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“Social media guidelines for employees”

Staff social media news” does a significant job to keep updated the employees of the Manningham city council” for getting information about modern technology, apps, and platforms. They also stay concerned about their account and privacy through this newsletter and this also improves the self-awareness of the staff or employees to know about the advantages and disadvantages of the social media platforms (Toms, 2018). There was a little issue that happened in the city of Manningham which mainly created criticism among the people. One employee posted screen captures of the particular sessions of an organization on his personal Facebook account with the names and the information of this session without their permission. One of the members of this community noticed this post on Facebook and was upset to see her picture with her son with some personal information posted without getting her permission. This incident eventually proved that the employees are not concerned about the use of different social media platforms and apps.

Social media mainly offers different ways to stay connected or interact with the recruited talent, employees, management team, and customers. There are some guidelines present to use social media platforms in organized ways and these are mentioned below.

The employees should not use the email address of the company or organization for their personal work and it should be used only in the work related to this organization. Employees should need to avoid harassing and discriminatory posts (Billberg, 2018). Slurs and statements that refer to someone's race, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, or gender may be insulting. So employees need to remember that their posts need to be excluded from these factors. Remind staff members that their personal and professional brands are intertwined. They can end themselves in court for the wrong remark. Encourage workers to take a moment to reflect before publishing, especially when they're furious. Even if a post is deleted, it can already be too late. Employees sign acode of conduct policy” when they are hired in the majority of businesses. This policy specifies the behavior that the organization anticipates from its employees (Sonnier, 2019). Remind staff that this policy is applicable online as well. This is also needed to keep secret information about the business strategy, client lists, marketing plans, nonpublic financials, and legal matters of any organization.

This is also important to follow the social media official websites of the organization to engage with the organization because every important notice or information is available on this specific website. It should be needed to know about the legal constraints of using the graphics, images, music, videos, and photos according toCopyright law” (Benton, 2019). If any employee uses any image, video, or music for their work purpose then it should need to give precision from the original owner otherwise avoid using it because the owner can take legal action against them. Employees should also not give any statements or opinions on the honor of the company. The employees also need to follow the restriction regarding the use of the logo of the organization. These are some guidelines or restrictions which need to be followed by the employees.

The speech

Announce the launch of the sustainability website

Good morning my respectable audience. First I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the council of Manningham city. Today I am going to launch our sustainability website because I feel sustainability is a very important factor to boost up any business and this will also help to improve the revenue system of the business. Sustainability improves the quality of the lives of normal people. This also decreases the overall costs of the business, preserves the resources of nature for the future generation and also protects the environment or ecosystem.

Myself Mayor Michelle Kleinert and today I am speaking on thebehalf of Manningham city council” and my main objective to launch this sustainability website is to deal with different concerns about the rubbish collection and the recycling purpose. This is very important toreduce, reuse, and recycle” the natural resources for the future generation (Kumagai, 2020). This website is designed for those vendors or shoppers who like to work with us to protect the environment. I would inspire the owners of the store to spend their valuable time on our website to learn about the different practices of sustainability.

Our website gives the proper guidance to the shop owner on how they decrease or reduce their overall costs of the business to improve their revenue system and also give information about the benefits of the cost cutting without lowering the quality of the product or service. This cost cutting mainly happens with the announcement of the annual tax rate of the organization (Errichiello, 2018). These activities mainly help to develop the lives of your family, friends.

This time you thought that this was a very small contribution to assure sustainability but one day you will realize that your contribution is significant for our environment. Our website is designed in a very simple way as everyone can access them without any obstacles. Our website is also improved for the small business consisting of low cost and simple activities which also save money. We also organized some online polls and delivered questionnaires to get information about the responses of normal people regarding sustainability and we got positive responses from them.

We also received responses from the local residents and knew that the customers are more attracted to the sustainability practices at their local shops. These sustainability practices also increase the additional sales of the shop. If any shop owners want to attract new customers to their shops then they can visit our sustainability website which” for more information (Ammann, 2019). This website is easy to navigate and shop owners can get all valuable information regarding sustainability practices on our website.

As a Mayor, one of my objectives is to decrease the overall cost of theDumping waste of landfill”. If you are working with us and supporting us then this is very easy to ensure a brighter environmental and financial future. My main desire to establish the city with the growth of sustainability for the freshness of the city. Sustainability also increases overall profit margin and profitability and also reduces waste pollution. I hope you support us to make a successful website. Thank you.

The blog:

Hello everyone, welcome to my new blog. I am Irene Goonan and today I am going to promote the most famousTunstall Square shopping center” which is mainly famous for its green and sustainable approaches. I hope my viewers of Manningham city give me their valuable time to see my blog. I would like to share various important information about this shopping center through my blog. Community and traders work together to remove waste, reserve and conserve energy and also recycle them as much as possible to create a friendly and happy environment. This shopping center also adds happiness and health to their square. They also offer sunshine, fresh air, and rain for our locality or community (Patella, 2020). They have mainly seven golden rules 7 R’s and this mainly indicates recycle, rethink, reuse, repair, refuse, reduce and remodel. The overall business strategy is mainly constructed on the basis of these 7 factors. This shop mainly tries to minimize the use of plastic bags and cans as much as possible and also tries to recycle fruit boxes. They also donate the leftover products to the nearest farm in the area and also use the ripe fruits for making juice instead of wasting those. They also inspired the customers to bring their bags from their homes to avoid the use of plastic bags. They also give the services on daily basis to the local hotels and restaurants. They donate gifts or other necessary things to the schools, groups of sports, and the community. They also providedoor-to-door delivery service” for necessary cases and they also frequently contribute money to places where the financial condition is not good (Farooq, 2019). They always create an environment for their customers which is very comfortable for them and the overall strategy of this shop is totally customer-centric. This shop also donates the daily leftover baking products to charity and also supports the local community by giving different vouchers and donations of prizes. They also donate theSausage Sizzlemoney to a group of charities. There are also available bike racks for inspiring cycling to this square. They also have separate areas for pet lovers and also inspired the local gardeners to donate coffee beans. There are also available Recycled homeware, preloved clothes, recycled picture books, recycled children's toys, etc. They also give repair services for watches, handbags, and shoes. They also recycled water for the purpose of washing cars. This shop also invested in two big water tanks for high usage of water. They also have some future plans for increasing their revenue system and these are to introduce drinking fountains and solar panels. They will plan to reuse the waste food for the consumption of humans, working with a different local school. They will also promote theGreen” square to the local schools and also try to save parking. They will also plan to create a space which is environment and community friendly for lonely people. The main motto or objective of this shop is "ZERO WASTE” and if we take initiative to support them then it will give an ecofriendly environment in our community.

 The CSA:

The newsletter is mainly about the social media concerns of the employees of Manningham city of council. This newsletter includes different valuable guidelines to improve the knowledge of the employees about using different social media platforms. This newsletter also informs employees to avoid harassing posts and also gives proper instructions to use video and music on different social platforms. This newsletter also gives guidance to obey the legal laws regarding various social media sites.

The speech is about the launching of new sustainability websites. This speech included the benefits of sustainability, how this factor improves the quality of life of the people, and how this factor also improves the overall profitability and revenue system of the business. The main audience of the speech was the shop owner and the owner of the small business. This website is mainly helpful for them to decrease the overall costs, increase the profit margin and also decrease waste pollution. The clients or new customers are attracted by the implementation of sustainability in the local shop.

This speech is very helpful for protecting the environment and preserving different types of natural resources and inspired people to implement the practices of sustainability.

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