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Individual Application Theories Of Change Management On Contemporary Event Management For Adelaide Fringe Art Festival Assignment Sample

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1.0 Introduction: Individual Application Theories Of Change Management On Contemporary Event Management For Adelaide Fringe Art Festival

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ADELAIDE FRINGE is one of the biggest Art festivals happening in South Australia. Every year the event lasted for 31 days and nights which brings a lot of joy to the people over there.

2.0 Discussion

Event Management Process of the Event

In the event, the artist can choose the event venue by himself and the management provides the framework of the event or show. In their management, they use their own resources like their library and templates, etc. They are well-connected with various passionate industry leaders to motivate the artists. There is a particular event called the ‘School Program' for people aged between 2 to 18 and there is an award program (Celestine et al. 2021). This program helps more artists to be getting attracted to the event as they will be awarded for their works. The management also provides a fund program for the artists to support them financially.

Now, there exists a variety of management theories that might help to improve the management process for ADELAIDE FRINGE. McKinsey 7s is one of the popular management theories that might help to demonstrate the events, which is discussed as follows.

Change in Management theory of 'The McKinsey 7-s change Management Theory' for ADELAIDE FRINGE

The McKinsey 7-s Change Management Theory

Figure 1: The McKinsey 7-s Change Management Theory

(Source: Self-created in M.S Word)

Though the event management indeed is doing great work in the event ADELAIDE FRINGE from their side changes can always make things better. The events have been conducted as per the mentioned event management system in the past few years but if some changes can be done. Here, McKinsey's 7-s change Management Theory can be applied and the following changes can be done-


If some changes in the work process are done like lower the price for the registration, helping the artist for the exhibition program can make the program better.


They mainly work the events including dance, music, opera, visual art, etc. Some more content can be added for a bigger field.


The events that they organize if done in a more interesting and creative way more people will be interested in the event.


If more staff are added it can be done in a better way as the management of the crowd is a big thing for an event to be ended peacefully.


The strategy that they apply in choosing the framework of the event can be changed.


The skill of the participants can be developed with some helps and training.

Shared vision

The main purpose of the event is to inspire creative people who are interested to show their talents and for that, the event should go far away with much creativity.

Methods and Tools to use change management theories

The event management can think about the fees and financial side of the artists. Their work structure the artist can be more proper. Some more interesting events can be added to the program for the elaboration of the event. Some changes in the structure like the entrance exits exhibition place can be done in a more innovative way. They can provide some training for the artist to improve their work.

3.0 Conclusion

  • The event is no doubt a great and successful event that happened every year but with the help of the changes in management theories, it can be developed more and more successfully.



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