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E-commerce is known as Electronic commerce. It is mainly a trading service of the electronic networks in the online world. The electronic service is based on online shopping. It is a kind of transaction process for selling. E-commerce companies mainly can link business factors. E-commerce is a business sector. It can be defined as E-commerce. E-commerce has the business entity for a different kind of individual. It can be a model of business. E-commerce mainly operates electronic work. It usually happens on the internet. E-commerce primarily uses market policies. An E-commerce company manages the other solutions. It will be mentioned for the businesses. It helps to use E-commerce in the help sector. It can be adapted as a technology. It is impossible for the theory of e-commerce. It should be adapted for the E-commerce theory. It is possible to digitalize the theory and also helps the private sector in implementation.

Assessment 3

Part A literature review

The literature should have the e-commerce website details. The website of E-commerce has various roles for unique e-commerce websites (Dhingra, et al. 2020). The business should be on E-commerce. The business needs to focus on designing unique e-commerce sites. There is also an e-commerce website designing for e-commerce websites. Researchers found that there should be a connection in the website design.

Website design

The following assignments indicate that the culture should be influenced in the website design (Di Fatta, et al. 2018). The study targets information systems for information technology. The researchers are also finding the e-commerce website design. This is the least focused area of direction. The website design should be made by one online world.

Ease of use

The internet has influenced the world. The network of global should be public and also academic (Mabrouk, et al. 2021). It mainly introduced the internet. Because of the internet, people can see e-commerce websites on their mobile phones. This part mainly gives a short idea about the e-commerce section by the ideas of existing. The E-commerce website is developing the business for various kinds of product companies. The e-commerce research site gives a brief idea about the business. The business is for mainly e-commerce products. The e-commerce helps to the sale of goods.

Information quality

Businesses also have many websites that help customers to browse the products. The customer has the goods and services for the various kinds of methods (Bai, et al. 2021). The business can start the orders of the following customers. The customers track the products and services for


The E-commerce website is developing the business for various kinds of product companies. The e-commerce research site gives a brief idea about the business (Zhu, et al. 2020). The business is for mainly e-commerce products. E-commerce helps with the sale of goods. The product service should be ordered when it is essential. The activities should contact online.


Security is one of the vital parts of the literature review. Internet influences the world (Saleem, et al. 2019). It also can give many people in the world. E-commerce affects the global economy. Researchers found that e-commerce develops the economical part. The e-commerce site should have security and maintenance options. It is developing every part of the countries. It helps to grow the economy. It is a sales organization. It can increase the technical part of the business. It also enhances the technology.

Payment options

The payment option is also a vital point in the following literature review. The content of e-commerce websites is changing every time (Necula, et al. 2018). The usage of the internet by people is also increasing nowadays. The main e-commerce website is in the English language. The payment option should be safe and secure on e-commerce websites.

Social network presence

The following website can be represented by the following elements banners, animation etc. The e-commerce website has a culture for reflecting the website (Sadiq, et al. 2020). There is also the website design to reflect the customers. The following assignment indicates the following e-commerce websites. The pReferences motivate the following e-commerce websites.

Part B Critical analysis & Part B evaluation matrix

Tesco Company

Tesco is a brand name. It has a marketing strategy (Latif, et al. 2019). It has a higher market presence. Strong technology is required for the operation of the business. It is also a kind of dominance. It has higher compromises for the collected issue. It is revenue collected because it has various kinds of subsidiaries.Tesco has technological operations. Tesco develops its online retail.

Johnlewis Company

It is a brand name in the online business (Nguyen, et al. 2021). John Lewis has many factors for the technological aspects. It can be highlighted for the different scenarios. It gives business from the pestle analysis. It has many factors of analysis of The analysis can be a framework for the imperative companies. It helps to comprehend the business solutions. It has the legal factors in different kinds of analysis.

Victorianfarmersdirect Company

The Victorian farmers direct is a website for farmers. This website delivers the product to the door. It is a general store (Aydo?an, et al. 2022). It mainly provides popular services. There have also different kinds of products like eggs, milk, bread, meat, etc. The main season specialty is special items. It mainly focuses on the local producers & the people should be ethical. The producers only take care of the food. Another person ensures a free productive company.

Kijiji company

Kijiji is a Montreal city. It mainly classifies for the sale and saves. It can be classified for critical analysis (Akhtar, et al. 2020). It is also a critical analysis and the classifieds. It can be made of the critical thinking for the new items. Kijiji has successful experiences for the reports. The company also has reported to the people. People don’t follow the derived communities. It is a safe way for transactions.

Bestbuy company

BestBuy is one of the vital companies for electronic retailers. It has operations in Canada. The following company mainly has various items on the online website which is named It is mainly an electronics Assignment help. It has a huge selection of travel and furniture. It also has the appliances the company have various kind of products which we need every day. BestBuy is an omnichannel businessman in consumer electronics. It should be a related accessory and also for the services of daily life.

It is one of the famous websites for the digital marketplace. It has the rules of Canadians for a colorful life. It is a kind of unique brand and it also helps in problem-saving.

It is also for the people for any kind of lovely environment. It is looking like heavy ideas. It is also the first company to diverse a team and it also reduces the vision and innovation etc. It is the first digital company that needs a diverse for team mainly.

Asos company

Asus was set up in 2000. It is a kind of online retailer website in the online world. It is one of the top-selling brands in the world. It has a range of clothing. It is a dependent system in the system of distribution. It is an operational company in Europe. The following company also is authentic to its employees. It can come up with the following solutions. It can also create creative solutions. This should be authentic and brave. This company mainly focuses on authentic and unique fashions. It also delivers compelling digital experiences.

People can enter into the Nykaa solutions to comprehend the corporation. It is also a different kind of swot analysis. The swot analysis helps to understand the external factors. It can be also external factors also. The internel factor also has the best part that can be controlled by externel factors. It is the critical analysis of Nykaa. It also has innovation and also has a b range of dynamic businesses in the company Nykaa. Also, migrate the following consumers.

Sweet violets can be served in different kinds of areas. The main area of the sweet violets is Sydney. It can even earn various kinds of reputations. It has also the best quality products in Sydney. Sweet violets help to order the site. It can be made as a social website. Each flower has a high-quality variety. The quality can be exotic and it makes unique flowers. It has a different range of colors.

Foodlandsa company

The woodland is one kind of supermarket in the online world. This company produces various freshest products in the online world. It is a local catalogue for various catalogues. It is the grocery store for the following website. This Company has the latest catalogue system online. It has a privacy policy for supermarkets. The woodland is an online market for the Foodland. It supports the online community.

Part C, E-commerce site improvements

E-commerce influences the following website users. The feature is a very important point for commercial websites. The website also has a design for then groups of cultural people. Users need features to make an e-commerce website successful. It is also suitable for local groups. It should be appropriate for internet users. There are also characteristics of website design. The researcher introduced site content and website interactions for the global usage of the internet. The characteristics help to determine the design of the website. The website engineers should be influenced fo the perceptions.

E-commerce websites are unique for any perception. E-commerce is more successful for any businesses. There are a lot of people who uses e-commerce website for buying clothes, shoes etc. People also visit the e-commerce website more than 3 times. There are also various advertisements that can be placed on the following e-commerce websites. The e-commerce website have also security issues and there are also electronic money options that play an important role in e-commerce websites. The researcher targets the business conduct of the e-commerce websites. Most of the studies show that the topic is focused on many cultural aspects. This helps to allow to design of the e-commerce website.

This makes allows e-commerce websites. The website reached the consumer community to maximize the businesses. It is a global website that helps to reach the community for the businesses. The following projects suggest that there are also cultural factors that mainly support e-commerce websites. E-commerce is essential for development The E-commerce is very important for the cultures of countries. It helps to compete all over the world. The following community helps to maximize the business.


In the following research, there has also the following topic that mainly focuses on the culture. It can be influenced by the e-commerce website. The e-commerce culture is vital for many countries. The website engineers need the influence of the local culture. It helps to design the e-commerce website. The following website helps the customer. The e-commerce website helps to maximize its business. Many countries have a research section for the technological structures. Data analyzing should be effective. The e-commerce websites help to analyze the data for the e-commerce websites. There has also competed in the online world. E-commerce applications are needed very much by users all over the world. The researcher is correlated for many issues. It also represents the cultural aspects. The cultural aspects help to influence e-commerce websites. The following project focuses on culture and website design. It is related to many areas. The literature review is connected with many areas. The article also gives a short discussion about e-commerce websites. The following outcomes are needed. The following methods are needed for the following e-commerce websites. It is possible for the owe websites. Business is needed for the e-commercial website. It helps to build the marketplace online. It is a type of culture that mainly follows technology. E-commerce has a vital impact in the online world.

Reference list


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