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Introduction - Challenges Faced by Companies in Australia Assessment

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There are several issues faced by the company and in the following part that would be discussed in brief.

  • Complications with generating passport at proper timing
  • Impact of the pandemic
  • Preference to online working rather than offline platforms
  • Changes in Brexit rules

Complications with generating passport at proper timing

  • A major delay has been noticed in the entire process of making a passport.
  • Several trips have been either delayed or being canceled due to the emergence of such a complication.
  • Even the emergence of the pandemic has affected and contributed in the delay of the processing.

Impact of the pandemic

  • Due to the emergence of the pandemic many staff members or the employees of the airport have demanded for sick leave keep in mind the security and safety reasons for their health which have lead to staff shortage (Chevtaeva and Guillet, 2021).
  • Many employees have shifted their job profiles by joining into different industries.
  • Shortage of adequate amount of staffs can be great chaos for the industry and that is needed to be fixed up.

Preference to online working rather than offline platforms

  • Emergence of the pandemic has shifted the work style, due to emergency protocols companies has switched their offline mode of working style to online procedure.
  • The shift to online mode of working has lessened the approach of traveling which is a drawback for the company growth and sustainability.

Changes in Brexit rules

  • Citizens are unable to cope up with modified rules and regulations of post-Brexit.
  • Cancellations of flights have been a major issue and drawback for the growth of the industry and lack of employees due to the pandemic leads to flights being grounded.


  • The Company must think and take an initiative to enhance their number of employees with the medium of proper recruitment selection, which would be including a proper protocol of selection method to hire the eligible candidate.
  • Recruiting new candidates is not sufficient the employers need to provide ample amount of training to their candidates which will involve training on every single aspect that they must know while performing their duties.
  • The training must include the objectives to enhance the soft skill and technical skills to provide quality service to the travelers.
  • The company must also include some safety and security protocols for both the employees and the travelers, which will help to boost the outreach of the company.
  • The company must also take some major steps to advertise their services on a broader platform which would be showing the benefits that a traveler can avail by approaching their company.
  • Even the airport must enhance their mode of services which would be including some premium level of services which can be an appealing and attracting medium for the travelers.

Marketing Task

Marketing campaign

Campaign is one of the crucial steps when thinking of marketing in order to enhance the services demand and for enhancing the awareness regarding the facilities that the airport does avail to the service takers approaching campaign is the ideal way out.

  • Leeds Bradford Airport must think of collaborating with the national bodies. Collaborating with such places will help them to bring much more services and scopes to the travelers to avail their services.
  • The airport can enhance the marketing of their services by effective way of partnership which will come up with many advantages such as it will be more cost effective, collaborate with retailers, in order to avail quality service to the passengers by having facilities of food and beverages available in the airport premises.
  • Boosting up customer interaction is also a kind of marketing strategy for Leeds Bradford Airport. An interactive communication can help the staffs to ask the employees to share the reviews regarding their experience that they have gathered from their services on social media.
  • Approaching passengers on social media platforms is another a very good idea of boosting the awareness related to the airport (Wibowo et al., 2020).
  • Even the higher authority of the management must take initial steps towards content marketing on the social media platforms as providing details on social media will help to grab the attention of the travelers to avail there quality services.
  • The management can provide some detailing regarding their services along with some information related to the destinations that they provide boarding from their destination. Information regarding what good they can avail the particular place, related to their culture, events. It will be just like short travel guidance especially beneficial for the tourist passengers.
  • Even the management system can offer some rewards in the forms of offering discounts to their frequent passengers. This is one of the attracting points for the travelers to avail extra and services.
  • The initiatives mentioned above quite innovative and appealing for the passengers which will help the value of the services as well be able to enhance the quality of services to them which will enhance their approach to their quality of management.


In the above points it has been mentioned that collaboration or partnership with diverse retailing companies, and approaching different nations for availing maximum number of passengers for that particular destination, which will eventually provide benefit to all the airline industry, travel and tourism, hospitality and many more industries.

Management Task

Sustainability approach

  • When thinking of enhancement of the business and services Leeds Bradford Airport must approach some steps which will enhance and step forward towards the safe their position in the airline industry.
  • According to reports and it has been mentioned that air transportation are one of the great contributor for a huge amount of CO2 which is approx 915 million tones even more than generally produced by humans globally (Hadi?Vencheh et al., 2020). For dealing the situation the company must take some steps to control the hazardous situation.
  • The company needs to work on their staff management, as the company must look for introducing some major steps to make recruitments for monitoring the services that are in the system, or that would be included in the airport for availing their services to the customers (Bala and Verma, 2018).

Effective approach

  • It is essential for the company to introduce some innovative steps and medium to approach maximum number of passengers availing their services.
  • The company must maintain a fluent flow of communication with the passengers by the medium of providing adequate amount of training to the employees dealing with the passengers.
  • Growing connections with the major authorities will help the airport grow and flourish in future.
  • To deal with the complications that were emerged due to the emergence of the pandemic must be properly handled by the authority keeping in mind the quality of service, along with the approach of the employees towards the passengers.
  • The company must be introducing some innovative ways to approach maximum number of passengers by introducing some luxurious benefits to the frequent passengers which will be again an effective approach to them.
  • All the steps mentioned above are fair enough to cope up with the complex situation that Leeds Bradford Airport is currently facing due to emergence of so complex scenarios.
  • The solutions have been mentioned above and that is the best way that the company can implement for making maximum amount of profits in the post-pandemic period.


Bala, M. and Verma, D., 2018. A critical review of digital marketing.M. Bala, D. Verma (2018). A Critical Review of Digital Marketing. International Journal of Management, IT & Engineering,8(10), pp.321-339.

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