W., 2021. Ends and Means in Social Work: the development and outcome of a case review system for social workers. Routledge.

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