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Analysis of Woolworths Motor Vehicle Insurance: Issues, Opportunities and Recommendations

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1. Introduction

1.1 Background of project

companies nowadays are facing various problems related to the management of service to the customers. They are also facing issues with the characteristics of the management as well as employee relations issues. The experts addressed that these issues of the employees are overlooked and it is not suitable for the company (Janquitto, 2021). The present study will help to describe the current situation as well as recognise the problems within the motor vehicle insurance issues. The study will discuss the issues related to car insurance that has been seen within a company. Woolworths company is the most famous company or Australia and it has a great chain of grocery systems, insurance as well as product services.

1.2 Introduction to the organisation

Woolworths is one of the most important food retailers in Australia and this company presently offers various insurance products and travel insurance is one of them. The main aim of this company is to provide affordable as well as straightforward coverage (Adam & Hikmah, 2020). Woolworths Car Insurance gives various options and these are suitable for customers. The products of Woolworths are underwritten by the largest insurer, the “Hollard Insurance Company” which is situated in Australia. This company serves various insurance offers to the customers so that they can get the value of the insurance. The car insurance of Woolworths provides great value for the money of the customers. They provide various flexible cover options for customers and for cars (Dang et al. 2020). The company provides car insurance policies in a modified way and the study will analyse various lacunas of them and ways to fix them also.

1.3 Purpose and importance of the project

The main purpose of this project or research is that prevailing the difficulties that are faced by Woolworths Limited in the insurance field of car services. The project will discuss the problems related to car insurance and will provide suggestions to overcome them (Demir, Turetken & Ferworn, 2019). This report is very useful for understanding the reasons of the insurance problem as they fell light on the theories and ideas.

The importance of this project lies in the fact that it will discover the issues of Woolworths in the field of motor vehicle insurance. After discussing the issues, it will provide solutions so that the company can perform better in future without the mentioned problems (Kannengiesser & Gero, 2019). It mainly discussed teh challenges as well as obstacles faced by the company that is important so that the workflow is not lost. The presentation of the challenges will help to remove the problem and in maintaining the positive atmosphere of the place. 

1.4 Major sections of the project report

This report covers different sections such as the famous company, and Woolworths’ motor vehicle insurance factors. It also describes the challenges faced by the company and ways to overcome it. There is the presentation of the framework and methods of overcoming the challenges (Kiragu, 2019). The article will give an analysis of the problems and findings related to the problems. These are the purpose as well as objects related to the article and there lies the importance of the project.

2. Review of theories and frameworks

2.1 Business theories

The company Woolworths have a huge workforce and they mainly focuses on the delivery of service. Teh globally spread business is a platform that wanted to provide various service to the customers and that is why they started to give insurance service (Moshiri, 2019). Motorvehicle insurance service is one of them and their inert contribution in this field had sometimes faces some issues. Some of the issues are huge competition of other car insurance companies and lack of customer support. The presentation of two theories will help to describe the fact in a great way. The two important theories here are “System Theory and Conflict Theory”. The organisation will have to update their software as the insurance workflow needed an improved insurance infrastructure (Porrini, Fusco & Magazzino, 2020). The company will have to set a developed technology for their car insurance services so that they can give better services to the customers.

Figure 1: System Theory

(Source: Ruben, 2018)

“The System Theory” is an important theory that is related to the study of the system that is interdisciplinary in nature. This theory gives importance to the matter of the interactions as well as the relationships between the parts of the organisation (Ruben, 2018). This matter will help to improve the functions as well as outcomes of the organisations and this theory can help here to focus the problems of Woolworths. This theory is important because it gives method to describe the system that is homeostatic. It can improve the behavius of the employees of the company and can further improve the overall performance of it related to the car insurance (Rusu, 2020). It gives various solutions to the motor vehicle insurance of the company as it focuses on teh technical systems of the company. 

Figure 2: Conflict Theory

(Source: Rydman et al. 2018) 

“The Conflict Theory” deals about the cometition on teh groups and it gives focus on the resources that are limited. This theory illustrates the social and economical view and it presents the inequity as well as dominance of the class that ruled over. This theory can help the company to make competition and to control the inequalities (Rydman et al. 2018). It will help the company to improve their issues related to the motorvehicle insurance and to remove the problem. It will help the company to focus on teh limited resources and to improve their issues related to this matter.

The maintenance of a loyal clint base is necessary here for taking care of the needs of the customers. Woolworths Limited have recently started this business of insurance and that is why they are facing such issues the maintenance of a proper clint base will help them to improve their business issues (communicationtheory, 2022). The implementation of an environment in the office for the employee can be a solution for this matter as it can help to improve the issues with discussion. Therefore, the implementation of a “user-friendly network for teh staffs” is an essential factor. This matter will help to improve the performance of the overall team as well as the company so that they can provide better insurance services to the customers.

2.2 Analytical frameworks

2.2.1 Qualitative method

“Qualitative method” is considered to be an important method for the analysis of data and it discussed teh research of the market. It focuses on collecting the data through conversational communication as well as open conversation. This type of method is called the multidimensional method and it focuses on the matter very efficiently (insurance.Woolworths, 2022). It consisted of an approach which is interpretative as well as naturalistic. The researchers of this method mainly research things in a setting that is natural. They try to make sense as well as interpret the phenomena in a way so that people can understand them. It announces the method of “secondary qualitative research” and it is an important phenomenon in this field. The “secondary data method” is considered to be the method where the data has been collected secondarily.

A primary collected the data and when they were used by the other one for the purpose of the research, then it is called the secondary method of data. This matter refers that the data are already available here and someone has made an analysis of it. The sources of data collection are several books, journals, and newspapers, as well as journals (Rydman et al. 2018). The most important part here is that they can be published or unpublished data. On the other hand, it is important to note that the two approaches qualitative as well as quantitative are different here. The quantitative approach focuses on teh quantity of the matter whereas the qualitative approach gives importance to the quality of the research. Here, in this study, the “secondary qualitative approach” has been chosen for discussing the research.

2.2.2 Systematic Literature Review

“Systematic Literature Review” or SLR is an important approach here and it identifies the research for giving answers to some of the selected quastiopns related to the matter. This approach follow a protocol that has defined clearly by mainyaining the criteria (Ruben, 2018). SLR mainly defines the identification of the publications and the reason for their eligibility. A framework of analysis is combined with two aspects and they are the “theoretical and conceptual framework”. Here, it is mentioned that the former one precedes the latter one and provides a general as well as visual representation of the topic. Here the framework of cncepot discussed about the scope and purpose of teh research and the way of exploring the provblems (Porrini, Fusco & Magazzino, 2020). It included five main characteristics such as the association, intuitive, local, focused, and interactive. In this study, two important frameworks have been mentioned for the analysis of it.

Normally, two methods like “Qualitative and Quiantitative” has been used for the analysis of study. Here, the analytical framework of “Secondary Qualitative Method and Systematic Literature Review” (Moshiri, 2019). These are the two most important framework for this study that will help to understand the issues of the company related to the insurance sector. Here, the most important factor is that the data analysis is made based on these two methods.

3. Methodology and methods

3.1 Case study research methodology

The present research is based in the company Woolworths and it is a famous Australian retail company. This company now focuses on the insurances services for giving variety of service to the customers. The most important factor is that the company provides motorvehicle service ad for this they have facinmg issues like customers support and competition (Kiragu, 2019). These issues are faced by teh company and that is the reason iof this research to get solution of the problem. Some competitors of this company are Walmart as well as Tesco and they are considered to be globally developed companies that is the reason Woolworths will have to improve their service by resolving the issues. The “secondary qualitative research method” will help the company in getting an analysis of the research and solving their issues.

Woolworths has proved as a globally developed company and it acquires good service qualities. The huge number of employees of this company helps in offering service and that is the reason of the development of another branch of motor vehicle insurance. The issues faced by the company will be resolved with the application of the several theories and frameworks in it.

3.2 Secondary data

Data colection referred to a process of information gathering and they are collectd from the relevant sources. The purpose of it is to find solution for the problem related to the research. It assists in evaluating the problem’s outcome and this process helps a person in getting an answer. In this research, the secondary method of data colectiobn has been chosen (Kannengiesser & Gero, 2019). This process refers to the collected data by someone and the uses does not collected the data. It indicates that the informations are already present and the sources are journals, newspapers, magazines, books and they can be found in the form of published or unpublished. The journals, business documents, public records are considered to be the published data whereas letters, diaries, as well as biographies are the unpublished datas.

3.3 Analytical framework

In this study a method has been applied for analysisng the research or the data. The method is the “Qualitative method” that helps in the research of the study. Mainly two types of method has found based on the research of any kind of study and they are the “Quantitative and Qualitative Method”. The first on gives importance of the quantity of the research whereas the second one focuses on the research quality (Dang et al. 2020). Here the mst important factor is that the study focuses on the “Qualitative research” amd it is useful for the study. This is the most important part of the study that can help the earners to know the importance of the research. It presents that quality of teh research matters most than the mode of quantity of the research. Therefore, the chosen style for this research is an important factor for descfibing the research in a good way. 

4. Analysis and findings

4.1 Strengths and weaknesses of Woolworths Insurance

Woolworths is one of the leading business organizations in Australia that started to increase business all over the world and in recent times this organization introduces their insurance operations for motor vehicles. In terms of car or any type of motor vehicle insurance, this organization has provided a great deal to the customers that are very attractive. In terms of flows of cash as well as collisions, this organization gives several benefits which include new or old replacement facilities.

The replacement of the car will be done within 24 hours to the registered owner of the car. The company also provides facilities for repairing others' cars for up to $20m (Longhi & Nanni, 2020). The company provides remuneration in case the can of an individual is attempted theft or it is damaged by several cases like storms, floods as well as earthquakes. Apart from that, the organization provides up to $500 for accident facilities for an individual property. All the facilities of this company are considered as the strength that attracts the customers greatly. Apart from that, this car insurance company provides a lock and car replacement with the value of $1000 in case it is stolen from the registered owner. In the case of trailers or caravans, the organization will provide up to $1000 if the car is damaged. In case of emergency travel, the company charges over 200 km for $500 in case the car is somehow stolen. For the essential repair purpose, the registered owners can restore the up to $500.

Figure 3: Market consumption of Woolworths car insurance

(Source: Hanafy, & Ming 2021)

The car insurance sector in Australia is increasing gradually. There are several leading organizations in the car insurance sector of Australia and they have also stated their business performances all over the world. According to recent research, it is disclosed that the motor vehicle insurance of Woolworths is in the leading position in this sector as it consumes more than 37% of the car insurance sector (Hanafy, & Ming 2021). Apart from that, Coles consumes more than 30%, IGA has been able to capture around 7.4% and ALDI has consumed more than 9%. Apart from that, the other insurance companies in Australia consumed more than 15% of the car insurance sector in this country.

4.2 Similarities and differences between Woolworths Insurance with other companies




Hire car after theft

Up to $50/day

Up to $75/day

Repairing in an emergency



Costs for accommodation and travel in an emergency



Replacement of new car

In case car is written in initial 2 years for authentic registration 

Only in case car is written in initial 2 years

Replacement of grocery



Replacement of keys



Assistance roadside emergency



Table 1: Similarities and differences between Woolworths Insurance with other companies

(Source: insurance.woolworths, 2022)

According to the following table, it is seen that the coverage and facility of “Woolworths car insurance” are compared with Coles, which is considered as the leading retailer in Australia. It is seen that in most cases, the car insurance company provides a great facility to the registered owners of the car compared to other countries (insurance.woolworths, 2022). “Woolworths Insurance” mainly claims straight coverage for helping the registered owners of the motor vehicle. This organization does not only provide insurance coverage for cars but also provides insurance coverage on homes, and pets as well as different types of life insurance coverages (Ravasan & Mansouri, 2018). On the other hand, Coles, the leading insurance organization, provides customers with an added advantage in terms of flybys, groceries and many other cases.

The underwriter of Woolworths is “The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd” while for Coles it is “Insurance Australia Limited”. Both insurance companies operate their business performances all over the country. On the other hand, Coles provides several types of business facilities like comprehensive, comprehensive plus along with “third party fire & theft” as well as “third party damage”.

Both companies allow compensation facilities in terms of car damage caused by different types of natural calamities as well as accidents. Apart from that, these two companies provide compensation facilities in terms of car theft or attempted theft. In terms of car hiding after theft Woolworths provides up to $50 while Coles provides up to $50 for a single day (Hanafy, & Ming 2021). In terms of repairing in an emergency as well as costs for accommodation and travel in an emergency both companies provide $500.

Woolworth provides the facilities for the replacement of new cars within the two initial years to the registered owners of the car and Coles provides them within the initial 2 years. Both organizations provide $1,000 for the replacement of the lock and key while individuals both companies provide coverage of $500 (Longhi & Nanni, 2020). In terms of the trailer as well as caravan coverage both the companies provide $1,000 and they do not allow any coverage in paying discount as well a multicolour facility. In terms of grocery replacement coverage, Woolworths does not provide any kind of facilities to the customers while Coles provides coverage for $200.

4.2 Impact of the competitive business market on the revenue of Woolworths Insurance

The impact of competitive business sectors in terms of car insurance has greatly affected the business performance of Woolworths. Apart from that, Woolworth is one of the leading business organizations in the sector of car insurance. Customers can receive around $70 for a single day which is lower than other car insurance organizations like Coles (Pütz et al. 2019). “Drive Less Pay Less” is the most attractive coverage facility that guides the organization to hold the leading position in the Australian car insurance sector (Yun et al. 2020). Apart from that, the organization provides facilities to the owners who drive a car mot more than 27 km and that qualify the insurance facilities for comprehensive cars.

Figure 4: Market growth of Woolworth

(Source: Meyers & Hoyweghen, 2020)

The business performance of Woolworths in the Australian motor vehicle insurance sector is gradually increasing. According to recent research, it is disclosed that at the initial stage of 2009 the daily rewards and the flyBuys of the organization were respectively 24% and 14% and it was increased to 25% and 24% (Meyers & Hoyweghen, 2020). In the middle of 2011, the percentage rate of these two factors was increased to respectively 30% as well as 25% and in 2013 this percentage was increased to 34% as well as 33%.

Figure 5: Sales of car insurance in different countries

(Source: (Meyers & Hoyweghen, 2020)

Car insurance is in trend in different countries all over the world. According to recent research, it is disclosed that, in Australia, a great number of people are attracted to car insurance as they have to pay a great number of expenses for car accidents, replacements as well as new car providence. It is seen that the car insurance rate in the US is 822 in terms of cars per capita and this country is in the leading position. On the other hand, Australia is in the second position with a per capita of around 775 and in the third position is Japan with a per capita of 614 (Macedo et al. 2021). It is seen that the car per capita is most dependent on the facility of the car insurance company of the country as well as their insurance coverage guidelines. The time of covering compensations is another important factor that increases the rate of car insurance within a country boundary.

4.4 Problems and opportunities of Woolworths Insurance

Several issues or problems can be seen in the organization of “Woolworths Insurance Company” and the problems are mainly related to the customer service facilities. The principal problems of this company are that it mainly focuses on traditional business operations rather than contemporary business performances (Lesage et al. 2020). Apart from that, this organization always wants to make all the coverage facilities available for any kind of customer so that their price rate is lower than the other insurance company.

In that case, the organization sometimes faces business loss because of the increasing cost of operations. Apart from that, the customer engagement rate is 5.6% which is lower than other insurance companies (Lesage et al. 2020). Technological advancement is another significant problem that can be seen in the current situation of the organization. According to recent research, it is seen that due to technological advancement, the annual revenue of the company will be reduced to 3.9% in 2021 from the previous year (Kozminykh, 2019). Apart from that, increased competition is another significant problem of the organization which guides the reduction of market consumption.

The opportunities of this organization are the rate of customer engagement that guides to improve the position as well as sales revenue in the Australian motor vehicle insurance sector. Apart from that, the rate of engagement of customers is 13.5% which is an increase from 12% from the previous year (Neumann et al. 2019). Apart from that, another great opportunity for this business organization is intellectual business performance. The innovative business strategy of this organization is always innovative because it has been done after proper market research.

Discussion and implications

Theme 1: Business intelligence of “Woolworth car insurance”

This organization is always known for its innovative business strategies that guide the improvement of the operation policy of the company and also leads to the increment of the business growth as well as annual sales revenue. It is disclosed from recent research, that the organization follows a “differentiation strategy” to successfully operate the business (Neumann et al. 2019). In the current situation, the organization consumed more than 37% of the market of the car insurance sector (Hashem, 2022). Apart from that, this organization mainly focuses on consumers with high-income earnings that provide a competitive advantage to the organization. This particular factor also affects the revenue of the organization as this company avoids the middle or lower earners in the country of Australia.

Theme 2: Insurance coverage of Woolworth on increasing customer engagement rate

The provided insurance cover of the organization has a great impact on the increasing customer engagement rate of the company. This organization provides different types of insurance coverage to its customers like comprehensive, “drive less and pay less” as well as “third party fire and theft” which easily attracts the customers and it leads to an increase in the rate of customer engagement of the organization.

Figure 6: Growth of sales of “Woolworth car insurance”

(Source: Hashem, 2022)

According to the research made by the “Australian Business Fobes”, it is disclosed that the expenses of the organization increased gradually with the year, for example, in 2021, the expenses of the organization in terms of insurance coverage was $29.78 million and that was increased to $41.45 million in 2016. In the year 2020, the amount of insurance coverage was $51.50 million which was increased by around 20% from the previous year (Gupta et al. 2020). It is expected that the amount will increase by $60 million by the end of the year 2023.

Theme 3: Reduction of annual revenue due to outdated technical infrastructure

The technical infrastructure of this company is not updated and that is why the organization faces several issues in terms of performing business performances. Apart from that, this organization used traditional technical pieces of equipment as well as advanced tools for maintaining business operations. In the current situation, the rate of customer engagement in the organization is around 13.5% but it is expected that by 2025 this rate will increase from 15 to 16% (Günther et al. 2019). According to recent research, it is seen that after the implementation of new tools and technologies the operation techniques will also affect the organizational efficiency as well as improve the sustainability of the company in the competitive business market. 


There are great implications of all these factors on the business performances of “Woolworths car insurance” and these factors also affect the sales as well as annual revenue income aspects. Apart from that, the $62.12 billion in 2021 was increased from $51.12 B of the previous year (Gunadi et al. 2021). This organization covers more than ? of the market in the car insurance sector in Australia that is because of the amount of insurance coverage.


Recommendation 1: For the improvement of the business operations, it is very important for this organization to appoint a research and development team. This team can focus on the proper market research that is helpful in implementing proper strategy which leads to the organization's success (Gunadi et al. 2021). The principal function of this team is to provide all the information about the regional market as well as the requirements of the customer so that the executives planned the best insurance coverage plan for customers. 

Recommendation 2: Woolworth is one of the leading business organizations in the sector of Australian motor vehicle insurance but the organization uses traditional business operation techniques. This organization can implement advanced tools and techniques for operating the business's performance (Qadadeh & Abdallah, 2018). Apart from that, the organization can arrange a training programme for the employees to make them aware of the advanced technology.

Recommendation 3: The organization can implement the team for the proper market research as it is seen that in most cases this organization provides unnecessary coverage to the customers which is considered as the loss of business of the organization (Howard, 2018) Apart from that, the company can make sure about the values as well as properties limitations in an accurate manner so that the organization's provide accurate insurance coverage to the customers.


Taking into consideration the above study it can be concluded that Woolworth is one of the leading business organizations in the Australian motor vehicle insurance sector. There are several competitive advantages of this organization that guides it to consume a great position in the business market of the Australian motor vehicle insurance sector. This study provides a detailed report on the background along with the problem or opportunities of the organization. Apart from those similarities as well as differences between these companies with other organizations of the same business sector. Apart from that, this study included different theories and frameworks of the business performances of the organization. In terms of the analytical framework, in this study qualitative analysis as well as systematic literature review has been discussed.

A proper methodology has been discussed in this section that guides the improvement of the data collection process as well as the data analysis procedure. Most of the data for this study is collected through secondary resources. The strengths and weaknesses of the organization have been discussed in this report. Apart from that the similarities, as well as differences between this company and the other car insurance company, has been mentioned in this study. The study also included a detailed discussion on the impact of the competitive business market on the revenue collection as well as business operations of the company. The problems, as well as the opportunities of this company, have been discussed in this report. The business strategies and the competitive advantages of Woolworths have been discussed in this study.



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