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Personal Development Assignment Sample

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A personal development plan refers to the directive path schedule that states all the information which are related to the career goals or personal goals of an individual. Therefore, preparing a personal development plan is very much essential for gain all the short term goals, middle-term goals and long term goals of a career. Thus, the personal development plan is a time-oriented procedure that provides information about the development of skills in a proper manner. This assignment will highlight a description of the personal and professional development plan. It will also showcase the value of short, middle and long term goal with examples. Moreover, all the examples will be linked with real-life example for easy understanding of the context. Furthermore, it will also illustrate the value of PDP with better elaboration. The main motive of the assignment is to identify the importance of personal skill and how to access skill with factual examples for better understanding.

Definition of personal development 

Personal development refers to the growth in personal area and skill. Therefore, personal development is very much essential for accelerating the overall growth and development of an individual in various contexts (Tony Bates, 2014). Moreover, personal development also included the acceleration in skill, knowledge and ability. Thus, the overall growth and development of personal skill also help to assist in future career result. However, personal development can be access through developing short term goals that can equally divide your aim and objective. In addition to this, personal development also consists of enhancement in behaviour and culture. In the context of behaviour development which comes under personal development, requires appropriate communication skill. Therefore, fluency while speaking and developing a calm tone is a very much increasing factor of personal development. Furthermore, personal development plays a vital role in boosting the main objective of an individual.

Definition of professional development 

Professional development refers to the acceleration in the professional career of an individual in developing the overall career. Therefore, a professional career helps in accelerating the beneficial area for motivating employees in a different context. In addition to this, professional development can be accelerated with the help of training and development (Grace, 2021) nt. Therefore, regularly practising the context will be very much beneficial for gaining opportunities. Moreover, professional development also develops the behaviour of an individual to get adjusted to the nature of the corporate area (Grace, 2021). Further, every employee needs to increase growth in the working area by developing the experience level. In addition to this, development in a professional career means an increment in salary, knowledge, experience, skills and capability. However, professional development can be achieved by preparing a proper set up of what to do within a few days or months and years. Henceforth, deciding what skills are to be developed and actions to be taken accordingly. Thus, it is known as a professional development plan which also develops a schedule of what to be considered within the next 5 years. In addition to this, an increase in career through experience and unique skill enhances personal capability.
Description and discussion on the value of short term goals with 3 examples

Short term goals refer to the short period of goals that are required to be achieved within a specified short period. Therefore, short term goals divide the long term goals into the subdivided section, which makes a creative path to achieve the goals of the organisation. Therefore, short term goals are very much beneficial for a better understanding of the period of which types of goals can be achieved by an individual. In addition to this, short term goals are very much valuable and can easily increase the ability and skill of an individual with a specific target. Thus, a short term goal also motivates and increases the confidence level of an individual to achieve a specific target. The short terms goals are generally known for a period of 6 months to 1 year in which an individual sets a target to achieve the goals. There are different types of short term goals, such as short-term career goals, short- term study goals, and short-term fitness goals. Therefore, short term goals also help in evaluating personality along with other objectives. The example of short term goals are as follows:-
1. In the fitness session, most of the fitness freaks develops a single chart in which every type of goals is clearly described within a period of 3 months. Therefore, in the first 3 months, the individual has to develop a plan of diet chart in which all the description are to be stated of what is need to be consumed in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thus after that, the individual needs to burn calorie in the next 3 months. After that, the main objective of the fitness freak can be developed, which he or she has been stated in the short term goals. Thus this the example of a fitness freak in relation to short term goals.
2. Another example of a short term goal is the addition computer course of software development study courses. Therefore all the duration of these courses is not more than 6-9 months which the institution promises the student to provide every kind of knowledge regarding the choice of courses (Snavely, 2020). Therefore, in this period, it sets an objective to develop proper knowledge about every kind of computer skills and SDLC. Furthermore, accomplishing the knowledge within the executed period is known as short term goals.
3. In the context of business operation, generally, every business entrepreneurs reduces the short term liability to reduce the small external pressure. In addition to this, the owners set a target for every short term liability in which period all the targets are required to achieve. Moreover, generally short term bills are consisting of 1-2 months of period.

Description and discussion on the value of middle-term goals with 3 example

Middle term goals are known as the second phase of short term goals which has been developed through a collection of many short term goals. Therefore, middle-term goals are very much effective and valuable as it also increases the confidence level and motivational factor of an individual (Namibia, 2007). In addition to this, middle-term goals are perfect for increasing their own ability to accelerate performance in the market area (Zach, 2019). Thus, middle-term goals can be achieved within 1-2 years after achieving the short-term goal. However, all the middle term can be gained by increasing self ability and skills. Furthermore, the value of the middle term goal can be analysed by understanding the context and in what situation an individual can develop the skills. In addition to this, develop culture value and understanding the importance of skills development requires time for which middle term goals perfectly suits the context.
For example
1. Most successful business personality commonly break the long term goal, such as 5 year plan can be divided into 2.5 years. Therefore, accomplishing the first goal of accomplishing the target 50% target audience within 2.5 years and another 50% target audience in the next 2.5 years. Moreover, the reason behind the success of a businessman can be developed through accomplishing all the short term and middle term goal.
2. In the case of purchasing land for housing purpose or plot development purposes, all the promoters set a middle-term goal. Therefore, the promoter can easily increase the growth of the company by purchasing the land within 5 years. The setting of the target can be gained by developing the overall academic skills and growth perspective. Therefore, purchasing land within 5 years and developing the plot after 5 years can achieve long term goals.
3. Another example of a middle term goal is depositing in a fixed deposit account, and a recurring deposit account helps in developing middle term goals. Therefore, achieving a middle term goal by saving money in different accounts is very much beneficial. In addition to the saving of money will be beneficial for future transactions.
Description and discussion on the value of long term goals with 3 example

Long term goals a defined as the large period goals which are set by a single individual or group of people to accomplish a big target. In addition to this, long term goals are very much beneficial for developing a lifetime motive for gaining a perfect motive for growth perspective. Therefore, long term goals are mainly used by students to accomplish study skills (Reed, 2019). Thus, long term goals are based on a period of 10-15 years in which a particular target is achieved to develop a career development opportunity. Therefore, long term goals provide a directive path that accelerates the skills for a bright future. In addition to this, long term goals develop a mindset to achieve a proper objective. Henceforth, students use the overall growth perspective by setting a proper mind through long term goals. Furthermore, long term goals also help in developing experience level in the exact field.
For example:
1. The medical background students develop a plan and set long term goals as medical studies are based on a long term perspective. Therefore, developing a medical career and gaining future opportunity students develops the perfect long term goals to achieve the target. In addition to this, long term goals also set personal objective and increase the ability to perform well. Moreover, long term goals help the students to become a doctor to achieve all the practising in the short term period.
2. Long term goals are beneficial in the case of personal objects such as marriage or developing personal houses. Therefore, individual sets an objective of achieving short term goals after that middle term goals and then finally the long term goals. Therefore, long term goals also motivate to accomplish the target. In the case of marriage, all, both female and male, set a target or dreams, which are known as feeling to achieve get married in future. Therefore, it carries a period of 20-28 years to develop.
3. Another perfect example of the long term goal is investment polices. Therefore, investment in shares and various other bonds makes a perfect reserve for the future. In addition to this, a systematic investment plan is a perfect area for the investment of money, which can be used with a maximum profit in the future. Moreover, all the investment activities are subject to market risk.
Describe and discuss the value of a personal development plan 

A personal development plan refers to an account that highlights a proper reflection on how to improve the existing skills, the ability within a specific time period along with proper action required (Reed, 2019). Therefore, the personal development plan is based on smart goals along with short term, middle term and long term goals. Moreover, the personal development plan is very much beneficial in terms of motivating the individual by showcases the result of the development. The following are the value of a personal development plan.

1. Personal development plan plays a vital role in determining the existing skill and ability of an individual for an effective opportunity for growth.

2. Developing personal development also helps in determining the power of an individual along with development in culture and behaviour.


It can be concluded from the above assignment personal development is very much beneficial for increasing the ability and existing skill of an individual. Moreover, it also shed lights on the understanding of short term, middle term and long term goals. In addition to this, it also helps in analysing the value of goals and the importance of growth and expansion. Therefore, developing goals and setting an aim in life is very much beneficial for both personal and professional development. In addition to this, analysing the existing skill and developing a perfect schedule to achieve the time is known as a personal development plan. Furthermore, the personal development plan is also beneficial in terms of developing cultural background through effective behaviour and motivational knowledge. Henceforth personal development and professional development are very much benefit from a growth perspective.


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