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Strategic plan of Festive Event Assignment Sample

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1. Overview of Event

1. The event objectives

The arts and crafts festival event helps the children learn to appreciate and value the artifacts and working creatively. The main aim is to motivate and engage kids for doing better and showcase their skills for the betterment of themselves. It helps to bring changes in their behavior through different art and craft activities for their daily routine.

2. Event Concept

The event concept is considered to make best use of the design and approach that develops a practical value to the event. In order to facilitate the delivery of event and its evaluation, it is essential to understand the impact and results for the organizers as well as the host community. Further, it is beneficial for the children and enhances the creativity for the growth and development (Wafi, Chiu, & Ibrahim, 2020).

3. Event Overview

The type of event is art and craft festival.

4. Target Market

The target market for this event is children ages 10 to 15. The art and craft festival is basically organized for the children as it helps to encourage them to maximize the skills.

5. Expected Number of Participants

The expected number of participants for this event is around 100.

6. Description of the event

The venue of the event is Crystal House Apartment, Sydney.

Date and Duration: 20th September, 2022 and 4 hours

Timing: 3:30 - 7:30

Theme: Art and Craft Festival has unique theme for kids

Décor: Decoration is creative

Layout: Fixed furniture, designated areas

Seating: 150-200

Entertainment: Photo booth, Food truck stall, Walkthrough booth

Lighting: Lanterns

Sound: Musical Instruments

Situational Analysis

The three external factors that have been selected in order to do the situational analysis for conducting the art and crafts festival events are described in detail below.

1. Political Factors

Inside PESTEL evaluation, political variables offer an influential effect over the long-haul manageability as well as the benefit of EARTS CRAFTS. The existence on the global stage expands the organization's aversion to changes in the worlds of politics of various nations. Now considering the political environment of Australia it can be said that high political constancy of the country offers a consistent as well as friendly business environment to the event managers those who pan to conduct any sort of art and craft festival events in Australia. In addition to this specially the Australian government supports children in every sense and the high societies if tries to arrange any sort of arts and crafts festival for the kinds they assist them a lot by providing ample amount of funding. Also considering the post pandemic time the nation is trying to recover the losses which the confronted as a result they always encourage arts and crafts festival in the country which provides the entire country to regain the losses (Pan, 2019).

2. Social Factors

Considering the social factors it can be said that the advertising division of arts and crafts might utilize the data recovered from communal and ecological examination to focus on the client gatherings and increment the overall success of an arts and crafts festival. Culture is viewed as a significant variable by global showcasing directors. Every general public has particular standards and standards that play a significant part in molding customer conduct. Now in order to conduct any sort of arts and crafts event in Australia, the event managers ought to foster nearby groups and foster neighborhood associations for understanding the cultural mentalities and standards to fit promoting techniques as indicated by sole social setting. The perception of the social class definition is likewise significant for conducting arts and crafts festivals within Australia. Likewise, business sector division in view of social class might be ineffectual where the social class delineation is low (Terry, 2019).

3. Environmental Factors

The developing natural contamination combined with mechanical development has constrained many event associations to embrace creative reusing and squander the board rehearses. In certain nations like Australia, reusing has nearly turned into a business standard. In addition, embracing productive waste administration rehearses in hierarchical units that are situated in or close to metropolitan regions is exceptionally critical for Arts and crafts. Australian Arts and crafts association offers endowments for empowering interest in sustainable advances. ARTS CRAFTS might profit from it and put resources into inexhaustible advancements to guarantee long-haul maintainability. This venture will likewise increment partner fulfillment in addition to grow the client base because of an improved brand picture. Also, the big communities in Australia also encourage using renewable resources to promote the arts as well as crafts events that encourage environmental safeguard also for the long run (Pan, 2019).

3. Sustainable Event Management

1. Provide an environmental Impact and Reduction statement

In terms of sustainable events, the environmental impact and reduction statement include meeting the requirement of the people without any compromise with the future generations for meeting their own needs. In the development of a sustainable event in the present scenario, it is crucial for planners to consider the event as a whole activity and interact with each other for considering the environmental changes (Malchrowicz-Mo?ko, & Poczta, 2018). The environmental impact statement is a government document that includes the impact of the project on the surrounding environment. It is compulsory before conducting an event as they need to make sure that there is no harm to others.

2. Significance of statement

It is crucial to think about the term sustainability prior to any kind of activity for a systematic process in mitigating project activities. The statement informs the event organizers that appropriate screening is required to prevent any kind of damage to the exterior. In this case, there is no way that it can cause pollution because it is a craft and art feast for children. Furthermore, it aids in achieving the right effects on the environment and recognizing its concepts in order to consider modifications in accordance with the event's requirements. It aids in evaluating potential alternatives for environmental protection if it impacts the scenery. Thus, it is important to keep inform each and every person regarding the environmental protection for the future activities.

4. Legacy Planning

1. Identify potential legacy opportunities for event

The potential legacy opportunities for the event of art and craft festival mainly include different types of aspects. There is a potential for small events to build social capital in the community where they are held. The benefits of small events may last longer for host communities, particularly when compared with mega-events (Rheenen, Melo, & Sobry, 2021). Market segmentation could explain the increased success of smaller events by providing greater opportunities for participation and recognition by local communities, while mega-events are too generic to offer these opportunities.

2. What planning needed to maximise the legacy

The planning which is needed to maximize the legacy mainly includes the development of certain awareness about arts and crafts among a wide range of people. The advantages of hosting small events over mega-events include using existing facilities, minimizing administrative expenses, minimizing negative impacts on local residents, and using local volunteers to reduce expenses.

3. Actions taken to maximise the legacy

There is a requirement to take certain actions for maximizing the legacy which is essential for the development and growth of small-scale community events like art and craft. An event organizer must implement more strategic planning than previously used to maximize the long-term social benefits of a small event. By planning more strategically, stakeholders can also take advantage of the leverage opportunities. It is essential for developing a manageable scenario for the enhancement of the activities and creativity of kids among others (Fotiadis, Stylos & Vassiliadis, 2021).


4. Financial Management for Event

1. Income and Expenditure Statement





1. Sold painting


1. Salary for the hired employees


2. New event contracts


2. Utilities



3. Furniture supplies



4. Space rent



5. Travel expense






2. Important aspects of the above given statement

Considering the important aspects of the above given income and expenditure statement it can be said that all the elements of the accounts are important to consider. The first as well as the most important element that is salary for the hires employees is considered to be as important in addition to the main aspects behind it is that without proper resource no event can be successful. As a result it is pivotal hire those employees those who are experience in handling an entire event and based on that only the wage per hour is selected. The important aspect of sold painting which is one of the important element income statements is that by selling the painting the kids will get recognition and they can participate in future arts and crafts festival also. In addition to this the whole event management will get an opportunity to conduct more such events in the selected society and also in other big societies within Australia. The other aspects of providing the Income and Expenditure Statement are that it will help the event management team to identify the actual profit and loss they incurred from the whole event.

6. Human Resource Management and Events

1. Provide an organisational chart for staff involves in working on event

Above mentioned organisational chart clearly gives idea about the staff members involved for working on arts and crafts festival. It mainly emphasize on the activities and hard work of the employees which plays a significant role in the success of an event. All of the responsibilities are divided according to their role where they organise activities for kids and playing a significant role in order to enhance their services (Rust, 2020). Safety is one of the major aspects of consideration in case of kids as it plays a major role in offering a positive environment to them.

2. Provide brief job description for two or three people

Job Description

Job Title

Event Manager

Position Description

Event Manager

Job Purpose

To conduct events for the welfare of people

Jobs Duties and responsibilities

· Planning an event to achieve its goals requires ensuring all aspects have strategic value.

· A step-by-step guide to planning an event

· Planning the event and generating ideas


Masters in Event Management

Knowledge Skills and Abilities

· The ability to understand and solve simple problems based on fundamental principles and terminology.

· Use this term sparingly and only for positions that require an unusual degree of responsibility or exactness in order to originate hypotheses, concepts, or approaches.

Working Conditions

Able to handle all events as per the requirement of arts and crafts activities.


Person Specification- Event Manager




Qualification or training

Evidence of professional growth


Knowledge and Experience

· Exceptional experience in managing events, with a focus on destination management.

· Financial management skills that are excellent

· It is important to have a strong background in marketing

· Office experience that has been successful

Skills and Abilities

· Understands what events need to do to remain financially sustainable.



Ability to take initiate




3. Outline proposed strategy for the recruitment, training and retaining of event volunteers

Recruitment strategy: Recruiting messages should be made available to as many people as possible. To get the best possible turnout for any event, tailored recruitment messages should be developed for each type of volunteer: for example, children, professionals, residents, and families. It is essential to understand the needs of the customers and the event, as well as the methods by which helpers can communicate those needs and the advantages helpers can gain from the experience (Doumi, Kyriakaki, & Stavrinoudis, 2020).

Training Strategy: It is important to give training to the volunteers of the art and craft events that will be helpful for developing the performance. Further, the training helps to make changes in the scenario as they are working on a new event.

Retaining Strategy: In order to retain event volunteers, it is important to work straightforwardly and boost the morale of employees. Further, motivation is one of the major strategies to retain the volunteers and enhances the services with their help of them. The qualities and skills of employees are considered one of the best aspects of the event and it also encourages others to do well (Vegara-Ferri, &, 2020).

7. References

Doumi, M., Kyriakaki, A., & Stavrinoudis, T. (2020). Small-Scale Cultural Tourism Events: Residents' Perceptions on Their Quality and Impacts.Tourism Analysis,25(2-3), 283-293.

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Rheenen, D.V., Melo, R. & Sobry, C., 2021. A Comparative Method of Analysing Small Scale Sport Tourism Events: Half Marathons. InSmall Scale Sport Tourism Events and Local Sustainable Development(pp. 43-54). Springer, Cham.

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Terry, M. E. (2019). The Economic and Social Significance of the Handicraft Industry in Botswana. University of London.

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