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Critical Appraisal Template Assignment Sample

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introduction - Critical Appraisal Template Assignment 

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Critical Appraisal Template

Your Introduction

Purpose of this essay is to critically appraise the article regarding “Reading and language intervention for children at risk of dyslexia: a randomised controlled trial”. The article was published in Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry. The essay will evaluate the journal article based on its background, methodological information, results, discussion and conclusion aspects. 


In background section, the author has discussed the background of dyslexia and its impact on the growth of a child. In this section, the author has stated that dyslexia is a common disorder identified among children, which affects their learning and reading ability (Duff et al. 2014). On other hand, Adolf & Hogan, (2018) argued that dyslexia is a language developing disorder, which affects the growth and upbringing of a child. 

Further, the author has mentioned multiple types of intervention for dyslexia. At same time, this article has covered the gap between those interventions to improve condition of dyslexia. Here, author has mentioned the importance of reading and language intervention. Here, it can be stated that the rationale of research has been mentioned in this article. In addition, author has mentioned research aims and objectives. However, a research question has not been mentioned in this article. 

Study design & Methods

The author includes a separate section named methods (Duff et al. 2014). 

In this research, paper author has mentioned control groups and experimental groups to determine whether reading and language intervention acts on issue of dyslexia. In this article, author has mentioned that children in the first or second year of their school will be chosen as an experimental group (Duff et al. 2014). Here, it can be stated that control group and comparison group has been mentioned in this research paper. 

In terms of inclusion criteria, this article has highlighted those children who have issues of dyslexia, family risk of dyslexia or preschool language impairment. This article only includes children of 2009 and excludes children before or after 2009 (Duff et al. 2014). Here, it can be stated that this search paper mentions research including and exclusion criteria. 

This research paper has not mentioned or defined any particular case or situation to determine impact of an intervention on dyslexia. 

Randomised control trial study design has been utilised in this research paper to determine impact of an intervention on dyslexia (Duff et al. 2014).

This research paper has been utilised statistical method bootstrapping to analyse collected data, however, process and justification of data analysis have not been mentioned in methodology section. 

This research paper does not implement any biases and mentions any confounding factors during study design.

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