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Online Book Store Assignment Sample

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Introduction: Optimizing the Online Bookstore Experience: Strategies for Innovation and Customer Satisfaction

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The familiarity of human beings with books has been there for many years where people get to read as well as select the book of their choice by visiting the storage areas for books. The porches of transactions regarding the books and the other associated activities used to take place in person. Nowadays, the faculty of digitization has completely shaped this aforementioned process. As every single piece of activity is taking place online, the chances of being able to read books through the online medium are also rising day by day. All of the associated activities that are attached to the sole process of reading as well as buying books take place through the prevalent medium of exchange.


The term called online book store is nothing but a virtual store or in simpler terms a virtual environment that facilitates the transactional aspect of any of the book existing book stores. This kind of book store renders the opportunity to read as well as buy books in this virtual space (Dalle, J., 2020). The interested buyers occupied searching the books according to the name of the book, author of the book, and so on. The prices of these selected books couple are easily paid through the online medium. As the repository of books is situated in the online medium, there exists ample space to accommodate a vast number of books.

Structural components of an online Book Store

The conventional components of any book store that could be accessed in person are also present within an online book store along with some additional components. These components are the hardware component, the software component, and the most important one is the sales and distribution component.

  • Hardware Components: The two most important components are the processor and the hard disk drive. The processor is the central component of the entire system as it executes the relevant queries to facilitate the operation of all of the interconnected systems (Wei et al. 2019). The hard disk drive will be the one where all of the data regarding the books and the customers would be saved and stored.
  • Software component: The software component has two domains as front-end and the back-end in relation to the concerning webpage of the book store. The languages called HTML and CSS are the building blocks of developing the web application in terms of the front-end applications. Whereas, the software called PHP and SQL are the ones responsible for forming the back-end portion of the web application.
  • Sales and Distribution Component: The component of publication also comes under this particular section. The terms such as Front Page, Acknowledgment page, and Copyright page are one of the key features of any book which catch the eye of the purchaser.

Option such as direct sale and online sale are the two components of getting the book to the purchaser. The former has been witnessed less nowadays in relation to the latter. Some of the events and occasions that render a considerable amount of discounts to certain books also garner an enhanced quantity of sales.

Requirements of the model

The sole objective of the creation of an online book store is to surpass the aspect of popularity of the existing book stores that function offline. The required requirements of the online model are as follows:

  • The constant enhancement of the experience of the customers.
  • The attraction of new sets of purchasers by way of spreading better quality of the content of the book.
  • The faculty of giving permission to the users to view a few sample pages of the book before login.
  • The created web application would be able to view different choices and details of all the customers in relation to the user's activity within the book store.
  • The availability of an option of trial which the users could be able to avail for getting a hang of that application by providing nominal money.

Application Framework

The created application contains a series of associated pages that refers to the whole structure of the web application along with the concerning theme. At the very beginning, the users would come across a login page that they need to pass through by providing the necessary details. As the user surpasses this page the users get the opportunity to view a list of some selected books according to their choice (Maat et al. 2018). The next page is the payment section where several schemes are there for the users to avail of. As the users pay an amount of money according to their choice, theft is able to access the whole of the book's repository. Another page is also there that records the entire details of transactions between the users and their purchased items.

Strategies for risk mitigation

As the entire process of purchasing books and studying books take place online, the risks are also associated with this particular domain on the whole (S?niu?? et al. 2021). The crux of this system is the server which needs to be continuously monitored to maintain smooth operations for a sustained period of time.

The set of queries that have been executed in both the front and the back end could pose certain drawbacks if not overseen and updated properly in course of time. One of the most important aspects of this application is the user interface and the ease of navigation through several pages of this application (DAI, 2019). These two aforementioned factors contribute verily to the experience of the users regarding the users. This has to be developed and made suitable as much as possible.


The constructed web application is the crux of the online books store. The experience of the users has been on the rise as digitization is taking shape at a repaid pace in the current times. The goal was to provide a better user experience and satisfaction in comparison to the books stores that operated offline. The availability of purchasing books at just the click of a button has definitely rendered much satisfaction and convenience to the users.


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