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Consumer Behaviour Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Consumer Behaviour

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There has been a significant change in the consumer behaviour post the break of the pandemic. Throughout the world, the hospitality and the hotel industries suffered through tremendous loss. The effectiveness of the organisations and the hospitality sector encountered severe changes that have impacted the operational aspects of the organisations which resulted in affecting the productivity and the profitability of the organisations.

Slide 1: Overview of the Project

This project will align its findings based on the project aims and the project objectives. This project study will focus on finding the various changes that have taken place after the outbreak of the global pandemic. It will further conduct a study on the various factors that have impacted the effectiveness and the operational aspects of the organisations resulting in reducing their market value and revenue generations. The project study will further find out various ways in which the effectiveness of the operational factors and the efficiency of the employees could be improved so that these organisations can be given a competitive edge and sustainability in the competitive market.

Slide 2: Project Aim

The aim of the project is to identify and analyse the changes in the consumer behaviour which results in the effectiveness of the luxury organisations post Covid and pre Covid times.

Slide 3: Project Objectives

Keeping into consideration the project aims, the objectives of the project have been formulated. The objectives of the project are:

  • To evaluate the ways in which the trends in consumer behaviour changed after the outbreak of the pandemic
  • To identify the changes in the hospitality and hotel sector post the outbreak of the pandemic
  • To identify the factors that impacted the effectiveness of the operational aspects of the luxury hospitalities
  • To find out sustainable ways in order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation

Slide 4: Research Framework

Project Scope

The main objective of the research project is to identify and evaluate the changes in the consumer behaviour and effectiveness of the luxury organisations post Covid and pre Covid times. Keeping in mind the quality and the time management factor in mind while completion of the project delivery, there should be an optimum usage of the resources available in order to effectively deliver the project (Lampa et al., 2017).

Research Methodology

The Research methodology of this given study will focus on the research philosophy, research approach, research design, data collection, data analysis, ethical considerations and the research timeline.

The research philosophy is the structure that helps the researcher to identify which method is to be chosen to lay out the base of the study. There are four types of research philosophy. These are the positivism philosophy, the interpretivism philosophy, the pragmatism philosophy and the realism philosophy. In this research study, the researcher will focus on the positivism philosophy that is based on the factual data.

The research approach is the plan put forward to understand the collection of the data and its analysis. There are three different types of research approach. These are the deductive, inductive and the deductive approach. This research study will focus on the inductive approach to find out the impact of the pandemic on the effectiveness of hospitality organisations.

Research design is the structure of the techniques and the methods that are selected by the researcher in order to carry forward with the research paper. The design of the study of the enables the readers to understand the type of research that has been conducted. There are four types of research design. These are the descriptive design, the exploratory design, the explanatory design, the experimental design, the quasi-experimental design and the correlational design (Lewis, 2015). This research study will focus on the exploratory research design.

Data collection is the process by which the collection of raw data is done either by on field survey or by online collection of the information. Once the data is collected, it is further measured and analysed in order to gain a proper insight of the collected data and information. There are two methods of data collection. These are the primary data collections and the secondary data collection. According to Pomare, (2019), the primary data collection is the process the data is collected for the first time by the researcher himself/herself. The other way of data collection is the secondary method. This is the data that has been collected from other sources. This kind of data has already been collected and analysed by some other researcher. This research would use the primary data collection method as the analyses would be made based on the responses gathered with the help of the surveys that will be conducted.

Data Analysis is the process of analysing the various data that has been collected and is eventually interpreted. There are two methods of analysing a given data. These are the qualitative method of analysing the data as well as the quantitative method. The qualitative data is based on the attributes and characteristics of the research study. It is based on the analysis of the descriptions that are collected but do not have the appropriate method of calculating or computing it. This research study will focus on collecting the data in the form of surveys as a part of quantitative data analysis.

The research study has abided by all the ethical considerations that are required to enhance the findings of the research study.


Proposed Research Activities

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Completion of the literature review

Completion of the search process for secondary research

Analysis of the secondary data

Formulation of the survey and interview questionnaires

Attainment of organizational permission

Completion of the survey and interview

Analysis of the primary data

Development of conclusion and recommendations

Dissertation completion and submission

Cognitive Framework of Organisational Behaviour

The cognitive framework believes in focusing on the positive and the freewill of the behaviour showcased by the human beings. This can help in enhancing the organisations by focusing on the needs and wants of the employees. It can be used to enhance the knowledge and experiences of the employees within the organisations to contribute successfully to the effectiveness of the luxurious organisations (Secch and Cowley, 2020). This framework is useful in having a proper analysis of the perception, motivational factors, personality and decision-making of the employees within the organisations thus enhancing the activities and operational factors of the company.


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