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Data Mining Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Leveraging Data Analytics to Enhance Tourism in Australia Assignment Sample

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This presentation will be explaining the role of data mining technology in improvement of tourism sector in Australia. SWOT analysis will be performed to analyse the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the tourism sector related to the data mining technology. Various benefits of the data mining technology will be provided in the presentation.

DATA Mining

Data mining technology can be considered as information management and analysis software that can be used to find useful data and conclusion form huge data set. In the data mining process various type of data can be analysed through this technology. Data Mining technology used to analyse the past experience data and information to find relation between different variables. This relations and data patterns can be used by the data mining software to relate this data to the current situation. This is how data mining can be considered as artificial intelligence technology that can be used to predict possible future conditions.



  • This system is most effective to find relation between information and data variables.
  • Better analysis can be produced with help of data mining.
  • All past experiences are considered in this system to prevent similar situation again
  • This process can improve the decision making process of the organizations.


  • Data Mining technology is slightly costly and required efficient hardware for installation.
  • Highly skilled people are required to implement and operate data mining system in organization.
  • Data base of the organization should be reliable and authentic for effective report.
  • Forecasting provided by the system could be misleading sometimes due to error in data analysis and processing stage.


  • International tourism related data can be used in the data mining process to get better over view of tourism related forecasting.
  • This technology or system can be implemented on the vast level to get better results.
  • More variable information can be added to the system in order to get effective result.


  • Data privacy and security is major risk with the data mining process.
  • Cyber-attacks can affect the security of people and their personal information.

Results that are generated by data mining technology can be misused.


There are different benefits of data mining process that can help the government and tourism sector to generate higher profit. Some of the major benefits of the data mining technology are-

  • Effective to Predict Future Trends- This technology is most effective to predict future trends on basis of the past experiences. Data mining can provide better forecasting for future demands and supply needs. It can also reduce the errors in the operations and decision making process.
  • Customer Behaviour Tracking- Data mining technology can be used by the organization and government to analyse and track the behaviour of the tourists to make effective decisions in business process.
  • Decision Making Process- Data mining technology is highly effective at decision making process. It can help the authorities to make effective decision on basis of past data.


This presentation was concluding importance of data mining technology for the tourism sector. Brief overview of data mining has been provided. SWOT analysis of Data Mining technology has been performed to analyse the capability of the technology. Various benefits of the technology also has been provided in the presentations.


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