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AVN1103 International Aviation Assignment Sample

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Introduction: AVN1103 International Aviation

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The “International Civil Space Aviation Organisation (ICAO)” is a specialized division of the United Nations that effectively promotes the planning as well as development of “international air travel” in order to ensure its safe and orderly expansion. Its corporate headquarters are in Montreal, Canada. One of the top responsibilities of IATA is to guarantee the constant safety of air travelers. In order to ensure that every regulation and law are being followed properly, it has formed a panel to establish safety standards for both professionals and carriers. Aviation traffic safety has improved as a result, and the frequency of aviation accidents has greatly decreased. Aircraft are vulnerable to hijacking and acts of terrorism. Following numerous incidents of this nature and the attacks in the US in September 2011, the organisation enacted some stringent regulations and adopted legislation aimed at boosting airline security. The system that was introduced focuses primarily on passenger differentiation and risk assessment methods. As ethics are upheld, the IATA will also grow.


Roles of three organisations/agencies/groups that contribute to the international aviation framework

The three aviation of Australia are Hinterland which is the Australian aviation and Charles company which is based on the Cairns Airports in the queen's island which in belonged in the Australia. This aviation schedule time from Carins Airport and another airport that is Townsville airport. It has 17 free size and it is the Australian aviation. Along with this, Khirkhope is another Australian Aviation which is more than 40 years of experience and all pilots are experienced and professionals.

On the other hand, Jester Airways is another airway company of the Australia and also operates the designation in the southeast leading country of the ASIA along with other airways it also an important leading airways pf Philippines Thailand. The three most aviation of Australia ARE including hinterland and Khirkhope and Jetstar airways. Aviation is the most important path way to travel to any other country a. Australia is the world most beautiful aviation country of the world. It is the best airway company of any other airways. The three aviation are this Hinterland, Kirkhope and Jesterland. This are the most beautiful airways among all the other companies of airways. It includes airways of best airways among of the other airways.

Tourism, hospitality and aviation play a major role in a country like Australia. Australia is tourism-based country. An important amount of GDP comes from tourism. And when it comes to tourism aviation industries play a key role. In Australia there are several aviation industries serving the travelers. One of those organisations are Kirkhope Airlines, Hinterland Aviation and Jetstar airways. These three are the leading airlines in Australia. These aviation industries mainly focusing on castor services. As discussed by Hang et al. (2020), their top priority is comfort of the customers. These aviation organisations make sure that they make the journey of their customers safe and comfortable providing them with essentials and good food. Even the prices of the tickets are kept quite reasonable and they make sure that the customers get some discounts. There are arrangements of entertainment as well in the flight for saving the customers from border. These airlines contributing a lot by providing the customers best of their services. Thus, that the customers choose these airlines again and again and choose Australia as their holiday destination.

Explain the role of ICAO

ICAO plays a vital role in the growth of international aviation. It was established in 1944 by the Chicago Convention. It was created for promoting development and safety. It also looks after the International Standards for the aircraft (Agustini et al. 2021). It's basically funded by 193 national bodies for supporting the development their diplomacy and corporation in air transport. Some other roles that the ICAO looks after are Crash investigation, Ground facilities, air navigation Equipment, and License of personnel telecommunication. Some prominent roles in developing the airports and air navigation facilities of international airports maintain the standards. It is also responsible for any renovation and new designs. As mentioned by Kerr et al. (2020), the design of the aviation is very important to maintain as the life of many people is at risk. It is also responsible for the growth of the industry. Security facilitation and efficiency come under ICAO to look after. Environmental protection and economic protection also fall under its duties of it. The aviation industry is one of the most developing industries. Organizations are supposed to develop aircraft according to their needs. The rules and regulations are supposed to follow by every aviation to perform their best.

The Convention on International Civil Aviation commonly known as the 'Chicago Convention" is a treaty. It basically establishes the core permission for international transportation through air led by the international agencies. As mentioned by Kerr et al. (2020), it was established in 1944 by 54 nations for creating a good understanding between nations and their people internationally. It maintains the communication between the countries to maintain proper and smooth communication. As it is responsible for communication it also boosts the economy of the sector. As referred by Wati et al. (2020), this has been done over approximately 12000 provisions for the safety of the aviation industry. It regulates the activities of air travel. It is responsible for the peaceful navigation of the air navigation. It covers approximately an area of 60,000 hectares which is about 176m above sea level. The rea of cover lies between the Southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. It is traveled by the Calumet River and Chicago to cover its route.

Analysis of ICAO influences CASA in providing guidance

On 6 July 1995, Civil Aviation Safety Authority was established. Australian Aviation Required safety regulations and air navigation, so it was established. It issued authorized persons and organizations for participating in air. As referred by Wati et al. (2020), the surveillance was done under CASA s objective for determining AH obligations. The audit of Australian Airlines or aviation is done under it (Bliss, 2019). ICAO took the decision to start CASA under it for a better audit of the Australian aviation industry. The casa follows a proper or appropriate policy and procedure that5 can be implemented or functioned. It consists of a risk-based plan which can be improved for the future. It mainly consists of Australian obligation which is relatable Surveillance under Chicago take care of the licensed pilots, registers aircraft, and also oversee safety. It is basically the governing body for the Australian aviation company. It looks after the safety of the people, air traffic (Silitonga et al. 2019)

It is an important body for aviation that is liable to maintain peace through the air. It maintains peace globally for easy traffic movement of air navigation ICAO is an international body whereas CASA is a body for Australia. Australian Aviation is one of the Busiest Airlines so maintaining safety is a priority for them. It is one of the most important aviation among the others. The safety is not given priority then a huge massacre can happen as it is one of the busiest aviation. The design of the aircraft is also depended on the governing body. As referred by Mahoro (2023), aircraft are made with proper safety and complete design. It is also responsible for making new rules and regulations for Australian aviation. The safety department is for securities and of global aviation (ÜNSAL & ?AH?N, D. R. 2023).

ICAO influences the “Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)” in providing guidance

In the modern era, principles and guidelines are required in the management of safety in workplaces. As influenced by Hang et al. (2020), the govt. officials keep a track of these tourists for visa and safety purpose. In that case these airlines play an important role. Cause keeping the records of the tourists is very important as a country. In case anything happens to these tourists or even if these tourists conduct any criminal activity, then the Australian govt. would be responsible for this. In that case keeping the records of these tourists are very important. These Aviation organisations plays an important role in this case.

Explain the role that IATA plays in determining industry-wide standards

The first goal is to provide an institutional, legal, and regulatory structure that is favourable of investments. It combines data and analysis with knowledge, experience, and best practices. It consists of both the safety management system used by the service provider and state safety programs. According to Tanovic & Kabaddi (2021), IATA is an international state organisation founded almost 60 years ago by a group of airlines. Almost 240 airlines, or almost 84% of airlines are significantly operating today, are embodied by IATA. According to Kabaddi, O'Connor, and Tanovic (2020), the IATA was founded in Havana in April 1945. It was established in Hague, Netherlands, in 19 and replaced the International Air Traffic Association. IATA had 57 airlines under its wing when it was first established. The organization's executive office is located in Geneva, Switzerland, but the organization's headquarters are in Montreal, Quebec, Canada (, 2023). IATA plays a critical role in the management of safety as well as ethics in this sector. It has developed the market values of the companies and improved the opportunities for this sector.

There is a requirement high professional as well as ethical standards in order to develop safety for passengers and improving their experience. Ethics decisions encompass privacy, secrecy, honesty, and fairness, according to Ullah et al. (2021). The acts we should take include accepting responsibility, fulfilling commitments, being truthful, maintaining our word, and avoiding dangerous individuals. As stated by Kittipanya-Ngam & Tan (2020), every research involving “human behaviour” need to be reviewed by a committee of ethics in order to ensure that the suitable ethical standards are significantly being upheld. For the overwhelming majority of upkeep results complete each day, the individuals accountable for the safety of aircraft in the segment of do the right thing that effectively implies the thousands of choices made each day are founded on solid moral as well as ethical foundation.


The above report has discussed the roles of the organization/agencies/group. The explanation of the role of the ICAO and the impact of the Chicago convention has also been steed. The influence of the ICAO has been discussed with the CASA and its guidance. The organization has a lot of impact on the aviation industry. The study has suggested that safety plays an important part in this industry. The design and the aviation also play a very important part. The individual organization has its own role to maintain. Individual organizations have their subdivision that looks after the specific department. The study also showed the importance of people safety in every individual organization. Australian aviation is an effectively busy aviation and it has its own roles to maintain. The governing bodies look after the innovation and design of the aviation industry. The World air peace is also looked at by the organization. It is looked after to maintain air peace and easy accessibility of air traffic. Air navigation plays a very important part in the industry and it maintains a specific department. World air traffic maintains peace through the organizations.


The management of the organization needs to develop ethics as well as principles in order to improve their position in the operating markets. It can be recommended that the development of effective awareness can help the companies in developing strong regulations and improving the passengers in the companies. Development of principles also can improve the experience of passengers and develop strategies for the companies. In this segment, ICAO can develop guidance to improve their performance more significantly. In the segment of air navigation, security as well as safety plays a critical role. Continuous development of safety can develop security for passengers and can develop their trust. Development of effective guidelines are required to be developed in terms of improving the performance of companies as well as security of passengers.

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