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Academic Performance Part A Assignment Samples

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Introduction - The Importance of Academic Skills for Professional and Personal Development

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Academic Performance

Academic skills can be considered as skills that are consists of some core skills like writing skill, presentation skills and referencing skills. These skills are important for an individual to underpin other important skills like the reflective practice that is important for learning from experience and critical thinking skill which is important for critical thinking (Sala and Gobet, 2017). The main purpose of developing academic skills is to develop some critical skills in a person to increase opportunities in a professional career. In my opinion, there are different benefits of developing academic skills for a person. Academic skills can help a student in different ways. I have analysed that the role of academic skills is highly crucial for the individual to meet all the requirements of the dream job. Major advantages of academic skills are- Time management is one of the most effective and important skills that can help the person to complete all the tasks within the time.

This skill is also important to manage work-life with personal life. Academic skills are also important to get better grades in the exams and assessment processes. In my opinion, effective grades also can help the student to get more opportunities in future. Learning capability is most important for students. For long-term information retention, this is most important to have basic academic skills. These skills are most crucial to improve own learning capability in the study. The other skills that I have learned in the process are also important to develop critical thinking skills. Critical thinking skill is most effective to develop a better understanding about the practices and processes that are performed in the learning process. I this by developing critical thinking skill, individual’s capability to understand different situations or problems can be improved. Academic Skills are also consisting of team working skills (Sala, Foley, and Gobet, 2017). This skill is most effective from the future perspective. Academic skills are consists of skill set that can help to perform the overall development of a person. This is how academic skills are most important for the student to learn. In the case of real-time case study, some academic skills like researching skills, information collection and data analysis skills are also important to get an accurate and precise solution.

This is how, in my opinion, academic skills are important for the individual to have academic skills to improve personal and professional career. I have analysed that, there are some aspects are must be considered in the process of skill development (Bassok, D. and Latham, S., 2017). This is important for the individual to develop personal goals to improve the learning and development of academic skills. Task management is the most important aspect to improve academic skills. For example, a properly organized study pattern can improve the capability of an individual to develop academic skills. Proper information sources and data sources can be used in institutions to develop skills effectively. Information conveyed to the student should be based on specific standards to improve the learning process for the students.

This report is concluding information regarding my experience in the education process. The importance of academic skills also has been analysed in the report based on personal experience. I have also studied several aspects that are important to develop academic skills.


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