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Microsoft's Early Years: Developing Interpreters for the Altair 8800 Assignment Sample

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Microsoft Evolution: From Early Beginnings to a Global Technology Leader

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A company that was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was introduced to develop and sell primary interpreters for Altair 8800. Microsoft is a multinational computer technology corporation. In the years 1975-1985, the company created Microsoft and from 1985-1994 it created our well-known windows and office then how the time flows Microsoft introduced more software like Microsoft azure, windows XP, windows vista, windows 95, and many more. Microsoft released Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft Edge, and HoloLens in 2014. As of 2022, the corporation had 221,000 employees, indicating its current level of success. When it comes to the software industry, Microsoft is among the biggest names. Bill Gates developed it in 1975. The headquarters of Microsoft were located in the UK. Helping people and businesses succeed is central to Microsoft's mission, and the company places a high priority on contributing to humanity's full potential. Microsoft, as a major software developer, has a special obligation to society and its employees. What Microsoft starts makes an impact on people's lives, in their neighborhoods, in their workplaces, and their countries. Microsoft is a multinational firm that has a significant economic and social impact on the world. This contribution is based on the advancement of information technology. For the sake of the communities Microsoft serves, the company also offers its staff members training in the latest technologies and plenty of opportunities for personal and professional growth. In their view, combating climate change is an important corporate responsibility. Businesses and individuals all over the world might benefit from the use of environmental improvement software and technology. Microsoft's mission is to reduce the negative effects of its operations and products and inspire responsible environmental leadership (Simanjuntak, et al.,2022). This company has evaluated itself in a different way which has been appreciated by the consumers as well as the market.

Part 1 


Microsoft was created by Bill Gates in the year 1975 on April 4. Microsoft is an American company that produces consumer electronics, computer software, personal computers, cloud computing services, and offices to keep an enterprise’s details. Microsoft has more than 600 offices over the world. Microsoft hired more than 56,104 employees across the world. This is a globally known company. Microsoft is around 47 years old, and over these years it has had a remarkable change in its history. Microsoft’s 7Ps of marketing focus on the product which is an important element in the market and that compensates other products with its qualities. In 2021, Microsoft brought a game changer, the Surface Pro 8 into the market, which was undoubtedly a success, re-establishing the company as one of the leading brands in the software field. Within a year, Microsoft brought the Surface Pro 9 tablet into the market, with several interesting updates which make the product worth considering. 

Apart from this Microsoft is funded by its two investors, Microsoft and Technology Venture Investors. Microsoft has made 178 investments this year. As per the research of the Venture series Microsoft has raised around $1M in funding in one round. The company has built up an ecosystem that provides the scopes from hardware to software and operating system.

Digital Transformation Drives: 

Digital Transformation is the process of developing a company in a vast area. This changes the business module and adapts new things to implement in the business. While many industries are adopting various technologies Microsoft stays ahead of others. Globally the company has successfully converted its desktop office and windows license that occurs a competitive advantage.

  • Customer Experience: Customer experience is the main key factor for Digital Transformation. This helps to know the company to update its products and satisfy customers. Microsoft gives more importance to customer experiences. They directly connect with the customers in terms of ownership of customer data. Microsoft has its ecosystem for customer experience. Microsoft has a management team who efficiently handles all the problems with new launches and offers customers a better service. While the company was in distress on launching Office 365, the management team handled and figured out the problem. The company emphasizes the customer experience and it makes a strategy that concurs a drastic change in the business growth.
  • Competition: One of the top companies is Microsoft’s competitors. Like Google, Amazon, etc. To maintain its competitive edge Microsoft always uses different strategies in its business. They have a strong competitive advantage which protects them from its rival. Microsoft’s intellectual properties like patents and proprietary software codes contribute depth to its business module. Microsoft uses differentiation to avail its generic strategy for competitive advantage. This differentiation involves the unique products which are produced to sell to a wide variety of customers. Microsoft Competes with its Rivals to maintain its sustainability in the market.
  • Innovation: The technology industry has a large growth in software and other gadgets. Microsoft has innovated more than 25 unique products which makes them a digitally transformed company. Their innovation strategy should address culture, process, and enabling technology. Microsoft innovated its own office which is supremely great service. The major innovations of Microsoft are Holoportation and Microsoft pix which is an excellent camera that ensures it looks the best. These elements helped the company to develop its products and include digital transformation in its module. Also, Microsoft takes the initiative to innovate more new things and challenge its rivals. 


There are many opportunities for Microsoft which can be availed by the company. The main thing is their cloud business growth and its chances of expansion. This service immersed huge growth in a w years, and consumers are responding to his product very much. So, it will be a neat opportunity to take it in a big place. Another important component is creating innovation in many areas like artificial intelligence. This will be a great scope to implement in business and make the business larger. Microsoft can focus on their partnering with brands which will enable the company to gain a high market. The main opportunity to enhance the company’s growth is by increasing the flow to enter the smartphone industry. Another major point is remote work solutions. The main opportunity of the company is they have gained the ability to conduct the scope of meeting the competitive advantage and it is very evident that MS products has made consumer’s life easy.


There are many challenges which are faced by Microsoft while innovating new things in the market (Herzig, et al,.2022). Microsoft team is trying to make consumers’ life easy so that they can enable their productivity and collaborate with efficiency. Microsoft faced many challenges while preparing an adoption strategy. The implementation of AI causes many difficulties in the growth of the company. Poor acquisition and investment have been faced by the company during the global pandemic. There are many of intense competition in the software industry its major rivals are google, amazon, apple, etc. The other rivals company like Oppo, Xiaomi, Samsung, etc provides their smartphones with the same feature at a lower price. Microsoft faced this challenge from the very first day and also Microsoft is so user-friendly like other brands like Samsung, oppo, and one plus. Consumers or users prefer to use another brand over Microsoft. Apart from this, there are many more challenges that have been faced by Microsoft over the years. One of the remarkable times was when the global pandemic occurred due to covid-19 and it affected the growth of businesses and harmed their productivity. The economic scale has been formed differently.

Management of Challenges:

Microsoft adapts newer technologies to improve its cyber security and its emphasis on its business module. In the global pandemic, Microsoft faced many losses but overcome them with its skills. company is adept at storing information. Microsoft has emerged with the technology to avail the resources. The main reason for Microsoft’s success is its management team. This management team helps to solve problems and helps to evaluate the success of companies. Microsoft is one of the top companies in the digital transformation industry. It has its competitors but with the help of its unique business model and structure, Microsoft can meet its competitive edge. The leadership quality of Microsoft’s leaders is the key to success. Leaders always listen to their employee’s opinions and this makes Microsoft ready to innovate and produce newer things. Another main reason is their time management. In many cases, the Microsoft team solved any problem within a short period which help them to satisfy customers. This makes the company sustainable. To create an efficient management strategy the company also needs a team of creative yet methodical employees who will handle the teamwork with excellence. The team has connected and allowed us to be cooperative and fight against the issue. The company has shifted its work schedules as per the need of the organization.

Part 2

Emerging Technologies in Microsoft:

Microsoft has a drastic change in technology development. It has introduced many new devices that help them compete with others. Microsoft’s next technology development aim will be to insert Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in their module. The top Microsoft technologies are Microsoft Azure, Microsoft NET, MS dynamic 365, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Biztalk, MS SQL Server, etc (Romadhoni et al.,).

Cloud Computing means delivering computer services including storage, Server, and databases. Also, this contains networking, software, analytics, and intelligence. There are three MS clouds – Azure, Dynamic 365, and Ms 365. Microsoft Azure is the leading cloud computing platform in the market (Gupta, et al.,2021). This provides an integrated service to manage data. This cloud will help to achieve public, private, and hybrid cloud computing. MS Dynamic 365 is the next-generation cloud with intelligent access to data. This a great business application to manage customers. This Cloud will manage the business and simplify IT Management. With its help of it, the business will have streamline. MS dynamic is powerful software along with ERP Solutions. This has a smart search feature that helps to access accounting and also it is very easy to use and also it can be implemented to use the hybrid cloud. The major benefit of this cloud is its built-in analytics. The third cloud is Microsoft 365. It is a service that provides

150% ROI. Office 365 can provide consumer Businesses with the ability to handle the accounts with technology. It has all tools to work with efficiency. A business can have access to every section from anywhere and anytime (Bui, et al., 2022).

Justification and Rationale:

Microsoft is a company that has a goal to create a revolution in diversity. It includes the creation of an environment which helped people to use their services in daily life and ill will make their life easy. Microsoft has its own 1TB Cloud storage which makes them completely different from others. Microsoft Word is a widely famous tool that is used in every sector it makes the experience better. (Correa,2020) Microsoft Office is extremely famous among consumers. It is used in academics as well as in big organizations. One of the major reasons for Microsoft’s success is its easy accessibility. The vital motive behind this business is to create a competitive advantage and grow the business through various innovative products. The main reasoning behind the motive of Microsoft is that they want to provide a systematic actional program to its customers which will implement the business strategies and come up with various opportunities in the market.


Stiff competition from other market players like Apple Linux poses a real challenge to the growth. Hardware manufacturers like Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and IBM have found new collaborators for platform technologies reducing the importance of Microsoft products and applications. The issue of their pre-bundled programs on their hardware by manufacturers like Oracle, IBM, and Apple has affected the importance of Microsoft products significantly. The absence of a strong presence on mobile phones, hand-held computers, and other wireless products for internet access is a serious threat to the growth of the business. Unauthorized or illegal trading in unlicensed products undermines the scope of expanding the business. During the development stage, the company failed to anticipate growth opportunities on the Internet and lost a major share to Google. Dependency on hardware manufacturers to pre-install Microsoft products in their personal computers and other hardware products. Perceived by many as an unethical corporation involved in destroying the competitors’ market position by unethical means. Lost reputation because of legal entanglements in anti-trust cases. (Warner, et al., 2019). Microsoft is changing the world by shifting them.


After this report, it is evident that Microsoft has evaluated its strategy to implement an innovation in its business. It has changed the business model over years. Microsoft has enabled the opportunity to exhale its threats and emphasis its growth. To conclude this report, it is having to be said that Microsoft has maintained its productivity and development over the years. The motive of Microsoft was to make their consumer’s life easy. Through their products and unique strategies, they have managed to get a competitive advantage. The competitive advantage helped the company to fight against its rivals who will take its place in the market. The main important to be remembered is their customer care support, they have enhanced their business model as well as their growth. They adopt new technologies and add extra value to their products which makes them different from others. The last thing is Microsoft should enhance its cloud computing system as it is its USP. Apart from this, the organization has emerged in vast areas but it should also invest in digital marketing and advertisements. If they invest in this, then it will help them to make great revenue out of it. The company has emerged with the capabilities to achieve better opportunities that will help the company to succeed.


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