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Vaping/Use Of E-Cigarettes By Teenagers Assignment Sample

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Addressing Teenage Vaping: The Role of Parental Involvement Assignment Sample

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Vaping is the process of inhaling a liquid cigarette or e-cigarette through a vaping device. This is less harmful than cigarette smoking, however it is not beneficial for health and can cause potential risks. Recently, this has become a popular way to inhale marijuana and tobacco among teenagers and this poster is aiming to draw attention of the parents on this matter.

Prevalence of vaping among teenagers in UK and health impact of this practice

Vaping is becoming more popular among teenagers in the UK. As per the data, it has been identified that in 2022 7.0% teenagers between 11 to 17 years olds are current users of vaping which was 3.3% and 4.1% respectively in 2021 and 2020 [4]. On the other hand, 15.8% of this age group has tried vaping at least once in 2022 [4]. This rate was 11.2% in 2021 and 13.9% in 2020. It has been identified that most teenagers try vaping out of curiosity and gradually it becomes a habit [4]. The awareness of vaping is high enough by 2022 which is 90% however, the rate of regular use is low [4].

The health impacts of vaping is as common as the health impacts of e-cigarette and it has been identified that use of nicotine can cause harm to the brain which will affect the attention, mood, learning and impulse control among teenagers.

Social and cultural dimensions

Social and cultural aspects play a major role in vaping practice among teens. The vaping substances are made with fruity flavors mostly which attracts the teenagers. However, in this case the target audience is the parents as they have a huge influence in this case. Parental knowledge has a huge part in the addictive nature among the teenagrs [2]. Lack of parental control, may lead the teenagers to this practice as people in this age are mostly active in social media nowadays and the advertisement of vaping in the social media can easily influence them to put up this practice.

However, on the other hand, parents can play a major role in controlling this practice as well. Parental knowledge is important in this case. This refers to the perception of adolescents of knowledge of their parents about their friends, lives, activities and whereabouts. This is different from parental monitoring which is all about tracking and surveillance of the activities of the teenagers. It has been identified that a large number of parents are not even aware about the practice of vaping and they do not recognise the products for vaping [3]. Another major element in this case is parental media mediation. This is another parenting practice which includes restriction of media monitoring and active media monitoring. In the restrictive media monitoring, parents limit the times teenagers spend on social media. In active media monitoring, parents discuss the media contents with their children to allow them to think critically [1]. In current days, tobacco companies advertise their products aggressively in the social media and attract teenagers. However, parenting practice has a huge impact on the vaping habits among teenagers.

Health promotion principles and strategies among the target audience

Spreading health education is one of the major health promotion principles in this case which may help the parents to manage this harmful practice among their children. Parenting media mediation is an important factor to consider in this case. The strategies can be taken by the parents to prevent vaping among the children are as follows

  • Setting a good example is important. In most of the cases, children are tend to follow the footsteps of the parents, whence, parents can taught them what harm they faced due to the smoking habits [1]
  • The cause of attraction toward vaping should be identified by parents. Social influence plays a huge role in this case. Hence, it should be identified that if the children are within a bad influence or meeting any group which are involved in vaping [2]. Hence, communication regarding this should be done to avoid vaping.
  • Discussing on social media is important. These days, it is almost impossible to restrict teenagers from social media 3]. Hence, in an alternative, parents must talk about the social media contents on vaping with the teenagers and make them understand the harmful effects.


This poster has presented the prevalence of vaping among teenagers in the UK. In this case, the role of the parents has been discussed here. The major findings are related to the parenting technique which can influence this practice.


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