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SWOT Analysis of Sydney Train Project Assignment Sample

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Introduction - SWOT Analysis

1.0 Proposal and Feasibility

This is very important for the group to ensure a better understanding of the internal and external environment of the company. This makes a better idea for the group for project planning and feasibility (Jenco and Lysa, 2018). A proper SWOT analysis of the project is as follows-

1.1 SWOT Analysis


· Use of “augmented reality” for worker safety.

· Use the "Track AR View" app to track the movements.

· The app is useful in every situation.

· Application of satellite navigation.

· Digitisation of the workflow helps to maintain the operation.

· Proper identification of the location of the assets and proper maintenance of the assets.


· Difficulties in locating the right asset.

· Issues with the protecting factors of the workers.

· Taking time to develop and test the applications.

· Some of the factors of the project are still not completed and this is important to complete to run the project properly.


· The “augmented reality” will help to make a better understanding of the whole system.

· This is useful to serve the workers a better safety measure and serve a secure workplace.


· A huge chance for a threat from the government is there for the project.

· Challenges from local communities can be a threat to the project.

· Time management can be a challenge for the project.

Table 01: SWOT Analysis for the Sydney Train Project

1.2 Stakeholder Analysis

One of the most important factors that the group must check is to make a better plan for handling the stakeholders. This serves the team a better idea about the factors that must be executed to keep their stakeholders satisfied and serve a proper strategy for project handling (Khan et al., 2021). This also serves the group a better macro-environment analysis and serves the team alignment. Stakeholder analysis for the Sydney Train project is as follows-

Keep Satisfied

Some of the stakeholders of the project are the investors who have contributed to the project and served better financial support to the entire project. They are the stakeholders who must be served well and keep satisfied with the project.

Engaged and Influential

The team members, leaders and workers are engaged with the project closely and handle the project with proper accuracy keeping the mission and vision into account. This helps to make better planning for the company and this makes a better idea about the factors that are important to handle for the project.


Another type of stakeholder is one who has less effort in the project and they are responsible for monitoring. One of the most important stakeholders for this type is the authorities of the team and they handle the project and help to keep the project aligned.


This type of stakeholder is the one who is involved in the project and is responsible for the important information related to the project. The government is one of the stakeholders who seek information and must be informed always.

Taking all the aspects of the job into account, this can be said that the project is entirely feasible and important for the workers in Sydney Train up to a level. The project has a greater strength that helps to implement a better project using all the important factors related to public safety and gradation. This is also helpful to make a better understanding of the whole project and this serves the stakeholders better handling of the project. However, some threats are there related to the project and these must be mitigated to handle the project with success.

2.0 Project Organisation

This is very important for the group to follow a proper organisational structure that helps the team to make a better approach to the project (Stalph, 2020). The important organisational structure helps to make better handling of the whole project and serves a better approach to the project execution. One of the most important factors of the company is to make a better organisational culture to ensure proper working conditions in the workplace. This is helpful to the company to choose their organisational structures according to the project execution plan.

2.1 Organisational Structure

One of the most suitable organisational structures for the project is the hierarchical structure that the team can follow to make the project successful. This is helpful to handle the project and complete it covering the mission and vision of the project (Sun et al., 2019). The hierarchical structure helps in monitoring, handling and decision-making in different stages of the organisational hierarchy that helps to make a better understanding of the whole project. This also helps to maintain a proper structure for the financial assets of the project and plan the whole outcome of the project. In short, the hierarchical structure helps to handle the project with more accuracy and perfection and helps the team to ensure a better outcome for the project.

However, this is a little challenging to maintain the alignment of the project with the hierarchical organisational structure. This challenge must be mitigated by the team to ensure a better outcome for the whole project.

2.2 Location-specific Recruitment Factors

Proper recruitment is a major factor for the project and this must be handled with better care so that the team can have the best employees to work on the project. A very important factor that must be taken into account is that the project should be maintained with a better understanding of the mission and vision for the project (Zhou et al., 2020). This is why the team must select a proper recruitment process to ensure the best candidates in the team.

However, some factors the team must take into account to ensure a better recruitment policy. Some of these factors are as follows-

  • The team must recruit local candidates where the project is located and ensure proper training for the candidates.
  • The recruitment process must be non-biased and transparent so that the candidates can understand their drawbacks and the team can avoid any conflict in the issue of biasing.

3.1 Overview of the Management Style

A management style refers to the various ways in which a managerengages in working to fulfilling various goals and objectives. The management style involves the way that a managerengages in planning, organising, delegating, making effective decisions and managing all the staff in the work environment (Namiq,2018; Yaari,Blit-Cohenand Savaya,2020). A manager has to make use of the various leadership style as per the situation and necessary activities that are needed to be done for the competition of the Augmented Reality as well as the application for increasing the overall safety of the workers working in Sydney railway station. The lives of the rail workers are in line and in these kinds of situations, there is a requirement of using a mixture of the various leadership styles.

The utilisation of the right leadership style is a first and foremost essential step behind accomplishing the various goals and objectives of the project like the implementation of Augmented reality and the application that can contribute to saving the lives of the railway workers in the work environment. The authoritative management style can be one of the effective styles that can aid the employees or the workforce in closely following the orders, especially in cases where there is a requirement for quick and rapid decision-making (Busseand Regenberg,2019).

3.2 Effectiveness of the Management Style

The managers that are accountable for the utilisation of Augmented Reality and the creation of the application as mentioned which can save the lives of many rail workers in Sydney railway can effectively monitor the workforce closely while also micromanaging the various effective decisions of the project in the project environment. It can be effective since it enables the project manager and the leader to have authority over all the other decisions in the company. The authoritarian management style involvesauthoritarian control and absolute control over any group (Chukwusa,2018).Like every other management style, it has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. Using the autocratic leadership style. But as mentioned that the project can also make use of the other leadership style such as the Democratic management style and it can be very effective in the case of the application development which can be identified being very vital for increasing the overall safety and protection system of the project (Bakiyevaand Rustamov,2022). The innovative utilisation of the management style is among the important component that can aid in increasing the success probability of the management.

The designing and implementation of Augmented Reality need effective collaboration in which the individuals in the team are encouraged to share their own innovative and creative ideas, as well as new insights from the, propel coming from different cultural backgrounds (Obererand Erkollar,2018). The individual working in this kind of management style actively engages and feels more engaged in the overall procedure. Creativity is effectively rewarded as well as encouraged in the democratic management style (Moskovich,2019).On the other hand, the authoritarian management style can be very effective as well in this case of the development of application and designing and implementation of the Augmented Reality and in the last stage of thecompletion of the implementation of the Augmented Reality and the development of the application will be requiring fast and rapid decision making for wrapping the last stage of the development of the application.

As the software industry always engages in innovation and development, there is always a requirement of balancing profit and innovation and creativity for the development of new software as well as technologies in the case of augmented reality and the creation of the application for addressing as well as ensuring the safety of the human workforce working in the Sydney railway station (Ciricet al., 2018).These management styles will also make sure that the individuals in the team can engage in taking full responsibility for their mistakes for carrying the goals and objectives of the project.

3.3 Issues of the Management Style

There are many advantages of adopting the mentioned management style listed in the report such as the Democratic Management Style and also the Authoritarian Management Style. The authoritarian management style canlead to discouragementsituation in the team since this type of management style does not provide any new opportunities to innovate in the work environment and the leadership is all about giving orders to othersand the direction is completely guided by the leader as per their opinion (Khan,Wahaband Bhatti,2020). In this case of the project of the development of augmented reality and the application for the railway workers, the teams that are engaged in accomplishing the goals and objectives of the project can feel discouraged and even lead to low morale and resentment towards the leaders of the project.

In addition, the democratic management style can also have its own drawbacks and disadvantages in terms of carrying out the project effectively and efficiently. The overall decision-making for any project like the designing of Augmented Reality and the development of the application can get slowed down enormously (Chukwusa,2019). Following the democratic leadership style can result in the breach of security in many cases for the completion of the design and implementation of Augmented Reality and applications that can include various leaks of the source codes that can result in ruining all the efforts of the team in a most impactful way. The leaders of the project can feel overwhelmed since it is one of the leadership styles that can take a lot of effort and timeand it can even result in contributing to missed deadlines and burnout of the leaders as well (Halidand Istiana,2020).

It can be observed that the democratic, as well as the autocratic management style, can have many disadvantages that can be identified as being among the major problem for the various stages of the designing of augmented reality and it is already very difficult to develop dedicated augmented reality for the Sydney trains and also for the purpose of increasing the overall safety of the rail workers in Sydney.Therefore, the innovative utilisation of various management styles can increase the success probability of the Augmented Reality and Application.


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