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Human Resource Management Assignment 2 Sample

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Human Resource Management Assignment 2 Sample

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The complete assignment includes the individual report on the case study of "Hubbard Foods Limited,” which is owned and founded by "Dick Hubbard" in the year 1988. By the year 2000, the company has 20% market share and about NZ$25 million revenue. In the very beginning, the owner Dick was unable to pay the salary to the company. However, the company has now 130 employees. Talking about the management philosophy of the company, it follows triple bottom line philosophy that focuses on financial, social, and environment values and responsibilities of the company.The human resource management practices that are suitable to be implemented within the company are evaluated and according to the environment of the company they are executed. The management applied different models and theories of management in order to achieve the strategic objectives of the company.As Dick believes employees should come to office regardless of their salary but to feel value. For that purpose, they have a no nonsense management zone.All the effective business practices are determined and how they can effectively contribute to achieving the overall objectives. In addition, the responsibilities of the managerial department are being identified to be performed by them, including the social responsibilities for enhancing the effective strategic leadership in the organization.The strategic approach in order to manage the people of the organization so that the competitive advantage can be enhanced is called as the process of “Human Resource Management”. The complete process is being enhanced in the business organization to maximize the level of employees’ performance, with the help of which the strategic business objectives can be attained. The HRM process deals with the variety of issues related to the performance, management, development, and many other things. It is possible with the help of conducting the training programs & enhancing motivation. The main strategic goal or the aim of HRM is to manage the people & also the overall operations in the workplace in accordance to the effective culture & the environment. The appropriate recommendations are also being given to improve the HRM process in the business organization.

1.1 Human Resource Management Practices of Hubbard Foods Limited for Achieving the Strategic Objectives

In multiple organizations and companies of New Zealand, there are different roles and functions of the "Human Resource Management" which were traditionally centralized. The experienced practitioners of Human Resource Management ensure the effective working in the organization according to their own experiences. In "Hubbard Foods Limited", the effective decision was being taken by the organizers and the managers to decentralize the role and effective function of HRM to the line managers. But in order to decentralize the HRM functions, it is very necessary for the line managers of the respective organization to be effectively trained and skilled otherwise it can create a big problem for the company. The Human Resource Manager of "Hubbard Foods" has decided to decentralize the function of HRM to its line managers.

Following are the effective practices, theories or the business models of Human Resource Management that are being implemented by “Hubbard Foods” in order to achieve the strategic objectives:-

  1. Skilled Work Force: Developing and retaining the skilled workforce in the organization is very essential for "Hubbard Foods", as because only then it will be able to achieve all its organizational strategic objectives and goals. A complete effective plan must be developed by "Hubbard Foods" in order to run its business smoothly and efficiently (Metcalf and Benn, 2013).
  2. Centralized Functions: As "Hubbard Foods" had decentralized all its powers of implementing the decisions to its lower level subordinates. It is not very correct. Decentralizing must be done up to some extent only. The most important and strategic power must be centralized with the top-level HR managers only.
  3. Health & Safety: Although the HR managers are not solely responsible for ensuring the complete health and safety in the organization, they must ensure that the health and safety activities must be enhanced in the organization of "Hubbard Foods" so that their skilled employees must feel safe in the organization.
  4. Code of Conduct: For performing every task or the activity, it is very necessary to develop a complete code of conduct. The legal and ethical nature of the code of conduct can enhance the smooth running in the organization. The core values of "Hubbard Foods" can be enhanced and also it will move towards the right culture (Saifaliaslam, 2014).
  5. Aligned with Social Responsibilities: With performing of all the necessary ethical responsibilities in the organization, it is the responsibility of "Hubbard Foods" to contribute a little part for the society also, which is the main part behind the profitability of the organization.
  6. Financial Accountabilities: The managers of "Hubbard Foods” must provide effective training to their employees of being accountable to their superiors. Without ensuring the financial accountability in the organization, proper working cannot be enhanced.
  7. Family-Based Culture: This business practice implies that the organization must develop the culture of family. That means, all the members must enhance the behavior as that of family members. They must perform every taskcombined and mutually and must keep the attitude as they keep with their family members as because the organization is also the family and all the employees are the family members(Goya and Srivastava, 2012).

Strategic objectives:

Based on the case analysis, strategic objectives of Hubbard Foods Limited are as follows:

  • Building a sustainable future for community and improve the brand image in the market,
  • Creating and maintaining employment for people and not replacing them with machinery,
  • Being leader in maintaining workplace relationships,
  • Increase the brand presence and improve the sales in upcoming years by 10%

Besides these effective HRM practices being implemented by “Hubbard Foods”, there are also the theories of management which are applied by it, these are:-

  • Human Capital Theory: The complete stock of "competencies, knowledge, social and the personality attribute" all are included in the term "Human Capital". It also includes the creativity, and the ability to perform better and effectively so that the increasing economic value can be enhanced of "Hubbard Foods". The term, Human Capital is "Substitutable" but it cannot be transferred as of that of land or the labor. In order to achieve the strategic objective of Creating and maintaining employment for people and not replacing them with machinery, the human capital theory is essential for the organization. Further, it is also required to provide effective training to the employees so that they can give long-term services to the organization.

By implementing this theory, the organization would be able to increase the productivity of its employees and eventually the effective growth and profitability will increase of "Hubbard Foods" (Saifaliaslam, 2014). “Hubbard Foods” as the investment and not the cost must treat the huge amount being incurred on providing the training.

Human Resource Management

  • Contingency Theory: For achieving the objective of being leader in maintaining workplace relationships, the organization needs to adopt contingency theory. Managers of the organization are required to analyze the each situation so that effective relations with the employees can be maintained. This theory would also be helpful for the organization to improve brand presence in the market by implementing effective strategies. With the implementation of this theory, the managers of "Hubbard Foods" can determine the effective solutions for each kind of problems. In addition, the reason or the causes behind the reduced profits of the company can be identified effectively and accordingly the procedures can be taken and implemented (Trehan and Setia, 2014).

Human Resource Management

1.2 Best Practices for Human Resource Management for “Hubbard Foods” to Achieve the Strategic Objectives


Best Practice



Achieving Strategic Objective/s

Human capital theory- Among the two theories, the best model, or theory is Human capital theory, which can be applied on given case.

The workers and the employees are the most important asset of any company. The organization of "Hubbard Foods" is nothing without the trained and experienced employees. "Hubbard Foods" must invest the standard amount in conducting the effective training sessions for all the employees. "Hubbard Foods" must understand that the amount or the expenses incurred on the training programs for various employees are not the cost which is to be incurred or wasted, the managers of “Hubbard Foods” must understand that it is the long-term investment whose benefits will be reaped by the company in the future (Mahadevan and Mohamed, 2014).

In case of selected theory, employment security is the best practice. It is helpful in maintaining strong relationships with the employees. The major issue of “Employee Retention” can be solved with the help of this practice. In case of ‘Hubbard Food’, the organization can maintain relationships with the employees and solve all the human resource issues by implementing this practice(Trehan and Setia, 2014).

As none of the organization can survive without its effective employees, so the Human Capital Theory of management can enable the “Hubbard Foods” to retain those efficient and skilled employees who can contribute up to a great extent in achieving the common goals of the organization.

The business practice of “Employment Security" enables the "Hubbard Foods" to retain its effective employees and maintains good relations with its employees.

The disadvantage of the theory of “Human Capital” is that the managing department of “Hubbard Foods” needs to incur the huge amount of cost in the process of recruiting, selecting, and interviewing for the skilled and efficient employees for the organization. Also sometimes, with the mistakes being done by “Hubbard Foods”, the inefficient employees enter into the company because of which the organizational growth can be reduced (Mahadevan and Mohamed, 2014).

This theory is not suitable for those organizations whose employees are inefficient and not skilled, as because there is no use of keeping and retaining those employees who are good for nothing and decreasing the enhanced productivity of the company.

Both the chosen effective business practice and theory of Human Resource Management, which are suitable according to the case, study of “Hubbard Foods.” The theory enables the organization to complete organization to achieve its defined goals and static objective of the business. With the help of best practices, the organization can enhance its productivity by maintain employee relationships (Trehan and Setia, 2014).

Proposed Recommended Best Practices for Hubbard Foods Limited:

Hubbard is focusing on the sustainability in order to gain the competitive edge and employee satisfaction, it needs to follow the management theory that helps in dealing with the employees related issues. As Dick believes employees should come to office regardless of their salary but to feel value. In addition to this, the theory should address the poor efficiency of the workers. Hence, the human capital theory is best suited for Hubbard Food Ltd.The above table describes the best and the most effective business practice and the most efficient theory which is very suitable to be implemented by the organization of “Hubbard Foods Limited.” All the advantages and disadvantages are being described under the table. In addition, up to what extent these human resource management practices and the effective theory can help the organization to achieve their strategic goals and objectives of the organization are being evaluated.

2.1 Analyzing the Environment

The policy of taking the financial responsibility is being reflected by the management style of Dick Hubbard, which considers all the effective stakeholders of the company and manages the changing impact on the environment. It is very essential for the effective managerial departments of “Hubbard Foods” to understand deeply about not only the external factors but also the internal factors within the organization. The effective analysis must be conducted by the organization of “Hubbard Foods” by identifying and examining the general environmental factors. The various different dimensions are being included in the general environment have a great impact on the industry, either directly or indirectly. All the trends prevailing in the market must be analyzed effectively and then the effective decisions must be taken according to the operations of “Hubbard Foods”. The trend being prevailing in the food industries must be listed and then identified or examined on the basis of which the effective action and the business strategies are needed to be taken and implemented (Al-Hawary and Al-Hamwan, 2017). The environment analysis of Hubbard Foods is as follows:

  1. Unionized environment: In the organisation having unionised environment, the workers have the dominance and they pressurize their employers by going on the strikes and also demand for the formal agreement including all the members of the organization for bargaining to them (Al-Hawary and Al-Hamwan, 2017).
  2. Hubbard Foods: was leading in the market in terms of maintaining employees relations. Currently, the employees have breached the code of conduct in the organization and this affected the brand reputation of organization in the market (Al-Hawary and Al-Hamwan, 2017).
  3. Management: The management and supervisors do not even understand their rights and majority of them don’t even have any idea about the management skills and they lacks the supervisory skills in them. As a result of which employees carry out work as per their understanding and they try to dominate the manager.
  4. Human Resource Management Specialist: In this environment, HR specialist want better fairness and consistency but they cannot teach the employees due to their dominating powers.
  5. Employees: Employees in such environment believe that they have the whole power and dominance. They try to direct the decision-making process of the company as per their need and wants.
  6. Non-unionized environment: In organisations with “Non-unionized environment”, the individual workers negotiate alone and also has the very little leverage. The working operations of the organization must be framed and controlled in accordance with these both the different kinds of workplace prevailing in the organization. All the effective strategies must be implemented in relation to these employees and they need to understand effectively and in a proper manner(Armstrong, 2013). All these external factors need to be considered effective and then the decisions are to be taken and the policies must also be framed according to the factors prevailing outside and inside the organization.
  7. Hubbard Foods Limited: only assessment of external factors are not enough, the departmental objectives and all the other factors must be thoroughly analysed and examined effectively (Armstrong, 2013).
  8. Management: The management is a bit concerning and they develop the working environment based on the major prevailing factors affecting the workers and their efficiency.
  9. HR Specialist: the HR managers is required to analyse the internal factors also such as the attitude, behaviour of the employees, and the individual goals of employees.
  10. Employees: They have very little leverage and the needs of the employees are needed to be properly addressed by the management. Policies regarding them should be attended and answered as per the internal and external factors affecting them.

2.2 Critically analyze the responsibilities of management, HRM specialists and employees in managing employment relationships in the identified environment

The responsibilities of the management play a crucial role in the growth and development of the organizations. To handle the complex management it is important that managers must revert to both the planned and unplanned issues that are faced by the management. The management responsibilities assist in the achievement of the organizational goals and contribute to the performance of the business in several ways and enhance the level of profitability and productivity of the company.

Responsibilities of Management

To manage the business responsibilities, the role of the planning and organizing is crucial. For the achievement of organizational performance, the management of the Hubbard Food is responsible to organize the resources of business and fulfill the needs of the management and direct the company to fulfill the needs of the organization (Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017). As per the given scenario, current situation in the organization is that management is bullying and harassing the employees to improve productivity, especially in manufacturing areas. This is reducing the morale of the employees within the organization.

It is the responsibility of the management is to provide relevant and accurate information within the specified time period. This includes collecting, monitoring and reporting to analyze the performance of the business. It is the responsibility of the management to transmit the relevant and necessary information to the outsiders (Foss and Laursen, 2012). These include professional and stakeholders.It is the responsibility of the management is that to communicate with the managers, supplier, customers and vendors. Management is also responsible to manage the staff and connect then with the occupational place (Masli, et. al., 2017). This includes effectively manage the teams and resolve the conflicts with the assistance of dispute resolution system so as to effectively manage the issues and resolve the grievances of the customers.

Responsibilities of HRM specialists

In Hubbard Foods, there are various issues in the human resource department. The role of human resource department and managers is decentralized in the organization. There is the problem related to dealing with health and safety responsibilities in human resource department. There are several issues that need to be resolved by the HRM specialist which includes Health and safety related issues that prevail in the Hubbard Foods. There are also problems related to training and development process as human resource managers are nit focused on providing effective training to the new employees. They are not proving on-job training to the employees which is hampering the productivity of the employees (Wallin, 2017).

There are several responsibilities of the HRM specialists so as to execute the work efficiently for the betterment of the working environment at the occupational place. This helps the staff to contribute their ideas and lead the organizations for the goals and its achievement. It is the responsibility of the HR to continue the functions of decentralization (Nankervis, et. al., 2017). The executives of the human resources are responsible to participate in the planning and development by execution of business strategies to achieve the corporate objectives. Through effective participation and involvement of HRM specialist allows the company to achieve the organizational goals and understand the activities of the organization to achieve the sustainable growth of the company. The HRM specialist is responsible to train and develop the managers by keeping the function decentralized. In this context, the HRM specialist is responsible that while recruiting new staff it is important that the HR manager must view that the employee’s posses require qualification and certification to perform their duties (NINGSIH, 2018). The Health and Safety at Work Act, 2015 cover the responsibilities to ensure the safety and health of the employees improves the health and safety issues of the employees at the place of occupation.

Responsibilities of employees

It is observed that some of the employees have breached the code of conduct of the organization, which was a serious misconduct issue. Some of the employees did not follow the rules, obligations set by the organization, and that affected the brand reputation in the market.

Employees of the Hubbard Foods are responsible to perform the duties assigned by the employers as well as organizations. As per the given scenario, employees are responsible to not breach the codes of conduct and contribute to improvement for achieving the organizational goals (Wheelen, et. al., 2017). The main responsibilities of the employees for the success and growth of Hubbard Foods are mentioned underneath:

  • It is the responsibility of the employees to perform the task personally for which they hire
  • Employees are responsible to perform their work seriously and carefully
  • Employees are responsible not to put other employees in danger for their own benefit
  • Employees are responsible to follow the instructions of the employers

3.1 Given Dick Hubbard’s stance on social responsibility critically evaluates the codes of values for Hubbard Foods.

Dick Hubbard plays leading role to advocate the business social responsibility and consider the social and environment practices that impact on the business operations including suppliers, vendors, and staff. According to the Hubbard’s, there is nothing that concern with the religious beliefs but Dick thinks that the people need spirituality at the occupational place and appreciate the employees for caring the environment.

Dick Hubbard treated as a champion of the social responsibility and integrated the distinct practices into a number of ways (Grayson and Hodges, 2017). Dick acts as a role model and encourages people to adopt the practices of corporate social responsibility. Further, Dick educates the employees and the public about the importance of corporate social responsibility.

Dick Hubbard’s depicts the social and environmental effects that business has to face while performing their operations. Dick Hubbard’s sets the benchmark to measure the performance of the organization. Dick identifies the strengths and weaknesses of the organization that needs to change with the help of the triple bottom line approach and gain experience with it.

Given Dick Hubbard’s stance on social responsibility, critically evaluate the codes of values for Hubbard’s Food (Marshall, et. al., 2017).

Codes of values: financially responsible, considering all stakeholders in the business and managing its environmental impact.

Dick believes making the employees feel valued to the company is important and knows they work for more reasons rather than just earning money. He gives value to their employees and trying to maintain their interest in their work. He always prefers their likes and dislike, according to him if the employee is happy the productivity wills automatically increases.

Dick Hubbard’s opened a factory in a low income highly unemployed area as he wanted to bring benefits to the low socioeconomic areas. He always tried to create more employment for the people by which they enhance their productivity and sales. Work on the public interest; seek out the passionate people who really want to work with the specific organization.

The organization believes in manual work and does not want his employees to be replaced with machinery unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. This shows how much he wants to create and maintain new employment opportunities. This opportunity not only makes money for the organization, it actually increases the company growth and national growth as well. It reduces the poverty and maintains the well-experienced employee who makes their future bright in their respective field.

The company focuses its resources on the improvement of the local community. An initiative by Hubbard called the South Auckland Breakfast Club, provides breakfast free of charge to the children in need. By eight such clubs, Hubbard provides more than 1,000 breakfasts a week to children.

Hubbard provides support to students studying food technology at Massey University and also provides his time and energy to local projects and charities (Wijayati, et. al., 2018). By sharing their experience with the student is not only an inspiration speech, but it’s also displaying them to risk factors, the problems, and the issue which might be possible they face in the future.

An internal review displays that 80 percent of Hubbard’s staff lives in South Auckland and their company work on the improvement of the local community. Hubbard’s support the fundamental of the public and work on their needs.

Hubbard’s sponsored Head2Head Walk event by which the fund raised and that fund useful for the local community project for the young people of Auckland. They used the fund for that small project in which they cannot use their organization capital.

He launched a program called DVFREE which focuses on supporting victims of domestic violence which in turn benefits participating businesses. This program recognizes domestic violence as a serious, recognizable, and a preventable problem (Schwartz, 2017).

He also believes in sharing the company’s success with his workers and shows this by taking his employees on trips. He took all 100 staff members to a trip to celebrate 10 year anniversary of being in business. The trip was a tribute to the Pacific Islands workforce’s culture and heritage. In further years Dick has organized many such trips within New Zealand.

3.2 Critically evaluate how well the strategic leadership at Hubbard Foods leads and supports the codes of values and the extent to which this supports the organization in performing effectively and efficiently

Code of Values (Hubbard Food’s) (Identify)

Evaluation on Hubbard Foods Limited

Evaluation on Strategic Leadership

Description on Effective & Efficient Performance of Hubbard Foods Limited

a) Environmental Impact : in general idea (Ref from EBSCO)

The organization is affected by environmental factors like climate changes, availability of resources etc

Enhance productivity and to develop the working environment in which the leaders encourage the employees to increase the productivity

Improve the performance of organization in the operating market in terms of profitability and sales

b) Social Responsibility (Ref from EBSCO)

The organization is focused on various CSR activities to improve the brand reputation in market like staff engagement and breakfast free for children

Motivates the leaders to implement more social responsibility practices in the organization

Enhance the brand recognition in the market by various CSR practices

c) Fair Communication(Ref from EBSCO)

Improves the relationship among the employees for best practices

Encourage the leaders to communicate effectively with employees for effective job performance

Improves the organizational operations to enhance the employee relations

d) Staff Engagement

Staff can provide their best in their job role. By various engagement activities, the employees can stay positive to achieve the organizational goals

Motivate to implement various engagement activities for the new employees like debate, sessions and much more

The performance of the organization can be improved in terms of achieving strategic objectives

e) ‘DV Free’ HR Programmed

Maintaining workplace relations with the employees

Providing effective training and development sessions for the employees

Enhance the performance of the organization in terms of better employee relations

The strategic leadership at Hubbard Foods leads and supports the codes of values and executes the strategies to influence the members of the Hubbard Foods. The strategic leadership main objective is to enhance productivity and to develop the working environment in which the leaders encourage the employees to increase the productivity for better performance and enhance the quality of employees. As per the given scenario, Dick Hubbard is a well-recognized leader among the business leaders in the UK who strongly dedicated towards the social practices of businesses. The leadership of the Hubbard Foods businesses is readily stable for past ten years. The practices that adopt by the Dick Hubbard to improve the performance level of the business effectively and efficiently.

Dick Hubbard represents as a powerful leader who strongly supports the social practices of business (Sanders, 2017). The Dick Hubbard updated about what is happening in the organization. The strategic leadership at Hubbard Foods involves leading and supporting the organization to perform effectively and efficiently.

As a strategic leader, the Dick Hubbard enhances the contribution level and develops the opportunities for the company to make decisions and see what happens when they take the risk for the organizations. The Dick Hubbard is always honest and open about the information’s that provides the opportunities to the leader to be challengeable and ensure the transparency and provides the opportunity to implement the changes.

As per the study of values in New Zealand, it is the responsibility of the government to provide a standard of living for the old and forced to establish such industries that provide less damage to the environment and establish such industry that provides opportunities to grow. Provide housing to the needs or those who cannot afford and create the opportunities for jobs who what it and reduce the difference in income level. This reduces the difference between the rich and the poor.

While making the decision, Dick Hubbard uses ethical way while making the decision for the company. While making the decisions Dick Hubbard considers the wealth of their members as well as promotes the ethical behavior in the organization. To enhance the ethical behavior of the corporate, several practices are adopted by Dick Hubbard to promote the ethical behavior in the organization. Codes of values determine the procedures that promote the ethical behavior in the company. Dick Hubbard engages in all such practices that are adapted to prevent unethical acts. Dick Hubbard considers ethics as the issue of the business and according to Dick Hubbard, ethical practices implement all over the organization(Smith, 2018). This practice wins the trust of the investors of the company to gain the higher performance and raise the reputation of the business based on ethical acts to maintain the ethical behavior in the organization.

The codes of values that abide by the Dick Hubbard for the successful operations of the business effectively and efficiently are mentioned below:

  1. Fair treatment - Dick Hubbard provides fair treatment each and every person so as to eliminate the discriminated practices of the organizations.
  2. Communication - This code of ethics assist the Dick to communicate the important matters to the staff and take necessary actions by discussing the relevant obligations.
  3. Co-operation - Dick acknowledge the resources of the community and the responsibilities towards the community by integrating the local, national and international resources of the network.
  4. Honesty - Dick avoids the conflicts between the staff and resolves their issues within the specified timeframe.
  5. Education - Dick sharing the technical knowledge and skills that enhance the working of the organizations. This assists the employees to share information and experience with the professionals.
  6. Social Responsibility - Dick understands the social and legal issues and ensures that the policies and laws are abiding on the employees and abide by the ethical principles (Trantopoulos, et. al., 2017).
  7. Workplace Quality - In this context, this code values assist the employees to achieve and maintain the safety and productivity at the workplace.

According to the Dick, the organization believes that employees are not replaced with the machinery and wants to create new employment opportunities by enhancing the growth of the company on national as well as international level. The company focuses on the improvement of the local community and work on the needs of the public (Rastislav and Silvia, 2015).


The complete assignment includes a deep understanding of the case study of "Hubbard Foods Limited. It has been concluded that with applying and implementing the appropriate and suitable business practices in relation to the "Human Resource Management" the "Hubbard Foods" can not only retain its effective, trained and skilled employees but also they can achieve the defined organizational static objectives in an effective and efficient manner. Various theories and models of management are being discussed and applied in the operation of "Hubbard Foods". In addition, all the responsibilities and functions of the managers and the specialists of Human Resource Management, which are being identified, must be followed in a proper manner in order to gain the effective strategic leadership in "Hubbard Foods".

Recommendations for the Human Resource Capital:

  • Keeping all the employees working in the organization very happy & satisfied as because only then they will be able to effectively engage in the suitable operations of the organization.
  • The personalized approach must be effectively implemented in order to manage the day-to-day activities of each & every employee. It must be ensured that all the organizational employees must enhance the effective & efficient communication among them.
  • The human resource capital can be effectively utilized & enhanced when the appropriate tools & technologies are being used by the business organization. With the help of effective technology, the HR professionals can invest effectively in the innovative processes.
  • All the employees working in the organization face the changes at both the small as well as at the big level. It must be ensured by the HR professionals enhance the open & transparent communication in the overall business organization.

By implementing all these effective recommendations, the business organization can secure its human resource capital & also able to effectively utilize them.


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