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BSBWRK510A Manage Employee Relations Assignment Sample

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Introduction - BSBWRK510A Navigating Employee Relations Through Strategic Directions at STAR Industries

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The STAR Industries is a fictitious company. The report will be based on making recommendations based on a personal review. The analysis will be done by useful documents, reports etc. It will be about the strategic directions by analysing the vision, goals and mission of the company (Meredith, 2011). Then, development of an implementation plan will be done in which all the problems, the ways of improving them and the responsible authority is being discussed. Importance of the involvement of the employee relation plan and policy is also being discussed in the report.

Task 1 

1.1 Research On The Strategic Directions of Star Industries.

It includes the overall analysis of the strategic directions consisting its corporate vision, mission and goals. All the three are equally important for strategic direction of the STAR Industries.

Document 1 : Strategic Directions

As per the document of Strategic directions, the STAR Industries have their focus on making their product well efficient so that they became customer's first choice. The Industries want the customers to give priority to its products as compared to of any other firm. Their goal is to understand properly the needs of the customers. They want to deliver their customers a superior service. They want to be more innovative so that it can attract more and more customers. This document reflects that it is suitable for customers more than it supports employee relations. It does not reflect long term employee relation objectives.

For long term employee relations, the document should include incentives for the employees on a regular basis which can help them to consider that their work is being appreciated and this will help them to stay more focused and confident towards achieving the goals. The document should also involve in their goals about the effectiveness of employee relations. The document involves that the focus is to have customer oriented employees, but it should also include reward processes for these employees as they are also an equal part of the company. It should involve a reward policy for the employees on a regular basis, so that the employees can stay more focused towards the work. These factors will help in maximization of the longer terms of employee relations. So, this document should involve these factors for achieving long term objectives of employee relations.

Comparison of Strategic direction's document with the other documentation given :

Document 2 : Policy and Procedures; Administrated by General Manager, HR

As per the policy and procedure document administrated by the general manger, the STAR Industry positions itself as an employer of choice. They have made this document for providing the employees the suggestions about in case of any grievances, conflicts or disputes, what they should do. Their aim is to maintain better relations between the employees and with the management as well. They consider that the motivation and happiness level of employees is reflected in their work. In case of any formal complaint, the general manager investigates the matter. In case of any proofs regarding the matter, Star Industries can take proper action against the employee. Otherwise, the company can take training and behavioural sessions of the employees.

Document 3 : Policy and Procedures; Administrated by CEO & Gen Manager

According to the policy and procedures, administrated by the CEO and the general manager, the STAR Industries focuses on impressing the top quality candidates which can maximize the success rate of the company. They have also included rewards for the management team as well. Bonus on an annual basis are also involved for the managers of the STAR Industries. After 12 months, their focus is to contribute additional 2% to the management and 1% to the other employees. According to the policy and procedure of the company, after 12 months, all the employees are entitled for superannuation contribution. In line positions also, their focus is to reward each member of the management team.

Document 4 : Retirement Intentions Report for Ist Quarter

As per the Retirement Intentions report for first quarter, the company focuses on planning, management of performance, development, researching about the aspirations and intentions of employees etc. According to this report, the STAR Industries have two members who are ready for the retirement and other two contemplating for resignation. One employee had already resigned and one is alleged for misconducting behaviour. Within the manufacturing, according to the investigation, some vacancies will occur as per the circumstances. t focuses on filling the vacant posts. This document does not reflects any objectives of long term objectives of employee relations.

In comparison of the strategic directions document with the other documentations, it was concluded that where the strategic directions document focused on the customers and it was not reflecting any long term objectives of the employee relations, the document of policy and procedures which was administrated by the CEO and the general manager was quite efficient as it focused on giving the employees rewards and incentives, which can act as a key for long term employee relations. The policy and procedures document by the general manager and the retirement intentions document does not reflects the long term objectives of the employees. These factors will help the employees of STAR Industries to stay motivated and confident towards the work, hence achieving the targets at a faster rate.

1.2 Involvement of management team in employee relations policies and plan.

As a GM HR, while developing the employee relations plan and policies, I would involve the management team as well. Their involvement can help the company in achieving success at a faster rate (Purce, 2014). The management team would be involved through the following methods:

Employee Relation Policy

Meeting: At the time of developing the employee relation policy, I would set up a meeting first in which all the management staff will be invited. The meeting will be held for an effective discussion in which ideas from everyone are welcomed. Ideas and views from everyone will be entertained. It will also involve the modifications if any, required to make the process and procedures of the company better and can help them to achieve the targets faster.

Feedback : I would also ask for feedbacks and suggestions on a regular basis. Seeking suggestions from the management team would also help the company a lot (McCarthy,Darcy and Grady, 2010). The management team can suggest any changes or modifications, they feel important for completion of some specific tasks. They can also make me aware of the issues going in the company. By these means, we can efficiently focus on correcting those issues and making all the necessary modifications.

Employee Relation Plan

Implementation : While developing the employee relation plan also, I would include the management team. Their involvement is necessary in the whole process of implementation of the plan (Jones,Kalmi and Kauhanen, 2010). The management can help in suggesting some interesting ideas that can make the plan more better. They can also suggest some new techniques for the implementation of plan.

Taking suggestions from management team : I would prefer asking for the suggestions from the management team itself. I would ask them only about which responsibility they want to take, in which they are comfortable. It means they can take the work according to their interested fields only. It can be a good idea to divide the tasks. I would give them a deadline for the completion of the process. Limitation can help them in covering the task within specific time period only (Butts And, 2013). At last I would ask them for any modifications, they think essential which can make the process more better.

Task 2

2.1 Implementation of Employee Relation Plan

Area Actions to Implement Responsible Officer Duration Evaluation
Work load For managing the work, STAR Industries should focus on giving them the work according to their efficiency, so that they can be able to concentrate on it properly which can result more better. Excessive workload may result in hurry and inappropriate quality of the work as well. General Manager Completed tasks till the end of the month. All the work is managed accordingly. Feedbacks from the stakeholders also resulted positive as they had given work according to their capabilities, so the work they did was efficient.
Turn over The main reason behind this is less motivational issues. The company should sometimes motivate their employees. Motivation can cause wonders. They need to motivate their employees so that they can stay more confident and motivated towards the work (Beardwell and Thompson, 2014). It can help them as well as the company Manager Every month STAR Industries started motivating their employees and they were also given incentives based on their performance.
Complex situations The company should also organise some sessions in which they can guide their employees about the ways and strategies of working. They can also teach them many essential factors such as how a well interaction in the workplace can help in making the workplace culture happier and healthier. They can also guide them about various ways of dealing with different types of situations. HR In every 2-3 Months The employees enjoyed the sessions and learned the ways by which they can handle the complicated situations.

2.2 Contingencies that may arise in the Plan and the strategies to overcome them

After implementing the whole plan, for attaining each outcome, some methods have been used. Like while searching for some solutions for excessive workload, the company applied multi tasking. It has been implied for the employees so that each employee can get work according to their efficiency but the solution may cause some more troubles. The employees can become more confused regarding the work and they may not be able to do it properly as well. It increases the complexity of the situation (Bach and Kessler, 2011).

The other issues include providing motivation to the employees. STAR Industries for that, started motivating their employees on a regular basis so that they can stay more focused on their work. In future, the employees can also take some disadvantage from this. They can take the advantage of the management giving motivation to them. They can somewhere may change some rules of the company for them i.e. they do not care while breaking some rules of the company. Rather than working according to the company, they may work according to their will only, can take rest according to their mood or any other activities like that (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). 

For giving proper knowledge and skills to the employees, STAR Industries focused on creating sessions for them so that they will be able to get the proper and effective knowledge which can help them in understanding the work faster. These meetings can prove very beneficial for the employee (Bach and Kessler, 2011). This helps them in gathering the work faster and they can get a proper understanding of the work to be done. In future, some employees may use the same techniques or sessions in some other place also, which means doing dual employment. The information gathered at the STAR Industries may be utilised by the employee at some other place, where the employee is working while working at the STAR Industries as well as


The report concluded about the strategic directions of the STAR Industries by analysing some of its factors. The factors included the mission, vision and goals. After the analysis of all the factors, it was concluded that only vision and goals can result in effective employee relations as their focus is on the satisfaction of the customers. That is their first priority. The management also takes an important part in the employee relation policy and employee relation plan. All the objectives of employee relation plan have also been discussed. The report also concluded the contingencies that may occur while implementing the plan.


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Managing Employee Relations. 2017. [Online]. Available through: <>. [Accessed on 29th July 2017].

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