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Leadership Individual Written Report Assignment Sample

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Interduction - Leadership Individual Written Report Assignment

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Leadership is a skill where a leader give direction to his/her followers in order to attain goals set by organisation. Most of the people consider that leader and manager are same thing but there is a huge difference between their personality and working style. This report is based on a case study and it will also included various styles of leadership. Emotional intelligence and its utilisation will become part of this assignment. Values relating to growing places will get cover in this file (Nahavandi and Afsaneh). This project will discuss about some decisions with has direct connection with the cases study.


Leadership styles

Personality of every individuals is different, this can be considered as the main reason that there is a huge difference between leadership styles of two person. It can happen because of various reasons like education, experience, knowledge etc. Laymen may think that their is a sound connection between leading followers and management but they are not synonymy. One can find various techniques and principles which are not available in book on management subject. Following are some of the popular types of leadership styles:

Democratic – In this method, a leader involve his/her subordinate in the process of decision making. They give importance to their advice and give reward to those give valuable suggestions. In this manner, employees feel their importance in company and they get motivated to improve their performance so they can earn more money. Skills of all the subordinates are used under this leadership style. Most of the plans are made by combining efforts of both sides.

Laissez-Faire – Under this method, a leader eave most of the things in the hand of his/her subordinates. This form is only effective when employees are experience and they already contained desired skills which is necessary for performing a task. Leading person has to keep an eye on his/her subordinates so they do not go off track and do their work in right manner (Madsen and Susan, pp.3-10). In this situation, a leader do not have much control over his/her team which is not a positive point.

Transactional – This approach is based on an assumption that all the subordinates are agree to obey orders given by their leader. He/she has right to punish them in case they do not follow the pre- determined plans. This style face issues relating to job satisfaction, they do not have anything in their control but they can get money and other rewards if they improve their productivity.

Autocratic – Under this style, leader do not involve their employee in decision making process and hardly take any suggestions from them. He/she may use his/her creativity but do not give much importance to the experience and innovative ideas of subordinates. It can be effective in unskilled jobs but in present era its importance is going down (Northouse and Peter).

In present case, Rob is using autocratic style of leadership where he does not think of other people and employee much and implement the plans which he think is appropriate. Although his plans are working but still there is a big question mark on his way of doing. He made a some irresponsible comment in-front of a news report which can be considered as the prime reason that his company, Growing places, earned lot of negative publicity because of his statement. His organisation is working in a business of Child Care industry where they have to deal with small children and some infant child also. If Rob will make such an irresponsible comment patient client will think that his organisation do not take their work seriously.

Leadership style of Rob is inappropriate because he holds a key position in organisation so before making any comment he should think twice specially in-front of media. The industry where they are operating is severely affected by news published by media because parents never compromise life of their child. They do not want to take any risk regarding their children so they will not consider better facilities which Rob's company is providing like lactation room (Solomon and Michael). His tone of communication was in appropriate specially in front of Delores, who is head of PR team at Thrivand. Rob made a irresponsible comment in front of her that they do not give much attention to the children ''who can ask for Coke by themselves''. Evan, the founder of company, had to get involve in this issue so he can control the damage done by Rob. He also made some comment when he was addressing with workers which was against the employee of the organisation, if he had any problem than he could say it in a locked room.

Emotional Intelligence

Most of the people mainly focus on experience and skill when they try to recruit a person of a post like CEO. In this era, this thinking is losing its charm because their are some other areas which are needed to be consider at the time of selecting a person who has to deal with lot of problematic and complex situation (Hoffman and Brian, pp.347-381). Emotional intelligence is related to self awareness and social skills which a person possess in his/her personality. It deals with the controlling emotions and handling relation with other people of society. If a leader do not have complete knowledge about his nature and feelings than he/she may not deal with problematic situation effectively. Normally people lose their calm and get frustrated when things do not go according to them but if someone has high emotional intelligence than he/she can turn the table in eleven hours. Following are the ways by which Rob could develop his EI:

Attention towards behaviour – He should focus on emotional awareness by noticing his day to day life. He need to analyses his communication skills on continuous basis so he can take find various mistake which he commit at the time of interacting with any person. In present scenario, Rob do not care much about other people who are working with him. He need to put himself in the position of other so he can understand various challenges which other employee face at the time of execution of customised instructions (Herman and Warren, pp.2827-2835).

Take responsibility – Rob is also a human being, he can also commit mistakes but the thought that he should keep in his mind at the workplace is that whenever he commit a blunder he should responsibility of it. Right now, he does not care about feelings of other people like employees and do not think about apologising to them. This will help him in developing soft skills which is must needed part in his personality.

Do not react, respond – Rob need to understand difference between two terms and than practice how to the skill of giving response can be developed. He can ask his employee to stop him whenever they feel that he is making any appropriate comment, gradually this will help him making less number of irresponsible comments.

Values associated with childcare industry

Emotions are given more priority if it is compared to intelligence in childcare industry because children need love instead of good management policy. One of the major values in this sector is related growth of kids without any fear, if they are abused at young age than it can make a negative impact on life for a long period of time. All the risk relating to health and safety should be analysed at a child care company so their security can be assured. If they suffered a trauma than organisation should assist them in recovering from this problematic situation (Amy and Green, pp.771-777). Sometime firms operating in this industry do not give much attention to a child who can do some tasks by himself. This is against the value of this sector because all the children all entitled to receive same treatment and things like discrimination have to be avoided.

Every young one need respect, they need love instead of logic so staff of an organisation should have proper training about how to nurture a kid. Management of a company should try to keep workers happy because if they have any problem at workplace than if will get reflect in their job. Children must receive good basic education and knowledge because at this age whatever they will learn, will become a part of their personality. They need to tell them how to participate in social life so a boy or girl do not feel isolated at the time of growing word. It is the responsibility if childcare company to save children from any type of bad influence.

Some of the values of this industry are against the working style of Rob. He was the main reason that staff of the Growing places were ready to leave the organisation because they were disagree with the thinking and offensive comments of their CEO. Discrimination is a serious offence in childcare sector but after analysing Rob's comment relating to Coke, it is clear that when a kid is bit growth up and can do some activities by himself than Growing places stop care about them and at this point the problem of discrimination starts (Fallon, pp.8-20). When employees of cited organisation gave a threat that they may quit, it can easily be predicted that development of children hampered and the risk of bad influence on their life also got enhanced. Rob was running a childcare company like a profit making organisation, he was not emotionally attracted to the work. His main aim is to use management principles and increase business of the enterprise which is a secondary this in this industry.

Decision on Rob

Rob has done impressive work for the organisation. Evan accepted that in before Rob, he felt that every quarter was like their last one as they have to face many difficulties relating to finance and growth of business. Rob started some programmes which got lot of appreciation from their customers and they earned a strong position in their industry. But one need to consider all the argument before taking an important decision (Dinh, Jessica and Robert, pp.651-669). Rob made some comments against employees of the organisation which were completely inappropriate. Staff threaten that he do not take his words back than they will leave company. Rob made plans but workers are the one who executed them so they must get equal credit for the success. He also made irresponsible comments in front of a Delores, head of PR at Thrivand which can be considered as the main reason that their shares prices were going down because this was not the first time he did something like this.

In childcare industry, one can make effective plans but if company fail to earn trust of parents than they can not run business according to their plans. Rob was the main reason that some of the customer did not prefer Growing places because they lost faith in this company. Rob do not deserve another shot because in upcoming time he is blunt and do not think about other people. Employees of organisation are against his attitude so Evan should convince board to let him go. In present scenario, they have good reputation and funds so they can hire someone who is from same industry and have better emotional intelligence (Abraham and Pauline, pp.306-312). A leader should listen to other people who are working in company, he must respect them and do not insult them in public. These are some of the main and basic principles of leadership which Rob failed to follow. His time in Growing Places is over and Evan should start search of next CEO. He is the founder of company so if he think that thinks are out of his hands than it is the right time that he should remove Rob from his position.


At the end, it can be concluded that a person can possess good managerial skills and take organisation to a next level but if he/she does not have basic skills like 'how to talk in front of media or how to deal with employees' than most of his/her efforts will go in vain. In childcare industry emotional intelligence is given more priority compared to talent and experience that is present in a person.

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