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Project management is a process through which a project related to any aspect is fulfilled with the association of variables. It may be a one-time project or an ongoing activity, and the managed resources include persons, funds, equipment, and proprietary information (Kaufmann & Kock, 2022). Through an appropriate methodological process, the Project can continue its approaches and compete with its challenges (Kerzner, 2022). This report will consider a real-life project from Australia.

The organizational context will consider the proposals of the Project and its different aspects. The literary section will gather the essential review of peer journals from where the essential trends of project management sources will be concluded. Recommendations will provide a better functional process for the Project with the assistance of the supported reviews and gaps in the Project. All the sources will gather from authentic and reliable sources that help to meet the major objectives of this research.

Organizational Context

South East Queensland’s (SEQ) population is projected to increase by around 2 per cent every year until 2036. During the last ten years, a number of studies have examined the capability of the SEQ public transport system to accommodate expected future demand increases (Lamont, Scherrer & Dimmock, 2021). Under the direction of CPB Contractors, the Cross River Rail concept was developed to accommodate these restrictions. The planned Cross River Rail project comprises the building of a 10.2-kilometre rail line from Dutton Park to Bowen Hills, 5.9 kilometres of which is underground in tunnel portals that have not yet been finished and whose completion is not anticipated until 2025. This Project has submitted a plan since 2010, which was amended in 2012 (Love et al., 2021).

The Queensland government stated in April 2016 that it would form the Cross River Rail Delivery Board to carry out the new Project. Due to months of internal party bickering and the uncertainty of the COVID-19 epidemic, it has been impossible for the Resistance to gain traction. Project implementation is complex, requiring tunnels, rail lines, bridges, terminals, rolling stock, and signalling systems to be provided by many contractors, with the CRRA reporting to State Development, Transport and Main Roads, Translink, and Queensland Rail and Road and Lack of openness and information availability (Spennemann, 2021). The overall budget of the Project is $5.4 Billion.

Literature Review

Project Requirements and Deliverables

The paper of Abualdenien & Borrmann (2022) is authentic, and it was published in 2022 as a review of the construction industry development as a journal of information technology in construction. In this paper, Abualdenien & Borrmann (2022) have explained that Specification of what information should be delivered at what milestone (when), who is accountable for supplying it (who), and why it is required is crucial for the project participants to work together and coordinate as a whole. Consequently, legal contracts specifying the information for each model are used to control BIM data sharing throughout the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry, demanding a standardized legal framework for BIM data organization.

Putro et al. (2022) research papers are valid, and the University of Indonesia’s department of civil and environmental engineering at the University of Indonesia acknowledged it as a genuine piece of work for study on March 30th, 2022. In this paper, concerning the proper requirements of project deliverables and requirements, it has been asserted that the Application of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is the most reliable tool which helps to keep to get the sources through proper planning. This paper also discusses the proper requirements of the Project.

Ayesigye’s (2022) work, on the other hand, has concentrated on the software combination in the process of project management that may aid in introducing improved communication among all of the associates. It will be helpful in determining the correct requirements for the Project as well as the deliverables. This material comes from the Department of Construction and Management and should be considered reliable. The fact that the research paper by Ayesigye (2022) discusses software techniques is one of its flaws. However, the programme in question does not have an integrated file reader. Thus it is necessary to utilize an application developed by a third party in order to examine the project files.

Whole-of-life Considerations of Projects

This section has chosen the three papers to get authentic information regarding the heading. The paper of Hasnain and Pasha (2022) was published at the Bahauddin Zakariya University on 2020, which asserted the Sustainable Integrated Model (SIM) for a construction project. Assessing sustainability is the first step in generating sustainable advancements. Life Cycle Assessment is one way to evaluate the sustainability process and the entire life of a product through the application of SIM. On the other hand, Ottaviani & De Marco's (2022) paper has explained that several studies have been conducted to improve the Earned Value Management (EVM) approach for predicting a project’s ultimate cost (EAC). This study aims to build a linear model to increase the EAC’s accuracy and error variance that helps to monitor the whole life cycle of the Project.

Paper Sebestyen (2017) has explained that everyone has their own thoughts and views on what constitutes success. The issue of in what way and to what extent to combine criteria and components gives rise to further questions, which renders study endless and limitless. Based on the analysis of the literary sources, it has been determined that the study conducted by Hasnain and Pasha (2022 is more relevant than the one conducted by Ottaviani and De Marco. This is due to the fact that both of these researchers have provided an approachable solution for the entirety of the Project’s life cycle. Nevertheless, in this scenario, Sebestyen’s research has not cleared out any single optimal approach, and it includes a variety of options.

The Project Legal Environment, Probity and Ethics

This section has selected the two reviewed papers where Shah & Alotaibi (2018) was authentic and published on 2017 in the journal of advanced college of engineering and management and Oyewobi et al. (2011) published on 2011 with the liable sources of information as per the heading. The paper of Shah & Alotaibi (2018) has asserted that avoiding conflicts of interest and establishing ethical standards among experts would help restore investor and public trust and client faith and enhance the quality of building structures.

In that case, Oyewobi et al. (2011) claimed that Corruption in building projects could be eradicated if all project participants collaborated in the planning and execution of effective anticorruption activities that targeted the ethical issues’ culprits. Therefore, from the evaluation, it has been seen that the paper of Shah & Alotaibi has claimed the related expression of Oyewobi. Both papers have been made with concrete sources of information that are relatable mostly to each other.

Alternative Procurement Strategies

This section has selected the two reviewed papers where Muhammad, Adamu & Ladi (2015) was authentic and published on 2015 in the journal of advanced college of engineering and management and Rahmani, Khalfan & Maqsood (2022) published on June 8th 2022, with the liable sources of information as per the heading. The research paper of Muhammad, Adamu & Ladi (2015) claimed that the research shows that alternate procurement tactics improve project delivery and performance. In parts where most respondents said “No,” many said “maybe,” indicating a lack of competence. Rahmani, Khalfan & Maqsood (2022) Claimed that Early Contractor Involvement (ECI), a relatively new technique for procuring a construction project, is gaining popularity for Australian infrastructure projects among several procurement strategies.

From the evaluation, it has been seen that Muhammad, Adamu & Ladi (2015) has some weakness because they have not described the proper procurement strategies but only explained their importance. On the other hand, Rahmani, Khalfan & Maqsood (2022) have talked about a particular model (ECI) as an alternative procurement strategy. Both the paper has discussed the alternative procedure, but Rahmani, Khalfan & Maqsood’s paper used effective sources, which was very clear about the chosen strategy for procurement.


There are many sources that have been obtained from the literary sources, and these are the ones that will have a positive and helpful influence on the delicate problems of the Cross River Rail construction project that has been chosen in Australia. As a result of the assessment, it was discovered that the planning for the Project began in 2010, but as a consequence of a lack of openness and accuracy of data, the planning for the Project was reviewed in 2012 and then again in 2016, and it is still in the process of being completed.

In such a situation, according to the answer proposed by Abualdenien and Borrmann (2022), the BMI application may be used in the project management process for this particular endeavour. With the help of this clever programme, this Project will be able to simply plan the whole Project at the beginning of each phase, which will result in the timely delivery of the Project’s deliverables. In an effort to make the best possible decision about the delivery of project management services,

Hasnain and Pasha (2022) have proposed the Sustainability Integrated Model (SIM) for building projects in their article. Assessing durability is the initial stage in developing sustainable innovations. The implementation of Circular Economy is one technique to examine the environmental processes and the complete life of an item through this Project can improve the clarity of the Project.

From the evaluation of the Project, it has been seen that The COVID-19 infection’s unpredictable nature and months of intraparty fighting have prevented the Resistance from advancing. With the CRRA responsible for State Development, Transport and Main Roads, Translink, and Queensland Rail and Road, the execution of a massive task need the supply of tunnel, railway lines, bridge, terminals, new trains, and greater access to information by many subcontractors. In order to improve in these areas, this Cross River Rail Project can use A sustainable integrated model, also known as a SIM, is used for a building project. Evaluation of sustainability is the first stage in the process of developing inventions with a low impact. Life cycle assessment is one approach that may be used using SIM in order to evaluate the sustainability and the whole life cycle of a product.

In this scenario, the research conducted by Ottaviani and De Marco (2022) reveals that several studies have been conducted to improve the Earned Value Management (EVM) technique for forecasting the ultimate cost of a project. This knowledge was obtained from the writings of Ottaviani and De Marco that have been made public (EAC). This research aims to construct a linear model in order to improve the accuracy of the EAC and reduce the error variance. This will help monitor the entirety of the Project’s life cycle, which will improve the issue of finance in the Cross River Rail Project. The purpose of this research is to construct a linear model in order to improve the accuracy of the EAC and reduce the error variance.


It has been determined through the literature review that the BMI application may be used in the project management process for this specific endeavour. This Project will be able to easily plan the whole Project at the beginning of each phase, resulting in on-time delivery of the Project’s deliverables, thanks to this ingenious application. Moreover, their publication includes the Sustainability Integrated Model (SIM) for construction projects. Durability evaluation is the first step in producing sustainable technologies. According to the literature, Earned Value Management (EVM) is a strategy for estimating the final cost of a project.

This information was acquired from the published publications of Ottaviani and De Marco (EAC). This study seeks to develop a linear model to increase the EAC’s precision and decrease its error variance. This will assist monitor the whole project life cycle, which will enhance the Cross River Rail Project’s financial situation. The objective of this study is to develop a linear model to increase the EAC’s precision and decrease its error variance.

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