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Critical Appraisal of Maintenance Performance Metrics

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Causes and Prevention of Catastrophic Failure in Equipment Maintenance

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The critical appraisal regarding maintenance performance and its essential measurement is a mandatory assessment that has been discussed with coherent knowledge and understanding. The background analysis and development for the performance measurement based upon the maintenance process has been defined with collateral reflection on individual aspects (BAGSHAW, 2017). This can be included as understanding the impact of inevitable failure, flawed maintenance procedure, the adherence to the repetition of the task and the necessary preventive measures that need to be assisted with for the sudden crestfallen. The influence of history and the theories regarding performance evaluation among various phases of development within business and technologically has been served with necessary indicators within the leisure industries in India. Thus, the reflection has been given on the influential events and the underlying theories which need to be inferred for crucial performance measurement in the maintenance procedure.

Causes of Catastrophic Failure

  • Inefficient personnel equipment operation
  • Ignoring the warning signals
  • Failure in acknowledging the owner’s manual (Altayyar, 2020)
  • Operating the machine beyond its capacity
  • Poor Maintenance

The specific cause of the significant failure in the machine's proper functioning in the first case can be raised through loss of operation, which thereby leads to the standstill. This can deliberately cause an impact on the cost structure along with proper accommodation of resources (. Further acknowledgement can be given to the timeline for a specific project or a particular business during which the work needs to be done. However, the catastrophic causes are specified as the factors which severely impact the work simulation. Thus, it can be recognized with inevitable failures which need to be maintained or managed adequately through specific guidelines.

Poor Maintenance Procedure

  • Failure in understanding the efficiency of the machine
  • Increase in equipment downtime with a high level of repairmen
  • High risk related to equipment specific accidents

The critical findings regarding equipment failure with its suggestive operability are common in today's technologically assisted world. There are specific possible reasons with this implication that can be recognized, from the complexities prevalent to the manufacturing sites to poor maintenance processes (Shah et al., 2019). However, unless there is a well-organized plan for maintenance from the company, the consequences can be disastrous. The contribution of poor maintenance can be ascertained with several consequences, thereby being discussed and optimized with the necessary understanding of the improvement procedure. The impact of poor maintenance can be critically assisted with several conditions that need to be eliminated to prevent fatal consequences.

Repeatability and Prevention

  • Tracking of the maintenance metrics
  • Employing specifics to maintenance planning and proper scheduling
  • Consideration of a program related to “operator-driven reliability” (Sar?, 2020)
  • Improving the basic system of work

The significant acknowledgement of repeatability and preventive measures with poor maintenance can influence a proper maintenance program which would undoubtedly positively affect the company. The practical recognition of this maintenance procedure can be convicted with preferable measures that can be enhanced with the successive maintenance program.

Research and Findings

  • The critical engagement in research and the necessary findings involve contributing to the evolution of performance management regarding maintenance.
  • The main focus being perceived with effective utilization of resources, IT system and understanding the work function.
  • Delivering the factors impacting maintenance failure
  • The safety measure and reliable program to prevent a repetition of the issues
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