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Introduction to People Management Assignment Sample

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Introduction: Introduction to People Management

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(The purpose of the portfolio, regarding HR in general, leadership and management, relationship and negotiation, and talent management. Do not forget the theories you will adapt in this portfolio)

Leadership, strategy, and organization are critical components of human resource management in today's business environment. This way, the portfolio offers practical advice on leadership and management, relationship and negotiation, and talent management. By taking up a portfolio regularly, HR professionals can gain competence in these areas, develop the skills and confidence to be successful, and sharpen their competencies (Oehlhorn et al. 2022) .In leadership, strategy, and organization, HR professionals will learn how to get the most out of their leadership and managerial skills. They will learn how to plan and implement their organization and management strategy. Furthermore, they will learn the theory and practice of the tools used by leaders, managers, and HR professionals, which means they should use them in their work. They will find out which devices are most helpful for this work. A portfolio of this kind helps HR professionals to gain valuable, up-to-date knowledge and can be used as a basis for future professional development. In talent management, the portfolio provides up-to-date advice on how to get the best out of employees. They will learn about the latest research and practice in this area (Gitonga et al. 2021).

Leadership and Management: Reflection on Differences, Skills and Behavioural expectations.

 (Give company examples for each one of the words above, along with theories)

  1. Leadership:

Some might see it as the capacity of a leader to motivate followers. Others may define leadership as the ability of a leader to influence a team or lead the course of an organization. Leaders have a unique capacity to motivate followers while maintaining the trust and a positive image in their eyes (Gavatiuk et al. 2021).

Example: In Google company, Sergey Brin, Jeff Dean, and many others have proven to be great leaders.

  1. Management:

In general, "management" is simply the management of any business or organization. It is an organization's management of itself, which is the "management" that is the ultimate focus of this site. 


Steve Jobs successfully managed Apple, Inc, leading to his company’s expansion and product success. At Google, Sergey Brin and Jeff Dean are now working on management that fits well with Google and Google X.

  1. Reflection on differences, skills, and behavioral exceptions:

Great-man theory:

The great-man theory states that the success of an organization is solely dependent upon its leader and the leader's characteristics (Oehlhorn et al. 2022).

Contingency theory:

The contingency theory suggests that an organization's success depends upon the individual's characteristics and situation. 

Trait theories:

In the 1960s, researchers noticed that leadership differs for all leaders. They also realized that success is not only due to individual characteristics but also personal traits. 


Skills can be knowledge and abilities used in particular circumstances to attain success (Oehlhorn et al. 2020).


Empathy is the ability to perceive, read, or observe other people's emotions. 


Making the right decision at the right time is a critical skill for everyone.


Leaders and managers also have to address and resolve problems. 

In an Amazon company, leadership and management are often combined. A business in the retail industry will be able to rely on the strength of its leader to grow the business. A company that sells online will require the skills of a manager because, unless you have an online presence, it is a struggle to succeed (Gavatiuk et al., 2021).

Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours needed to be an influential people

manager. (Slide week 4)

(Choose not less than two and give company examples for each one of the factors below, along with theories)

  • Planning (Management Functions)
  • Good communication. ...
  • Decision making skills
  • Team building. ...
  • Leadership. ...
  • Delegation skills
  • Ability to deal with changes effectively. ...
  • Domain knowledge
  • Problem solving
  • Motivating :
  • Recognition

Planning (Management Functions):

This is the planning and management of organizational resources, that is, resources of persons, capital, material, information, technology, knowledge, and others, for the fulfillment of the goals of an organization in a way that maximizes value. It is where management has two aspects. The first is managing people for various strategic purposes, and the second is developing a management system that leads to organizational success. In addition, to plan the organization's work and the achievement of its objectives, managers also have to prepare the human resources required to execute the plans and programs of the organization. The term is also called management by objectives and is sometimes known as Management, strategic planning, and strategic management.


Google's HR can understand and effectively communicate about its talent management practices. Also, Google greatly emphasizes strategic planning, which leads to creating a strategic workforce.


It is the theory of relationships. Its application is to create a new strategic alignment for the business so that the company is better understood by employees, customers, and suppliers. Leadership is the most strategic practice for today's industry. A leader can influence a large group of people. They have to focus, inspire, motivate, train, and teach.


Google’s human resource management is led by how to lead and motivate employees. Google's CEO, Larry Page, and Brin use a system that emphasizes teaching and motivation to develop all employees for future leadership and management positions.

Relationship and Negotiation: Reflection on Working Conditions, Pay and Strikes.

 (Give company examples for each one of the factors above, along with theories)

  1. What are relationship and negotiation?
  2. Reflection on Working Conditions, Pay and Strikes

 By using theories/styles like accommodating, collaborating, Belbin team’s roles, Tuckman theories, etc. (Slide week 5)

  1. Relationship is the process of negotiating, maintaining, protecting, and building relationships between people in the business world. The term has a broad range of forms, from formal negotiations between labor unions and employers to everyday negotiations within families, peer groups, and between business partners. The relationship is essential for any organization, especially in a competitive global marketplace. The relationship is about building alliances and making deals, which are especially important when making significant purchases, selling, buying and buying selling human resources, and dealing with outsiders. The term relationship may also refer to those interpersonal relationships, such as employee-employer relationships or customer-supplier relationships, which may be used as essential resources in business organizations.


At Google, Larry Page is famous for creating a culture where people feel empowered; they can take responsibility for their work and feel free to innovate and develop as they please.

Negotiation is used to deal with the relationship. Negotiation is the process of interacting with each other to exchange resources. Business negotiation begins when there is no existing relationship between the parties or when the parties think the relationship is less than ideal. The parties need to negotiate a connection.


The people in Google can negotiate all contracts for all personnel, such as compensation, compensation, benefits, pension, stock options, insurance, and others.

  1. Working condition is the relationship between a company and its workers. It means that, for any company, employees’ quality and availability are of utmost importance. The association has a high impact on the level of performance of the company. A perfect example of this is, for instance, the environment at the office of Google, which is known for its fun, innovation, and creativity (Kantu, 2022).

Accommodating theory is the strategy that enables the company to be open and accepting of new ideas and new thinking. It can be seen as a bridge between the organization’s goals and the interests of the employees. Another approach that fits here is the Belbin Team Roles theory. Belbin states that every team has the following six roles:

Role 1: The Thinker

Role 2: The Planner

Role 3: The Performer

Role 4: The Facilitator

Role 5: The Conceptualizer

Role 6: The Pioneer

Tuckman’s theories refer to the idea of the stages of group development. The team development stages will help see how leaders should work with their teams.

Strikes are when the union or organization tries to gain or maintain more power by making changes. Strikes may result from the employer’s lack of understanding of how important people are, or they may occur due to a dispute among employees over benefits, retirement, sick leave, or vacation (Kantu, 2022).

Talent Management: Reflection on The Woke Generation.

(Give company examples for each one of the factors above, along with theories)

  1. What is talent management?
  2. Reflection on the Woke generation using models/theories. (Slide week 8)

Talent management is human resources development to bring a company to its full potential. Talent management is about building the talents of a company’s employees. Talent management is not limited to the current workforce; it extends to a company’s future workforce. Talent management may often not be directly related to the organization itself. Talent management can also be seen as a continuous relationship between the organization and its employees.

Example: At Google, talent management started in 2006 and is considered one of Google’s core strategies (Cooke et al. 2021).

Reflection on The Woke Generation

Woke refers to awareness or social concern for a particular cause or movement. In this case, it means a problem with the organization’s current state. A “woke” employee believes that the company and the workplace should improve for all employees and that the employees should improve together with the company. The employees who participate in this movement may be considered the “woke” employees, as they are not just concerned with their jobs but also about the entire organization and the workplace as a whole.

An example is Google, where employees know the value of being positive, kind, and considerate in the workplace. They have also taken part in their communities and given to the community to make them a better place to live.


(Summarising ways forward for management, leadership, negotiation, and talent management HR best processes)

  1. It is beneficial to create a portfolio or a notebook for each topic so that the HR professional can easily create a well-organized reference or resource when needed.
  2. The concept of diversity management should be used to improve one's knowledge and skills. It will enable the individual to be aware of people's needs and to be able to use them to reach their goals. The use of the concept of diversity management will lead to better career opportunities. By knowing the importance of diversity management, one can start applying it to increase their skill and knowledge.
  3. This portfolio will allow one to improve one's knowledge on the subject and give the HR professional a well-organized resource for themselves.
  4. There are many benefits of using a portfolio to improve one's skill and knowledge in Human Resources. This portfolio should be one of the reference materials that the HR professional can use to develop the skill and expertise.


HR professionals use their knowledge and skills to manage their professional and personal lives, as they are involved in all kinds of work, including management, leadership, and business. In this portfolio, I will find many ways to improve the skills and competencies of HR professionals. HR professionals need to have solid, basic knowledge of HR and other fields of study. Human resources professionals need to enhance their competencies and skills. The knowledge and skills of HR professionals can be developed and improved by implementing a portfolio like the one presented here. HR professionals must reflect on the relationship between their role as human resources professionals in their companies and other fields. This portfolio, reflecting this relationship, can be used to identify the needs and challenges of human resources professionals. The portfolio can provide knowledge, understanding, and experience in HR and other fields.


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