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BIS2005 Enterprise Architecture Assignment Sample

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Enterprise Architecture Tools and Architectural Standards for Coco-Oil Company

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Ways in which EA tool will provide Coco-Oil with a competitive edge

EA tool application within the Coco-Oil company will help th in examining the need for the changes and the impact of those changes on the operational aspects of the business. The five reasons why it will be beneficial for the organisation to incrent these tools have been provided below:

Decreases complexity: Application of these tools will be helpful for the company in managing all the kinds of errors that take place within the business that reduces the efficiency of the ployees (Nii and Pekkola, 2020). It can be stated that these tools have erged as a proper in appropriate solution to the complexity of systs that takes place within organisations. Hence, reducing the complexity of the syst is one of the major factors that are addressed by the EA tools. It also helps in simplifying the syst managent with the help of appropriate tools along with reducing the complexities by detecting and stopping various processes that do not contribute to targets.

Standardisation: The application of this tool also helps organisation in standardizing various applications and processes which results in creating more stability to the business environment. Standardizing these processes will also result in increasing the efficiency of the ployees while they will be focused on reducing the risk that the Coco-Oil may encounter in the future (Nii and Pekkola, 2020).

Cost Saving: It also helps in eliminating various processes that do not benefit the organisation and anyway and include unnecessary repetitive processes. This ensures the organisation is being able to significantly and optimally utilise their resources and save costs (Van de Wetering, 2021).

Strong security: The application of EA tools within the business helps in making a difference by protecting several data and strengthening the cyber-security of the company. With the expansion of online platforms, there has been a significant increase in cyber security vulnerabilities. It is very crucial that the company is focused on being alert most of the time in order to prevent any kind of threat that they may enter the syst and encounter it (Van de Wetering, 2021). With the application of EA, it has become easier for the companies to protect the data by adding value to the field of cyber-security.

Change analysis: Enterprise architecture tools help in providing the organisation with higher agility within the business operations. This ensures that the company is able to analyse and respond to significant changes that take place in the industry at a faster rate (Sharar, 2020).

Cloud-based EA software

Sparx Syst is EA software that is responsible for maintaining and up keeping the network and services of the organisation. They are responsible for improving, overseeing and upgrading the services of the enterprise as well as the software and hardware utilised by the company. The software are designed for the purpose of helping the business in terms of collaborating and building report along with running tests in creating simulations for the purpose of managing current enterprise architecture along with any kind of future technology that might bring into the business operations (Uysal and Mergen, 2021). This will help Coco-Oil in creating visualisations, organising their data, cataloguing their assets and helping with inter-departmental communication.

  • It helps in determining several names of the business units and processes that require a b presentation of communication and analytical skills for the purpose of ensuring that business units have the right and appropriate tools to be successful (Zhou <>et al.,</> 2020).
  • It will also help in developing an architectural plan for the enterprise for the purpose of getting a full view of the various technologies that are implented and should be utilised by the business along with analysing where the processes should be integrated or eliminate it within the business (Belfadel <>et al.,</> 2022).
  • It will focus on improving the efficiency and reliability of the various kinds of information that is shared by the ployees in the business environment along with making and optimised utilisation of the business resources to foster growth and success.
  • It also is an appropriate approach that helps in providing technology solutions along with facilitating design analysis and implentation of various Technologies and Strategies for the business operations (Zhou <>et al.,</> 2020).
  • This software also helps in organising the business operations of the company along with its processes and its standardises and visualizes the structure of the company. They also provide proper assistance in technology portfolios along with assessing the risks and requirents that are necessary for the business to implent in their process managent (Belfadel <>et al.,</> 2022).

Standard as an architect and the roles implentation of standard will play in EA practice at Coco-Oil

Architectural standard can be defined as the standard which is created by the building Managent Committee under clause 14.9 of the Strata Managent Statent. It helps in setting forth the policies and procedures of the association that helps th in regulating the ability of a homeowner in the process of making architectural improvents and modifications to the separate interest of the home owner along with the common area and exclusive use of the common area (Gong and Janssen, 2021). The role implentation of standard in EA practice at Coco-Oil is:

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